Post your well wishes for Iran and its people here.

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Sol Mann, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Thank you!

    Thank you all for your well wishes. I am humbled, as I am sure every other Iranian is as well. I want you all to know that Iranian people will never forget who supported them during this very difficult time. Every single one of you are playing a role in this movement, today we are all Iranian. The positive energy you are sending is very much appreciated by those fighting for freedom and justice. Thank you!
  2. For what it's worth, another Jewish girl from New York sends best wishes to the people of Iran.

    I have watched the news every day since the elections. The violence I have witnessed has broken my heart. The courage you have shown in the face of tyranny has been inspiring and unforgettable.

    I pray for your safety, for peace, and most of all, for your freedom.

    Be well,
  3. Iran gives me hope. Nation after nation is crushed by dictators, and the people are broken and give up, but Iran stands tall and refuses to bend! You have not only the desire for freedom, but the will to fight for it. One nation out of all the nations where evil stomps down with its heavy hoof, that actually pushes back against that hoof and says "not here!"

    It pains to know the pain and suffering that Iran endures, but it gives hope to know that this pain does not break you. You make me proud, and I am not as ashamed as humanity as I was before you made your name known.

    Peace be upon you. May you and your children and their children and children's children be free always.
  4. from-iran Member

    tnk u , tnk u , tnk u

    i feels good wen i come here again after a while n see u still supporting us
    we feel so good in here that ur ideas about us has changed
    tnx alot
  5. From South Carolina, USA

    Good luck fellow Iranians, be brave and strong. Keep up the protests, and your hopes for freedom and democracy alive for Iran.

    Remember, the entire world is watching and cheering for your success. :)
  6. Still holding you in my thoughts and prayers

    for your safety and success, Iran, and still BELIEVING that your freedom will come!
  7. Borthers and sisters in Iran- we are still here thinking and praying for you
    we will never forget You
    Prayers and astral support to You all ;)

    bless ye all

  8. My best wishes to the people of Iran in their struggle for the liberty they want, need, deserve. Down with oppression.

    - a Brit
  9. You are not alone and you are never forgotten

    Now that you've stepped forward to demand your rights, the entire world admires your strength, courage and determination and stands on the side-lines sometimes loudly and sometimes silently in solitude cheering you on. Now the entire world can see that you are more than what the Regime's media machine wanted to show of you-that you are more than an angry mob dressed in austere black, chanting slogans of small-minded hatred to isolate from the rest of the human race. Now they can see you are real people, real human beings, with many things to say, not just hateful slogans, that wear more colors than just black, that you smile, laugh, cry just like everyone else. Freedom isn't free and some of you have paid a very heavy price.

    Now I can the see the future, going back to Iran to commemorate our dearly departed family member's one year mourning ceremony on Iranian soil and to be able to feel the embrace and comfort of our loved ones in person, rather than through a cold telephone receiver, that never gives an embrace, just the shadow of someone's voice in solitary greif and mourning.

    And for those of you whose loved ones mourning ceremonies are a result of the ultimate sacrifice for the cause of freedom, your mourning will not be in vain. They are heroes, everyday heroes that made the difference. "Blessed are those that mourn, for they shall be comforted." A new day is coming, well actually its already here! Wasn't there a time when nobody thought that protests and public outcry would ever even be possible? People have posed the ultimate questions and once put forth, these questions must be answered! And they will-Iran will be free because the people, you people, wish it so.
  10. You are not alone!

    Thank you so much, Iranians, for showing to the world what bravery means. "You bow to no one..." esp not the so called Iranian "President." Keep fighting for your freedom!

    God is listening. He will take care of you. May God's peace be with you, my dear Iranians.
  11. Support from Ohio, USA

    Change is a reality
  12. There is no way this thread could possible be long enough.

    You all have my prayers, support, and best wishes.
  13. The world still sees, still knows your struggles and still hopes

    The world is aware, the messages are coming out every week, and you are not forgotten! Stay patient, stay strong and remain watchful! Your time will come! The regime is like a house of cards - some of the cards have already weakened and the structure is not stable, nor does it have the legitimacy to remain! The house of cards is falling!
  14. kazim Member

    please stay away from politics it a very dangerous quick sand and dont give up on anything theres is somebody to hear your request and questions
  15. Kruge Moderator

    This is a strange thing to post in a forum that's much about political activism, don't you think...
  16. Anonymous Member

    Good luck to the Iranian people

    I hope they continue to stand up to US imperialisum
  17. Primroses Member

    It has been close to three years…
    I have not forgotten you and your battle for independence it is still in my thoughts and spoken to others!
    A few days ago I was reading here and I ended up in the names of the lost.
    My heart still breaks for them and their families.
    There are still painful memories and sadness of the injured we couldn’t reach in time to give medical advice even if everyone tried with all their hearts!
    I have not forgotten! Nor have I forgotten what you are still enduring today!
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  18. JohnDoe Moderator

    Thank you for not forgetting - thanks for this post.
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  19. FreeSaxon Member

    Please keep away from politics. ?
    Thats a tall order !

    I argued on the run up to the Illegal WMD Iraqi war, online & in public months before it happened.
    I was amazed how many people at the time actually believed that lie.
    Use your intelligence Iran, know your enemy, and its jockey.
  20. This US retired veteran would like to wish the Iranian people success in their efforts to achieve true freedom.

    I am shamed by Obama's tepid support of the Iranian peoples struggle for freedom. Has anyone asked why he supported Egypt, Libya, and the people of Syria, but was nearly silent when it came to Iran? Unfortunately, the military industrial complex has it's hooks in Obama, and they have a different agenda (can you say invasion) planned for Iran. I hope the peoples of Iran can prevent the invasion by changing their government/direction, thus eliminating the reason that will be used to invade this sovereign nation.

    Live in Grace
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Let no invader go unpunished.
    Live long and prosper.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Iranians needs their own revolution for human rights. I agree with you. My support to the iranians. My best wishes.
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  23. Kilia Member

    My prayers and best wishes.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Same here. Someday women in Iran will not have to wear head scarves. It's fine if they want to, but horrible when they HAVE to. It's a ancient culture, I hope someday we can share it without hatred.
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  25. JasonNorin Member

    No more hatred, no more violence, no more discrimination, I wish for peace in the beautiful country of Iran..
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  26. John Duff Member

    Hey Iranians, I hope you'll all die very slowly, so slowly that you'll live a long and happy life before it happens.

    Damn, I'm so bad with hope messages. :eek:
  27. Roger.Guy Member

    Some readings, to change

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