Post your Anon flags here

Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by Uncle Anon, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Uncle Anon Member

    Post your Anon flags here

    May as well have a single topic for these.

    Edit: If at all possible, please post a vector version (SVG, AI, EPS, PDF) of your flag. GIFs and JPEGs are good for postings and email, but generally aren't useful to make actual physical flags! Let's get the highest quality possible here, in one collection.

    Here's the original Anon flag, with the green background (much credit to the original designer):

    My Illustrator's rusty, but here's an Arizona Anon flag in .AI and .SVG formats:

    And in 300 dpi 11" PNG (3mb! oink oink):

    800 px GIF:

    And 400 px GIF:

    Hope someone finds 'em useful!
  2. Uncle Anon Member

  3. eclipsael Member

  4. sciencerobot Member

    I made one for chicago last night
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  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Uncle Anon Member

    These are great. And cool, as long as you link it here, Swan!

    GISing "flag svg" brings up a ton that are editable in Illustrator: svg&hl=en&sourceid=mozilla-search&start=0

    And Wikipedia is chock-full. flag svg

    I made my own US of Anon last night, with nine stripes; one for each thousand of us, of course. Plus one Anon in front.

    AI, EPS, SVG versions:

    These are pretty fun to make, I have to admit.

    Inkscape is open source and edits SVGs:
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  7. Jman Member

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  8. Uncle Anon Member

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  9. anon1917 Member

    NYC flag:

    (sorry no thumbnail- it's similar to the "official" flag- but with a larger center emblem, and world cities named in lt. green in the BG)

    A great place for getting flags and banners made is:

    60 bux for a banner, 120 for a flag

    They accept any JPG/GIF/EPS/PNG- whatever.
  10. Uncle Anon Member


    also, Sakana over on SA had a good idea:

    "With all these great flag designs, has anyone considered making little flags too? You know, the little hand-held ones. They'd be a great show of solidarity among the protesters, and looking up some prices on Google, aren't that expensive, either."

    To which Apology replied: "They'd make cheap little free handouts too." I like the idea very much.
  11. Warberg Member

    Here is a cut up version of the original flag. Into many many layers for editing. It is a png though so may not want to over enlarge.

    Click Here!
  12. A.Non Hubbard Member

  13. Mål Member

    Whom ever did the paths for the "Anonizona_Flag) file is insane.

    Really though, very strand how they did it, took me a while to figure it out. I think I'll post a slightly more workable .ai BASIC template later
  14. Mål Member

    Here is a preview of the alberta flag I made
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  15. alpha88 Member

    I'm looking for the vector of the epic Canadian Flag if anyone has it... I'd like to use the logo on signs and fliers and whatnot, and I'd rather use one consistent with the flags than create my own. Thanks in advance. :)
  16. Uncle Anon Member

    There are many flags in this SA thread if you wanna poke around (maybe someone posted the EPS?).

    Otherwise, there's Live Trace in Illustrator and this open source program that traces vectors if you want to give it a shot:

    (I haven't tried it.)
  17. Rip Member
    Flag for us few New Brunswick fags. :p
    Also, I has hueg version of the flag Toronto had.
  18. alpha88 Member

    Anonymous delivers.
  19. Mål Member

    I'd suggest against it. The way the live trace works in illustrator is only good for very basic, few curves logos. The way it traces is absolute bullshit and working with it so it is manipulable often takes longer than just tracing.

    I made a VERY basic Illustrator general flag template. All items are easy ot manipulate. The other .ai file we have in this thread looks awesome, but they seemed to have used path finer which fucked two of the laural leaf things near anonymous. Basically, the lowest two were actually apart of the anonymous, making it impossible to change only anonymous, or only t he laural leaf. A similare problem was encountered with the globe.

    I actually used the globe from the other .ai file, and mine is by no means perfect.
  20. Mål Member

    Sorry, I made another flag for albertfags. I think I like it better
  21. Uncle Anon Member

    Mål, great work on the AI file!

    All we need now is that damned globe finished and separate and we're golden.

