Possible spying group on facebook?

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by Unregistered, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. Can we look into this? The group is "I Support Iranians Inside Iran." I haven't seen anything that made me suspicious, but one person was posting "o.k. You guys ,as soon as I post something on your site, it disappears. Ther eare a lot of rumors that this site is a spy site. I want proof that it's not. Otherwise i will pursue it and will get to the bottom iof this. some one better reply. I mean it ,u guys don't know me. I am a mean Bitch........................"

    I am not sure of a way to find out if it is legit, but I would like it if we could find a way to find out which facebook groups are legit and which ones are attempting to gather info on Iranian protestors...especially because I think I could make a case to facebook regarding removing groups that exist for that purpose.

    Free speech is one thing, but it's completely another to use facebook to gather information to kill your country's citizens...

  2. Srpska Member

    It's hard to decide, but I would say if they don't reply to threads asking who they are, they've got something to hide. Then again, if they do reply, how can one trust them? It's tricky.

    Personally I think it looks OK, but then I'm not in Iran so I have less reason to be paranoid.
  3. Don't forget the possibility of disinformation, too. Easy to post a message like that, even if completely bogus.

    That said, I wouldn't join any such group unless it was providing some useful service, distributing rally information or the like.

    No one in Iran should belong to such a group unless intending to thereby visibly protest. Your government will have been able to automate searches for such information.
  4. fight the mob and win!

    Yeah, maybe its just a spammer complaining, maybe its a terrorist. Every facebook group like that is bound to contain its share of spies, spooks and spammers. Thats just what facebook groups are. We've got tons and tons of nutjob groups on facebook- but having a terrorist front on f/b is definitely not kosher.

    Original Poster is right: the right to free speech ENDS where another's right to life, liberty and their pursuit of happiness begins.
    The Gerdab and Basiji mobs have the concept all bassackwards for some reason. They think they are Gods on earth who can take human rights from people as they see fit.
    The Khamedinejad regime has been using language to suppress a peaceful protest movement by calling demonstrators "rioters".
    While Iran's ruling regime should be trying its best to open dialogue with its own people and keeping open the international media dialogue, they have only shown they are not responsible nor humane enough to enter into nuclear talks with us. They have shown that they only care about remaining the enemy of freedom of thought, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of association, freedom of expression, and freedom of movement.
    A government that accepts its people's views and protects them is a healthy government. Khamedinejad has shown the opposite- they lie, cheat, and beat to suppress all voices of opposition. They are the big promise breakers, and continue to break the worlds' hearts by suppressing the peoples' voice.

    The result? We have successfully shut down several propaganda branches of the Iranian regime when two conditions have been met: they have shown to be terrorist, and they have been physically hosted within a peace-loving nation of free-thinkers. The terrorist websites are those that contain pictures of the protesters with targets drawn over their faces, encouraging the Basiji mob to hunt the innocent like animals. These sites violate the basic 'terms-of-service' agreements on the hosts because they contain harassment, threats of terror and violence, as well as displaying photos of people used without the subjects' permission. Gerdab has labelled this as 'disrupting the American-style free flow of information'. They have yet to learn that all speech is not protected in the US, nor have they learned to foster the voice of our Persian brothers and sisters.

    Just because an Iranian criminal organization such as the Gerdab considers them enemies of the state, does not mean these people deserve Dictator Khamenei's inhumanity. They deserve our protection. Period.

  5. brat Member

    My guess is its a bunch of misinformation either by someone who thinks starting rumors is fun or by the gov't itself. I've been part of that group for at least a week (maybe 2??) and haven't seen anything "suspect" until the last couple days with the "THE HUMAN RIGHTS GROUP IN IRAN HAS IDENTIFIED THE FACEBOOK GROUP "I SUPPORT IRANIANS INSIDE IRAN" AS A FAKE PAGE CONTROLLED AND MONITORED BY THE IRANIAN GOVERNMENT. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION IN THIS GROUP SUCH AS YOUR FULL NAME, NETWORK, PROFILE PIC OF YOURSELF... AS THESE CAN LEAD TO PROSECUTION ONCE YOU GO TO IRAN." spam. which they wrote with their full name & profile pic next to it... so uhm. yeah. :rolleyes:
  6. some spies are going through profiles with fake names...!
    i've seen some one with the nickname of "LOVE VATAN" and i can confirm he (or whatever it is) is a spy...!
  7. I know the owner of this group. it's not a government spy group. its just a rumor.

    I'm a moderator to a different page on FaceBook and i can tell you there is a lot of misinformation circulating.

    Unfortunately this particular Page has been hit hard with a vicious rumor.

    dont believe the hype
  8. ^

    The government will also try to turn people against eachother, like the above post (thats of course if the above post is correct and factual)

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