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  1. GiantMarcab Member - results from Zion Project!

    Our wonderful Psych Overloads have granted BETA access to the latest in Anon-Tech... The Zion mainframe which has more interconnected data than you can shake a Theatan at!!!! Here's something that jumped out at me on page 5... I see it as some low hanging fruit, it's basically a Scilon business run by 38 confirmed Scilons, 35 suspected or kin-related scilons, and 34 civilians...

    "X" means a confirmed Scilon,
    "f" means a suspected family link,
    "F" means a confirmed family link,
    "A" means alias

    The URL even has pictures!
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  2. Re: - results from Zion Project!

    Here is an article about Joy Gendusa and her company PostcardMania from the St Petersburg Times. Quotes about Scientology and WISE confirm GiantMarcab's research.

  3. tendervittles Member

    Re: - results from Zion Project!

    Surprisingly, they published my comment in response to that article. It's the only comment there:

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  4. francie Member

    Re: - results from Zion Project!

    Add Nick Johnson to the Scientologist side of the list. His postcardmaniacs photo is here:

    Nick Johnson, son of Scientologist Suzanne Johnson, was born in about 1986. That would make him 22. Looks like a possible match to me.
  5. francie Member

    Re: - results from Zion Project!

    Digging in the garbage, I found the latest postcard they mailed to me.


  6. auchraw Member

    Re: - results from Zion Project!

    The dentists should look out. Among the WISE failures are Chicago dentists Bill and Barbara Zizik, vids once on UTube, now on XenuTV I think. They got their money back but their practice suffered and she has liver damage from the Purif rundown.

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  7. GiantMarcab Member

    Re: - results from Zion Project!

    I don't have access to the system anymore. From what I've seen I'm pretty sure much of the data correlation is a side-effect/product of PATRIOT ACT data mining.

    Regardless, I'll pass on the information to my handler. :cool:
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: - results from Zion Project!

    Listen I want to make clear that the information on this post of postcardmania is not completely correct. Many are but some people who work there that have an "f" is completely wrong with no connection to that "church". People work there and we don't need wrong information given to members of this site seeing that the postcardmania website does have names with photos. Many are not members of that church and has no family members that is a part of that church. I have a "f" near my name on this list and I don't belong to the church nor do I have family within this church. I just work here!

    Thank you and continue to protest
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: - results from Zion Project!

    The uncertainty of the status is clearly noted in the chart

    "f" means a suspected family link,
    "F" means a confirmed family link,
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: - results from Zion Project!

    [SIZE="5"]Do you think if I sent them $349, I could get a whole campaign of shooped Davey postcards mailed to 5000 orgs?[/SIZE]
  11. FUCK Member

    Re: - results from Zion Project!

    ^^^ Yes I do think you should.
  12. Re: - results from Zion Project!

    You want to give your money to the cult? Go ahead.
  13. Anon-007 Member

    Re: - results from Zion Project!


    1. Some of the female Culties (mainly "Senior Execs") are surprisingly cute (and I put emphasis on the word 'some')
    2. Then again, they have an 'in house' team of graphic designers - so the "Senior Exec" photos are probably shooped anyway ;)
    3. They employ standard Hubbard "Bollox Title Tech" - everyone has a grandiose sounding title, and they have Vice Presidents for absolutely everything (Vice President for Delivery? WTF ????)

    Enjoy the mugshots here: Postcardmania Perverts Gallery

    PS Google will just love the phrase attached to the above url ;)
  14. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    Re: - results from Zion Project!

    Shouldn't someone mention that included in those "business management" books, there are rules stating how companies are supposed to avoid paying their bills on time?

    So does she pay her workers minimum wage? Is there a special wage scale for cultie vs non-cultie?
  15. acetated Member

    Re: - results from Zion Project!