    I've been wanting to lose the question mark and make the guy bigger, like so, but can't until the globe is bigger. i'll keep looking for the source - maybe I'll find it.
  22. Mål Member

    I know, the globe is a fucking menace. the question mark and even the Anon was fucked with pathfinder, I'll see if I can make a suitable replacement.

    Also, the guy is not a problem, he is a separate object and, as all vector objects, can be resized to any extent.
  23. ruebennase Member

    GermAnon work in progress... though i have no clue what to write on the ribbon...


  24. Mål Member

    I'm going to stop double posting from now on.

    Anyways, I've fixed the fucking globe for now, it's missing a bit, but the anone will always be covering it so it will look fine.

    Now, I should not this is all abosulytly free, use it, steal it, alter it, etc... Though, this should be obvious to any non gaiafag

    For the german flag, why not "Wir sind Legion"
  25. anon1917 Member

    Unbelieveably awesome
  26. My suggestion (Translate it to German, of course.):

    We Are Anonymous (a la "I am a Berliner" from Kennedy)
    Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down
  27. alpha88 Member

  28. Zer0 Member

    Re: Post your Anon flags here

    You guys are thinking harder than you actually need to.

    Photoshop has a globe just like the one posted behind the suit as a default shape. The only difficult thing would be to find a olive branch type thing for the sides. I'm sure if you checked Deviant Art or googled it as a brush it wouldnt be that hard to come by.

    As for the suit, just open one of the many default image packages floating around these boards and up the image dpi to 300. there you can be user friendly in printing as most printers are 150/180 dpi and above.
  29. Mål Member

    Re: Post your Anon flags here

    Photoshop's globe is nothing like the one, I've tried. Besides, Tracing it out took like 5 minutes. And the rest of what you have to say really, REALLY can be answered by:

    "Learn2Vector". Almost all designers prefer vector when printing, and as it is a pretty easy process why not do it?
  30. anon1917 Member

    Marcab Banner ready 4 download.

    High-quality HUGE jpg:

    Vector version- flash 8 or better:


    The vector logo was done in Flash, so that the blurry blue behind the stars, and the bevel on the leaves, could be done with flash's native filters. Exporting the Flash to EPS/AI won't work, as those elements will be lost.
  31. ruebennase Member

    Re: Post your Anon flags here

    i'm pretty sure the original olive branch came from the united nations logo.
    looks a lot like it anyways.
  32. anolini Member

    Re: Post your Anon flags here

    i noticed there are some more pastafaris (=pirates) among anonymous, so i made a "jolly anon" for us. the file is an illustrator eps:


    edit: and here's my attempt at a german flag. looks less "official", but i wanted the anon logo to be prominent.

  33. Ciel Member

    Re: Post your Anon flags here

    any one got a large version of the symbol on most of these flags. working on a real flag, and a hoddie. I need it kinda large for the flag and hoddie. for its going on the back of the hoddie. if some one could help that would be nice.
  34. anon1917 Member

    Re: Post your Anon flags here

    my flag image:

    Is HUGE, and lifting the central logo should be a snap.
  35. Ciel Member

    Re: Post your Anon flags here

    WOW that is large. now to scale it down, its a little too large. but thanks I think I can make due with that.

    edit: it did work. I scaled it down and remade the circle and now I am very carefully useing an excto blade to cut it out so I can make a quick stencil of it.
  36. Re: Post your Anon flags here

    I like all of these designs, but don't you think a lot of them will piss off the general public? I personally don't care, but I'm guessing some people will consider a lot of these as desecrations of their nation's flag.

    Just a thought.
  37. anon617 Member

    Re: Post your Anon flags here

    Massachusetts Anons now have a flag! The yellow cross-eyed Indian that once dominated our flag has been replaced by your choice of a yellow or black Anonymous man.

    Vectors here:

    A few of us are working on an Anonymous flag of New England.
  38. anonausfag Member

    Re: Post your Anon flags here

    Any Ausflags?
  39. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Post your Anon flags here

    Impressed with the talent here.....


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