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Discussion in 'Projects' started by anon.kuna, May 14, 2014.

  1. anon.kuna Member

    I found a website a while ago called issuu where digital magazines are posted. As far as I understand, anyone can post any digital magazine they create. Does anyone think it would be an interesting idea to do something like this with all of our ideals and different news stories, etc. rolled into a publication?
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  2. rickybobby Member

    I like the site. Ideas for content?
  3. Jeff Jacobsen Member isn't enough?
  4. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I like it, but read up on the Anon News story so we can avoid that.
  5. rickybobby Member

    True dat.
  6. rickybobby Member

    Anon is more than Chanology.
  7. Sounds like a great site. Very interesting.
    I think we can avoid the mistakes of anon news very easily: Don't crowd source fifty grand, don't entrust it to whazzisface and don't oblige ourselves to updating or tending the damn thing daily. If we find we have more to say, simply cobble up another issue.
  8. anon.kuna Member

    So I can start designing the magazine. Issuu is free to upload. I'll post finalized designs on here before publication.
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  9. anon.kuna Member

    I'm in the process of designing the cover - what specific articles do you think should go into it?
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  10. anon.kuna Member

    Sorry for the bad-ish quality, the site wouldn't let me upload my super-duper HD image.

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  11. rickybobby Member

    If we are going to spend time on flashy cards and promotion of and a magazine, we need to make sure the content is engaging and worthwhile. All of this effort is for naught if the content of the sites we direct those folks to does not motivate and inspire them.

    So.... what do we want to to say in this magazine? What do we want the focus of YFTC to be?

    I would like to see to be something like "Chanology for Dummies." A site where newly intrigued individuals could come and understand a) why the cult is so awful and b)how they can get involved and make a difference.

    The magazine is a different animal to me. I would like to see the magazine go beyond Chanology and cover other topics like Freedom of Information, net neutrality issues, Op Innocence initiatives, etc-- all the topics that are worthy of internet activism. The magazine could be a one stop shop for those who want justice and want to use the internet (legally) as a tool to forward those goals.
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  12. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    OM FUCKING GOD the first issue is on FEMA?
    I'm out.
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  13. agree

    No No No No NO! A BIG NO NO.
  14. anon.kuna Member

    I was just going with current events. That's not the final issue. What would you prefer the cover article to be?
  15. anon.kuna Member

    s'a rough draft m8.
  16. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    k. Sorry I was rude but it was a shock. Anyone interested in helping with content for the digital magazine that anon.kuna is developing?
  17. Also, if you support Cliven Bundy, and think Obama has imposed martial law? You're part of the problem.
  18. laughingsock Member

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  19. anon.kuna Member

    Legitimately those were just fillers for what would eventually go there. That's, again, a rough draft. I don't know anything about Martial Law stuff.
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  20. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    lol anon.kuna trolled us with success-
    Guy I usually don't fall for that.
    Y'all niggers.jpg
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  21. The Wrong Guy Member

    It might be better to spend more energy directing people toward this site.
  22. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Thats being discussed with some disagreement (orlly) about which site the cards should point to. I agree with you.
  23. anon.kuna Member

  24. anon.kuna Member

    Personally I think people would be confused just coming to a forums site. Things should be laid out in an easy-to-read format so that even my down-syndrome great aunt could understand the many bullshits and bullshats of scientology. But that's just what I think. We can talk about it when it is necessary.
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  25. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    We can get bogged down in a discussion about the best way to do things. Your idea for the digital magazine is good, just run with it.
    YFTC is separate and since we are here working on it here it's easiest for it to point here too. If someone wants to make a different site then make it so, the cards can be altered.
  26. anon.kuna Member

    Well I have the necessary skills to make a site just not the money to pay for the domain. Idk if you read my posts on the YFTC forum post or nah
  27. mystic Member

