Post-It /Sticky notes?

Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by anon14148, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. anon14148 Member

    Post-It /Sticky notes?

    I remember researching this for my own business a few years ago, and it was more expensive per note than fliers. You unfortunately would need to buy quite a few before it became economical.

    Though, one cannot argue with the amazing ease of just tearing off a postit note and sticking it anywhere you like without fear or leaving behind a mess when it needs to be cleaned up.

    You can print the whole area of the note, so you can treat it like a business card or postcard if you would like. Or you could leave a space for local info or more timely info like times and locations.

    Your thoughts or cheaper sticky note printers?
  2. Nikanon Member

    Re: Post-It /Sticky notes?

    I like the idea :) Personally I think I'm going to go to my old uni with a load of them, but I'll draw on them myself rather than printing :) Maybe stick some in local nightclubs too, and around town, bound to be seen! XD
  3. anon14148 Member

    Re: Post-It /Sticky notes?

    What one could also do is get a rubber stamp made in the appropriate size and just use regular blank post it notes. Then you could tear one off, stick it to where it needs to be and then rubber stamp it.

    That would certainly be much much cheaper.
  4. Plp Member

    Re: Post-It /Sticky notes?

    I think this is a great idea... I was going to post the idea but I found this similar thread.

    You could put the website at the bottom in small and a picture, quote, or small explanation of the idea of anonymous.
  5. Rockyj Member

    Re: Post-It /Sticky notes?

    BTW I invented "Post-Its" & I'm still waiting for my royalities.
  6. BusinessBecky Member

    Re: Post-It /Sticky notes?

  7. rickybobby Member

    Sticky notes can be gotten here: Products&xnav=AllProductsPage

    Here is one of mine if you need a template to get started or just one to copy:


    I also got "appointment cards" because they are two sided. You can also get plain business cards printed for cheap, or even free if you let them put their website address on it. Here's mine, both sides, feel free to reproduce, edit, change, whatever at will: Cards_All Products&xnav=AllProductsPage

    Here's a link to the free business cards:



    Here's a link to a list of supported file formats if you want to upload a design:
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