Post Game: Sydney Petition Raid

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by tamphex, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. tamphex Member

    Post Game: Sydney Petition Raid

    Hey guys :D

    Today us Sydney Anons went out on our first initial petition signing raid - it was a total success and then some. Over the course of 5 hours, the 4 of us attending managed to get 159 signatures from the general public. Now this may not seem a lot, but when you consider our small group and the time in which we managed to do it, it's a pretty awesome effort!

    If we can maintain at least this amount per time we go out for a petition raid (which we plan to do once every weekend between now and February when the Senate is presented with the inquiry request), we'll have a VERY large amount to send down to Parliament to give support. Imagine the numbers we can pull in if we just doubled the amount of people attending. This raid was put together at very short notice. We fully expect the next planned petition raid to have us out en masse blanketing the city.

    Also, the public response was overall positive. Yes, there was a handful of non interested folk but that's to be expected. We found as soon as we explained what the petition was for, the majority of people were more then eager to get their signature on to it.

    Are you reading that clams, I'll repeat it so theres no MUs; We found as soon as we explained what the petition was for, the majority of people were more then eager to get their signature on to it.

    Speaking of clams; we spent the majority of the day within the inner city, conversing with people hanging out in one of our city parks enjoying the sun, then decided to up the ante and head into ChinaTown with in mind that the clams were having a book sale push somewhere in the city, we'd hoped to perhaps catch two birds with one stone. Unfortunately, no clams to be found so after gathering another batch of signatures we decided to take the fight straight into the wasp nest - the shopping center area right next to the Sea Org.

    Being so close we also thought it due time for another check on Mic in the Pipe. I had checked on it the previous afternoon and found it to be still there, but it was worth going to have a look at, after all we couldn't let the mighty Sea Org not see how well we were doing smack bang in the heart of their neighborhood. That just wouldn't be cricket. So down to the Sea Org we go and up to the pipe,

    Hah hey guys, let's do some TRs into it - Dear Alice I think would be funn..uhh..!



    That's right folks. Mic is no longer in pipe. Not only that but we were also quick to notice that the scorch mark that was previously above the vent next to the pipe was also gone. Then we looked down and noticed the yellow paint specks all over the footpath. The clams had painted the entire wall, even as far as painting the inside of the pipe, removing all trace of the electronics that were housed in there just a day earlier.

    A bigger admission of guilt, one could not find. Did they seriously think removing any trace of the hidden (using this word loosely here - hidden up to a point I suppose really) audio device would remove any attention from it being discovered in the first place?! Fuck that. I wanted answers.

    The four of us walked up to the Sea Org entrance a few meters up with the intention of gaining the attention of someone inside. As we walked up we noticed two staffers sitting at the table and chairs set up next to the doorway. Comm cycle ahoy!

    Now, we all know we're smarter then that. No way we were about to set even one toe onto the Sea Org property line. We informed the staffer that we would prefer if someone from higher management would just come out then perhaps we could have a conversation, clearing up the matter. The other staffer sitting opposite the more talkative one then butted in and requested that we move away as they were in the middle of something. We agreed and stepped a few metres up from the doorway, in a position where we could see into the reception area.

    After a brief convo with each other about them probably calling the police and crying "intimidation!!" being high, we decided to give it a few more minutes regardless.

    Then cue staffer, who seemed to look very "Staff Security" came strutting out, walkie talkie hanging off his belt, arms stuck out in your typical "RAAWWR I am big and scary, yes? yes?" coming out of the entrance, who was quick to turn tail and back peddle inside when I started to approach him saying "Excuse me mate, could we have a conversation about a mic in pi... no? Fair enough."

    Then cue other staffer walking straight up to the glass wall, pulling out her mobile and taking my photo, all whilst giving me the best snide smugness you could possibly imagine.

    After having some fun asking her if she got my good side, we realized the staffers inside we not going to have a conversation and it would just turn into your usual shite from here forth.

    As we left the Sea Org, we noticed a new camera installed next to the rollup garage entrance a few metres down from the pipe with a mic, may it rest in peace, so we thought we'd leave them something to remind them of how much arse we'd been kicking throughout the day. We all held up our pages and pages of signed petitions & blew the camera a kiss.

    We collected many more signatures before calling it a day.



  2. tamphex Member

    Re: Post Game: Sydney Petition Raid

    I apologize for the wall of text - we didn't have any video camera at hand so being descriptive as possible was the next best thing. Also, been informed more signatures were gathered by the anons attending whilst en route back to their respective abodes.

    Tally for 28th Nov in Sydney: 172

    We plan to push and push and push with this. We will get thousands and we will love every minute of it.
  3. Cheappassion Member

    Re: Post Game: Sydney Petition Raid

    No need to apoligize...Good work, bud/dude/mate/brother/sister/y'all/yuinz.....
  4. rof Member

    Re: Post Game: Sydney Petition Raid

    It's their mic and their pipe.

    You can keep your mic in your pipe, n'est ce pas?
  5. ravenanon Member

    Re: Post Game: Sydney Petition Raid

    congrats on the sigs
  6. _You_ Member

    Re: Post Game: Sydney Petition Raid


    /r/ you guys carry photos of the mic in the pipe for future attempts to obtain explanation.

    Magnificent work with the petitions, guys.
  7. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Post Game: Sydney Petition Raid

    Gratz and good work Sydney Anons.
  8. RightOn Member

    Re: Post Game: Sydney Petition Raid


    they hiked the mic in the pipe!
    I wonder if it is still in the pipe, only lower and out of sight?
  9. PresidentShaw Member

    Re: Post Game: Sydney Petition Raid

    Sure, but the fact they got caught red handed, and that they were trying to hide it is hilarious to me. But hey, I'm easily amused.
  10. AnonVocis Member

    Re: Post Game: Sydney Petition Raid

    Good work Sydney, I hope the autograph taking goes as planned :)
  11. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Post Game: Sydney Petition Raid

    Great effort, keep it up :D
  12. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Post Game: Sydney Petition Raid

  13. Re: Post Game: Sydney Petition Raid

    Mic in a pipe seems like it could be fairly easily overlaid atop the "dick in a box" melody.
  14. Belladonna Member

    Re: Post Game: Sydney Petition Raid

    I'm pulling for ya, Sydney. This is important work.
  15. _You_ Member

    Re: Post Game: Sydney Petition Raid

    SOMEONE DO THIS. Please.

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