    I will help with the content. Suggestion: as long as the content is factual in what Anonymous does protesting against Scientology, upcoming dates for future protests & topic, different links on WWP and joining for new/interested members, disclaimer statement stating WWP does not encourage or promote violence (etc) in any way, a brief description of Anonymous and WWP history, all material in magazine is factual, a page for "youfoundthecard", when the mag will be revised (i.e. quarterly, monthly, etc...), Mods review issue prior to posting on site for mutual consensus to omit, revise, or add material about Anonymous, and topics (page) in mag kept short & to the point (if interested member wants to be involved or know more) - provide WWP link for new members. Magazine needs to focus on Anonymous purpose and target audience for recruiting new members by getting the word out. Just some ideas & suggestions. Link for mag to FB?
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  28. anon.kuna Member

    HOOOOLY FUCK. Slow down. We haven't even formatted the cover yet and you're getting a bit far ahead. Disclaimer doesn't need to be included, as its a magazine and all of that is on the site here. Me and Disambig both review the issue, not sure about others, because I am the final formatter and Disambig is an editor as far as I know. Every issue cannot be the same with just Scientology this, YFTC this, it has to pertain to CURRENT issues in the media and others. It can't just be anonymous information only. Every magazine can contain a description I guess, somewhere towards the back probably. But no Facebook page. not into that. Idk about what you all think. Don't mean to come off as abraisive or anything, but I've dealt with making magazines on plenty of occasions.
  29. The Wrong Guy Member

  30. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  31. The Wrong Guy Member

    Sorry, no idea.

    If there's no way to access it, another could be started.
  32. mystic Member


    It was only suggestions & ideas. Just trying to help.
  33. anon.kuna Member

    I know, and thanks for helping out - I was a little stressed out about some school stuff and you jumped into the project halfway so you didn't know. My apologies. Don't let me being a dick stop you from helping with the project.
  34. Andy Downs Member

    The first story that goes out that can't be verified or isn't credible will kill the whole deal
    At that point I will be out
    Until then I am in
  35. Ogsonofgroo Member

    You brought up some of my concerns, and one of the main ones is people stupidly doxing themselves. a couple of others are, in no particular order, sifting through bullshit (ie. get yert facts straight), infiltration and dis-information by trolls and OSA-types, and stupid NWO-moon-bats omg-omg-omg! stuff. Keep it 'crisp', honest, well dox'd, and updated. Credit all sources accordingly, keep things easy to find, keep it free or really cheap.
    Just a probably drunken Oggy thot du-jour. And hey, ya wanna rip anything from my pathetic blog @ ESMB, fill yer boots, just let me know wtf is up eh. Simple stuff like this.
    Though I see no real need for this project as most of the essentials already exist here and there, something catchy and brilliant is always welcome in my ol' nick o' :) Figure out what the target audience is too, this helps determine content etc.

  36. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    The digital magazine isn't a WWP initiative now, we are just doing it so Mods aren't running this.
    IMHO Opinion pieces are fine as long as it is clear they are opinions. I'm trying to rustle up some fiction, and some poetry. We can publish all the twisted comments we get about the first issue as "Letters to the Editor" in the next one.
    I'm working on Maryville: Another Rapey Cover up. If anyone has a topic they want to work on have at it. This is a Hive Mind Production.
  37. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Link me, OK?
  38. Andy Downs Member

    I agree., again, I have to worry about the reputation of the 58November project I have. I am willing to risk that so long as we are putting out real news articles that demonstrate needs in various areas or highlighting problems and solutions

    One cool way to do this would be when an article is published, leave the story either with the problem unresolved, so that readers come back for part two
    That overused model works to drive people to the next edition

    It works and especially if ppl have a way to sebd feedback to post ideas....then we know we have won
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  39. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Yerp :) I'd like to see some Anon poetry etc. etc., a collection of some of our x-mas shit, stuff that makes people laugh, stuff that makes people think, shit that'll get the dwellers-o'-the-depths-o'-m0m's-basements off their collective, inert, and salt-filled asses. Hm, deja-vu...

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