(Possibly) EPIC IDEA: Human signboarding

Discussion in 'Projects' started by flyinglotus, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. (Possibly) EPIC IDEA: Human signboarding

    getting large cardboard boxes, and making the classic advertising style human signboards!

    you can fit loads on the boards, or simply large, easily readable text.

    you can do other things with your hands too, hold coffee and smokes, give out leaflets, and massage kittens.

    anyone? i think it sounds like a plan

    and it'd work better combined with a mask unless you are utterly shameless.

    What do you folk think?
  2. SmellDriver Member

    I wonder if there's anywhere you can get honest-to-Xenu sandwich boards?

    It's a great idea, very eye-catching.
  3. Lumberyards. They're not exactly precision equipment.
  4. yup, plywood boards/card should do, with straps made of package tape/whatever

    white backgrounds preferably, for visibility

    combine this with masks, and an anon that sticks out is bound to draw interest, draw people towards for max effect with leaflets

    people are bound to be more interested in this than just plainclothed peeps with a handful of leaflets
  5. SmellDriver Member

    Ahh of course. Pardon my stupid.

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