    As someone who worked at PostcardMania for about 5 years I can clear up a lot of mistakes on that list. Yes all the upper management, sales staff and most of the company staff are Scientologists but there are some people, including myself, who have no ties WHATSOEVER to the "church". My name is incorrectly listed as having a family tie and I am a little pissed and wondering how you exactly thought this.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: - results from Zion Project!

    f = suspected family tie, F = confirmed

    I don't see a capital F listed, so the last name probably just matches a name in the Completions list.
  17. acetated Member

    Re: - results from Zion Project!

    found the list online. my name is not on it, thank god.
  18. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: - results from Zion Project!

    The Truth About Scientology. Not complete, but the best we have so far.
  19. acetated Member

    Re: - results from Zion Project!

    thanks for the link, i just found it.
  20. basil Member

    Re: - results from Zion Project!

    If you're working for a Scientology run company, then you probably know that most of their profits are siphoned off - directly or through "donations" - to fund the cult. If you don't, then I suggest you do some reading up quickly on how WISE operates.

    If you are working there, whether you are a Scientologist or not, you are part of the problem and supporting/funding Scientology's programme of brainwashing, disconnection, control, family breakups, forced abortions, human rights abuses, labour law violations etc, whether you accept it or not. Don't be fooled by the so-called "good works" they claim to do, most are only for photo/PR opportunities and to piggyback themselves on the good names of other useful organisations to try and legitimise their position.

    The "clients" of the company are also part of this problem whether they realise it or not.

    There is no excuse in this day and age of the internet to not realise that Scientology is a bad thing, run by .

    What is it with Scientologists and spam mailing companies? Remember dear old (dead) Piers Springthorpe from Manchester (UK) Org and his spam company, Merrehill Ltd? (

    Maybe they use those mailing lists and send them to cult HQ to spam with sci crap instead?
  21. Re: - results from Zion Project!

    I am employed at this business. Fairly new. Did not realize it was run by scientologists, because I read enough sci-fi at home and always forget that there are tons of people who believe this crap to be FOR SERIOUS. Am I at risk? I've not yet been "on course", but I am concerned about it. When I was hired, I signed a paper that acknowledged I was working for a company that practiced Scientology business practices, but that I was allowed freedom of religion. I almost ran away screaming, and spent time debating it, but I really needed a job.

    There is something very off about most of the people here (almost all the sales reps are below average intelligence, above average appearance and frighteningly rude.and i think that over 75% of them are Scientologists). The ones who don't strike me as odd, as I am finding out, are not Scientologists. I believe in religious freedom and would love to let them do their thing, but I worry that their beliefs are running over into work. I don't view it as a normal to spend an hour training in something that is not related to my job field, and especially if this something is very closely related to religion. Is this the case? Former/current employees, what do you think? And if I say "No, I don't feel comfortable with this" to my H.R. manager, will I be fired? I already signed that form, so I am assuming yes.
  22. thevoxbox Member

    Re: - results from Zion Project!

    It's pretty unusual that you had to sign a form to acknowledge the religion of your bosses, but... this wouldn't be the first time they pulled something wacky.
    My advice is that, if you're in need of a job, start looking for a new one in your spare time, especially if you're concerned you'll lose this one. Just don't do anything to cause too many waves in the meantime; if you feel comfortable in approaching them about this, then you can, but I think it might be a better move for you in general if you left without a fuss. That way they don't have a reason to think you're an SP or enemy or anything, you know?
  23. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: - results from Zion Project!

    I would copy any and all relevant documents that you have or can find. It may not be legal for them to fire you because you don't like Scientology or refuse to take Scientology courses or whatnot.

    Better safe than sorry.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: - results from Zion Project!

    Postcard Mania, yeah it's right up there as WISE businesses go. It's not certain that they'll fire you. They may keep you as a pet. Chances are good that our OSA monitors have already emailed a transcript of this thread to them so it's pretty safe to assume Longcat is already out of the bag.

