Post-Scientology Spiritual Rescue Technology and Learning

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  1. Post-Scientology Spiritual Rescue Technology and Learning.

    [A reminder - the purpose of Spiritual Rescue Technology is not to eradicate spiritual entities (referred to as Body Thetans or BTs in Scientology), but instead to communicate with them.]


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    What has not been understood until very recently is that we are surrounded by spirits who affect our moods and our actions depending on what we encounter in life. These spirits can get confused and upset when you encounter new words or concepts that activate old memories for them.

    If you have studied Spiritual Rescue Technology, when you find yourself having difficulty comprehending some material you are reading, your first action should be to inquire if there is some spiritual being that is being affected by what you are studying.
    What previous spiritual studies missed was that spirits have fatal incidents based on misunderstood words and when you encounter one of these words in your reading, you can be rendered unconscious if you persist in trying to read it and understand it. Your efforts to solve this unconsciousness by using a dictionary to look up the meaning of the word can be quite painful and may take a very long time, even with help from another person.

    When you find yourself having difficulty comprehending some material you are reading, and you ask if there is some spiritual being that is being affected by what you are studying, you will almost always get some response. Handling the incident that is related to the word being studied will usually leave you brighter and able to keep on reading. It may be that you also have some confusion about the word, but you will find that you can clear that up with the simplest definitions from a search engine.

    Difficulty in learning new things is a corollary of SRT Axiom #1 which states: If you are not enthusiastic, you are being affected by unhappy spiritual entities.

    So, if you are having study difficulties, you are not enthusiastic, so you should check to see if you are being affected by unhappy entities.

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    So possiblyhelpfuladvice is using cold reading on people to seem like an expert in something amazing. What a wanker.
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    All my BTs are rescues.
  4. Post-Scientology Spiritual Rescue Technology says spiritual entities can cause stuttering.

    Workable Technology: Entities and Stuttering

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    Entities and Stuttering.

    Spiritual entities have the ability to interfere with our speech in many interesting ways.

    In most of the cases I have observed, the beings are trying to stop communication out of misplaced fear. In other cases, they are enthusiastically trying to interject ideas of their own into a conversation that they have opinions on.

    In both of these situations, the entities are interrupting the speaker with a misplaced sense of urgency based on their reaction to some past event. Until you contact them and begin communicating with them, they have no awareness of themselves as being separate from the speaker. They are triggered by what you are attempting to do and they can’t help themselves from participating in what is happening.

    I have not found it necessary to focus on the entity’s action of interrupting the speaker in handling what is going on. This approach has the potential to make the being wrong for what he is doing and is a violation of caring communication. Instead I found that the standard SRT processing approach works smoothly and produces fast and reliable results.

    I start by asking the client who is being interrupted what emotion or thoughts they experience when the stuttering starts. Once they identify the emotion or thought, I have them locate the point from where that thought is emanating and we get in communication with the beings responsible.

    From that point forward, the SRT procedure takes its usual course. We find the incident that causes the being to interrupt and what the being did to trigger the incident which he is still dramatizing. Then we persuade the being to locate all of the justifications for his triggering action until relief is obtained.

    This where the process can get tricky, the being may run out of justifications for his action and not be able to get the normal relief that comes with discovering what he had done to initiate the life changing action that has resulted in his current compulsion to interrupt conversations.

    This is where experience with SRT is needed. When a being cannot come up with a justification that releases his pent up charge and releases him from his compulsion, it is almost always because he was under the control of other beings when he performed his original fateful action.

    It is necessary to locate these other beings and to relieve their compulsion to control these situations before the entire problem can be solved. This requires you to run SRT on these newly discovered beings and to handle whatever they are stuck in. In some rare cases, these beings may have been under the control of earlier beings so another SRT handling may need to be done, but fortunately these cases seem to be few and far between.

    Once the earliest incident on the chain is handled, the later incidents go very quickly and all of the beings involved are ready to depart and create new lives for themselves. At no time during the SRT processing, do I ask questions relating to the interruption of the client’s speech. Instead, I check with the client after the beings have left and notice whether the client is able to speak without stuttering or interrupting himself. If the client’s stuttering seems to be reduced, I will ask how the client feels and get the client’s viewpoint on what has happened.

    If the client still seems to have a tendency to stutter, I will suggest that we take up any residual tendency in another session, as there may be multiple entities participating in the interruptions. The next session if there is one, follows the same pattern as the first.

    There is no attention given to the entity’s action of interrupting the client’s speech, only what the client is doing or experiencing that triggers the entity’s earlier incident.

    Most of the earlier incidents we have encountered seem to involve entities being killed or tortured in an earlier life for speaking the truth to people who did not want to hear it. You can work out for yourselves how that would cause an entity to intervene in any situation where there might be resistance to what his client host was about to say.

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  5. Some Of The Problems Post-Scientology Spiritual Rescue Technology Handles by Talking To Spirits.

    Workable Technology: Some Of The Problems We Handle by Talking To Spirits

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    This is a short list of the kinds of problems
    we solve daily with Spiritual Rescue Technology:

    Unable to look for work
    Lifelong feeling of inferiority
    Unable to handle money
    Fear of meeting new people
    Compulsively saying/doing things you regret
    Fear of the opposite sex
    Being a victim
    Being skeptical
    Fear of talking to new people
    Unable to study certain subjects
    Troubled by degraded thoughts
    Unable to create
    Unexpected personality shifts
    Skin feels like it is burning
    Body problems not responding to treatment
    Allergic Reactions
    Voices in your head
    Inconsolable grief
    and many, many more…

    Learn how to solve these problems for yourself and others: 540-320-6852Some

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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