Post game : Quebec city June 2nd sci party

Discussion in 'Canada' started by peterstorm, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. peterstorm Member

    Solo raid at the org.

    Here was the invitation:


    Lame party.

    Featuring a Johnny Cash impersonator:

    Ex-chief of police La Barge:

    Ex-liberal MP Derek Lee

    Sociologist and cult apologist Bouchard

    Sorry for those who wanted to see France d'Amour, I missed her...
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Good jorb peterstorm. How many attendees do you estimate? And was the suit outside leaning against the wall a sciguy tasked with watching you?
  3. SOJOA Member

    Elvis or Johnny Cash?

    Anyway Johnny I know would be mad pissed. Royally.
  4. peterstorm Member

    He plays J.C. on the street. Maybe he did Elvis this once.
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  5. peterstorm Member

    Maybe 25. Lots were staff.

    I waved to this one girl. She laughed. She poked the guy (her dad?) next to her and pointed to my sign. He seemed annoyed.

    The suit dude is a staff that must be thinking his job has gotten tougher since Yvette Shank is in town. He seemed tired.
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  6. amaX Member

    Well done on the solo-raid! Awesome!

    Johnny Cash. Folsom Prison Blues. Johnny Cash started off at Sun Records along with Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Billy Lee Riley, Roy Orbison, etc.
    Cash, Elvis, Jerry Lee, and Carl all showed up at Sun Records one day and sat down for an impromptu jam session. Sam Phillips called them The Million Dollar Quarter. What did the rock legends sing when they got together? Mainly gospel.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    The cult's YouTube channel now has the highlights of Alain Bouchard's appearance (in French):

    The point of this video is to argue in favor of religious pluralism, but without any specific defense of Scientology. Alain Bouchard has been a sociologist of religions for more than 25 years and he explains that he switched from science to the study of religions in college because the subject's human dimension fascinated him.

    At 2:39, Alain Bouchard mentions that, when he was a college student, he met Jean Larivière, who was already a Scientologist (and is today spokesman for Church of Scientology of Montreal), thus revealing the origin of Bouchard's long connection with Scientology.

    The camera then pans to the audience:

    Bouchard goes on to describe how seeing an Orthodox Jewish man show kindness to his (the man's) young son dispelled his prejudices.

    After his speech, at 6:58, Yvette Shank gives Alain Bouchard an odd-looking wooden sculpture:

  8. RightOn Member

    odd sculpture- ninja turtle in a bag?
  9. Ann O'Nymous Member

  10. peterstorm Member

    Very good anon thank you.

  11. HellRazor Member

    Nice raid peterstorm!

  12. Intelligence Member

    Still looks like a Monkey to me,..., LOl :)

    Good Job.

  13. Anonymous Member

    And the rest were public Scientologists no doubt. Such events are for the benefit of Scilons. The bigger the event the bigger the benefit. For instance some Scilons have reported that being to huge events has often resulted in an increased enthusiasim for Scientology and an erasing of all doubts. That seems to be the whole point of the execise. More brainwashing and bonding indeed to counter any and all bad press, doubts, or protests. I am not sure that Yvette Shank even understands this since she is at least as brainwashed as everybody else there and she was the one who probably set this whole thing up! I am sure she understands this on some level, but being a brainwashed Scilon she doesn't really get it like a critic would obviously. She just does it in order to help the cause of the most ethical beings on the planet. That's the sad but rather funny part of all this.

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