Possible anonymous live cd?

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Lindworm, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Lindworm Member

    Hey I was thinking about making an anon live cd, and just wanted to hear opinions. Do you think it would be necessary? What kind of tools/programs should it have? If you hate the idea be kind its just an idea.
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  2. ZeroC Member

  3. I would imagine he means a bootable Linux CD.

    How this would be useful to anyone I'm not sure.
  4. ZeroC Member

    I also considered this but thought he'd have put Linux Live CD if so, unless Anonymous is now in the OS war.
  5. Anonymous Member

    AmigaDOS, FTW!
  6. He said a CD not a 720k floppy.
  7. Anonymous Member

    If he meant "music" I doubt he would have asked about tools or programs.

    I can see some value in such a thing (live bootable CD/DVD) although probably individual CD images would be targeted toward specific Ops or Theaters of action.

    No, its not about "OS war" or fighting teh ebil Marcabsoft.
    What a "Live CD" could offer would be:

    - a disk (or a USB stick) you could plug into any computer; your own or someone else's
    - that wouldn't install anything or touch anything on the HD
    - that would boot up and provide: Tor + other Anonymity protecting software
    -- or, say, tunneling stuff for sneaking past firewalls
    -- tools for encrypted email
    -- web browser with no cookies traceable back to you
    - a system guaranteed to be free from Viruses and Trojans and keyloggers
    (unless you download one - and even then, it will be gone when you reboot)
    - multiple keyboards / language support built in ( in case the computer you're on NOT have support for the language in question)
    - when you take out the CD or pull the USB key,

    Your computer (or the one you're borrowing) is back to normal, running Marcabsoft Winningdows

    Not for everyone, nope.
    Useful for some, maybe. FoI, moar than Chanology.
    Anons whose Internets are heavily compromised, probably.
  8. Anonymous Member

    I don't hate the idea, but I suggest you think more carefully about *what* you'd use it for.
    • Who would the target user be?
    • Why would they need it?
    • What could they do with a Live CD, that they couldn't do without one?

    The answers to "would it be necessary" and "what tools should it have" will vary, depending on your answers to the other questions.
  9. insert trojan here
  10. Anonymous Member

    No insert it here!
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  11. There are several Live CD distros that have built in privacy tools (among other things). I don't see what AnonymOS could do better than, for instance, Backtrack.
  12. ObamAnon Member

    Why, provide lulz, of course!

    Deathhamster talked of something like this a while back, I was intrigued. A similar idea was to have a bootable linux cd with apache loaded with a mirror of or similar. Take your lappy to a public place and boot to the cd. Then turn on wifi and let the public connect. Folks would see the available (unencrypted) network and think they are getting free wifi to the internet, but really only get redirected to the local mirror. No real connection to the internet and no hardrive mounted.
    one could also run it off an old disused desktop to freak out one's neighbors.

    I think it would be lulzy. Comic con comes to mind.

    Of course, the live cd could include all the anonymity stuff spoken of in this thread as well.

    Check out this thread.

    /end of fantasy :)
  13. Lindworm Member

    Yes I was talking about a linux live cd.
    Well that is kinda what i was hoping to get answered here. Maybe start it out like a bt4 remix with added features for anonymous ops. Spruce up the artwork and a few thinks to fit anonymous's freedom of speech message, and bam! AnonymOS does have a pleasant ring to it XD

    That is just a perk!!!
  14. This kind of thing would be useful in places where the internet is strictly controlled (Iran for instance), but I imagine something like that has already been done.
  15. Lindworm Member

    Ok, so I'm trying to figure what kind of things i will need. Heres what I'm thinking:
    • TOR
    • xChat- tailored for anonymity
    • Firefox- tailored for anonymity and anon ops
    I'm considering removing programs like music players, games, and administration tools, to have the OS completely focus on an online presence. This would not be a main operating system, strictly for anon ops or people who have compromised internet connections. Thoughts?
  16. Lindworm Member

    I have started work on it, and I will try to keep you updated. But in the mean time we need to give it a name. I was thinking in honor of what japan is going through right now, we name it the translation of hive in Japanese. Google tells me that it is Haibu. If that is wrong, or you have a better name post it here; "Haibu?" should be developed like the way anonymous is run, a "disorganization" of whoever wants to do something :D
  17. Lindworm Member

    Attention all Artfags!

    Haibu needs some nice branding! We need a hi-res logo, splash screen(241x88), and some hi-res wallpapers. The images do not have to be related to anonymous or its operations, It can be hive related. The following image is the xubuntu logo and name and is similar to what the splash screen needs to be.


    Please post logos, and 241x88 splash screen images here.
  18. Anonymous Member

    EC2 AMI for free tier, NX server, OpenVPN, ..., installed. Totally free for 1 year and cost pennies to run after.
  19. Lindworm Member

    Hello Anons.

    I'm just giving an update of what we have so far. Most of the software is configured for anonymity including xchat and firefox, and here is a crude mock up of the logo I am thinking of.
    Please improve on that! I need an artists help, that is not my field of expertise!

    I also need some moar opensource software, that could be used for anon operations.

    Hmm the cloud is interesting, but how secure could it be?
  20. Anonymous Member

    By default all communication to EC2 is via SSH, encrypted, as secure as anything else. But mainly you don't need to download, burn, carry your CD / thumb drive around, don't even need to boot. You can now leave your EC2 on 24/7 for free. EC2 is also your private proxy. (register using a prepaid credit card if possible)
  21. missy Member

    OP is being useful.
  22. Lindworm Member

    I think a Haibu developer release will be ready by the end of next week. Keep in mind this is for testing only. Not entirely sure how or where it will be released but I will post that info here later. Until then if you are interested in testing or have ideas for features for the full release please post here.
  23. Silly433 Moderator

    google paranoid linux
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  24. jiumaqe Member

    are there any updates about Haibu??
    was there a developer release? how was it?
  25. LoobyTuber Member

    Sounds like a great idea. It's about time we break free from being spied on by the corrupt gov.
  26. Anonymous Member

    One thing nobody considered is how useful this would be offline for someone not connected to the internet at all. Someone in Scientology wanting access to real info could plug the usb/cd into any computer to view the "entheta" already stored locally without worrying about internet access.
  27. LoobyTuber Member

    Yes. That is very possible
  28. We-Are-Legion Member

    was this ever released because it looks to me like it just died off
  29. Anonymous Member

    Last time I checked this was the best I found:
    Problem is, last release was November 2011, and has tor issues. Maybe the best way to get a real anon livecd could be to help this developers make releases more often...
  30. telomere Member

    in the long run, completely unworkable due to ongoing maintenance required.

    but what might be slightly more useful could be an Anonymous flavored jigdo script:

    Maintaining a jigdo would (probably) be a whole lot less trouble.
    You'd need a separate tool to build the Live-CD from the script,
    but distributing a few lines of FOSS seems more secure than tossing around binary ISOs for people to catch.
  31. Anonymous Member

  32. Dragononymous Member

    Stop Necroing this crap now okay>

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