Possible win here, if we have enough harpoons.

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by Throe, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Throe Member

    Possible win here, if we have enough harpoons.

    AIM Dashboard is linking to Presley's blog. I'm sure most people read though at least some comments at the bottom. Send well-thought out and sensible harpoons.


    Edit for lulz: Presley's blog is under the 'Entertainment' section.
  2. RedOrbifold Member

    Re: Possible win here, if we have enough harpoons.


    this could get a lot of nice exposure from computer illiterates (aohell)
  3. Re: Possible win here, if we have enough harpoons.

    A link might be useful.
  4. HellRazor Member

    Re: Possible win here, if we have enough harpoons.

    I dunno about this one. It looks like all the comments are from frothing fans of Lisa Marie. Almost all of them say something like this, "I totally agree with you... yadda yadda yadda... their religion has nothing to do with this..." I think our harpoons would make us look like bad trolls there.

    Just my $0.02.
  5. mrfyde Member

  6. Re: Possible win here, if we have enough harpoons.

    Nobody who reads it past the first page of comments is going to be receptive to rationality.
  7. TheBitch Member

    Re: Possible win here, if we have enough harpoons.

    Most fun since NY's Eve!!! Whee, the $cilontololligists are OUT in force, trying to shape the response. Very interesting to watch if you attending to it real time for even a couple hours at a time, so fast and furious is the denial coming. Lulz.. "The Jett Travolta Citizen's Commission Against Pinesol."
  8. Re: Possible win here, if we have enough harpoons.

    Lisa Marie Presley wants to generate more press attention. I am not going to stand in her way.

    this is copypasta from the possible press release thread:

    Jett Travolta deemed a "degraded being" in Scientology doctrine [1]

    Despite claims that have been made to the contrary, Scientology opposes the use of any psychiatric medications, including the Depakote that Jett used to control his seizures.

    Anonymous activists extend their condolences to Scientologist John Travolta after the untimely death of his son, Jett. It is the sincerest hope of Anonymous that John Travolta did everything he could for the well-being of his son.

    In doing so, however, he would be acting against the Dianetics practices of the Church of Scientology [2], which states that any mind-altering drugs "maim and destroy people [3]," and are thus strictly forbidden for use by any Scientologist. Depakote in particular is described as a harmful drug by the "Citizens Commission on Human Rights," a Scientology front group that opposes Psychiatry. [4]

    Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard alleged in a 1972 lecture that epilepsy can be cured through a Scientology ritual called auditing, and that they will need to stop taking any epileptic drugs before going through the process. Hubbard referred to epilepsy related terms as "gobbledygook". [5]

    John Travolta and his brother Joey Travolta reportedly clashed over Jett's diagnosis. According to The London Mirror Joey believed "it was so obvious Jett was autistic just from spending five minutes with him, but the cruel fact of their religion meant his parents simply did not accept it." [6] Additionally, video of Jett taken by French photographers in 2007 showed Jett exhibiting autistic symptoms. [7] Autism is not accepted within Scientology, which classes people with neuropsychiatric disorders as "degraded beings" [1]

    The Travoltas have stated that they put Jett through the "Purification Rundown", a controversial Scientology program that involves administering dangerous doses of niacin, which has been found to cause liver damage. [8] The Purification Rundown is the same program that is used in Narconon and Second Chance, other Scientology front groups. Recently a Second Chance center in Albuquerque, NM was shut down because it was housing inmates charged with violent crimes, in violation of its lease. [9]

    [2] Scientology's Introspection Rundown Release Contract
    [3] What is Scientology doing in Society?
    [4] Scientology's war on psychiatry
    [5] Lafayette Ronald Hubbard. Taped lecture C7204C07 SO: Expanded Dianetics Lecture No.2 Expanded Dianetics and Word Clearing. 1972. Available online at:
    [8] Narconon Exposed: Is Narconon Safe? - Dangerous detoxification
    [9] City pulls plug on Second Chance

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