    I wonder what they'd charge to print up a few thousand "You found the cards".
  25. CarltonBANKS Member

    Joy Gendusa


    So, i've heard something about this chick running a scientology camp or something? I mean, I could just google it, but i can't be bothered to read through shit, and was hoping someone would do it for me.

    k thanks bye
  26. ex _maniac Member

    There are so many things to say, where to start :rolleyes: I don't want to say anything here that will give me away but I probably will. I worked for PostcardMania for a while and can confirm a lot of the information provided here. I've seen this forum post on Google for a long time but today, when I tried to search for the above list to link to a friend, I came across this instead . I'm pretty fucking pissed after reading these emails because a lot of these people are STILL working there, including the woman they talk about firing for her period. I would ask that *someone* email this link to their entire internal email list because those people need to see how their superiors act behind closed doors.

    I'm worried for the person above who indicated they were a newer employee and they weren't sure how to go about things there; It's a really difficult place to figure out. There is an 'underground' of sorts that exists of employees that observe the situations there and then skillfully avoid them as much as possible (Courses and such.) so if you can tap into that, you're usually alright to keep working there for a while without being discovered as a 'SP'. You really have to be careful though, upon your hiring they make you sign a few different forms agreeing that you will not talk about people behind their backs or cause 'drama' and that you understand you're being hired into a company that is entirely based around Scientology management principles. You can avoid courses and that sort of thing only to a point before they will start skipping you for raises and promotions, then fire you altogether for something random or during 'cuts'; So if you REALLY need the job, I'd say take the minimum courses that you can get away with and just observe them the way an outsider would (They're actually quite interesting, getting an inside look at how a cult operates).

    I saw it mentioned here or on another forum that it's possible Joy owns another building with a Scientology 'camp' or something similar. I have personally observed PCM employee's cars at a building right down the street from their new location (2145 Sunnydale BLVD Building 102., Clearwater, FL 33765) at a semi-abandoned car repair shop. The entire shop is boarded up but at night you can tell through the tops of the boards that lights are on inside. I know that Joy owns this building and that nothing has been operating (openly) out of that lot for YEARS. I noticed that certain employee's cars, those who that had recent disciplinary actions against them (One woman got a DUI, for example) at this location until late hours of the night (10pm-12am on weeknights) with no explanation as to why they would be there. I also witnessed FLAG buses pick up people from this building (I was standing at their new building which is far down the road so I could not see specific faces) at 10pm-11pm at night. It's been rumored that Scientologists have 'work camps' where they send people for a certain amount of time to work off some trouble they've gotten themselves into and I personally think this is one of those places. (The woman who's car I mentioned was there every night for two weeks, while she was working 9-10 hour shifts at PCM.)

    And THAT'S another thing. They work their people to the bone. They do NOT pay overtime (since about 2006) and raises are few and far between. Now, just because they don't pay overtime, does not mean you just get to work your 40 hours and go home. If your work isn't completed for the day or the week, you need to stay. If your 'stats' are down (yes, they keep stats for everything there.) then you need to stay. People there will work 45-60 hour work weeks, and that's not even including the poor sales people who are usually there from 8am-10pm on a daily basis and usually come in for at least one weekend day, if not both.

    Quoted from above "There is something very off about most of the people here (almost all the sales reps are below average intelligence, above average appearance and frighteningly rude.and i think that over 75% of them are Scientologists)." This is very true. A lot of the positions there are filled by a program run by the church that places people into jobs when they move to a new area or a new country. We had a lot of people who were only there for a short time because they needed some money as start up when they came to Clearwater. The company suffers for it but I'm sure they pay her something to allow the cycle to continue. Most of the people working at PCM, especially now, are Scientologists. There are some departments like reception, the design team or the sales lead team that are almost entirely non-Scientologists, maybe they try to keep them together - But in the design team's case I think it's just hard to find creative Sci's.

    Another thing I'd like to clear up is the question of whether Nick Johnson is a Scientologist. The answer is a resounding 'No.' I'd like to just leave it at that so I don't give away too much of myself and I wouldn't want to invade on Nick's privacy, but he and his mother are no longer Scientologists. That doesn't mean you have to run over and shake the guy's hand, I just thought it would be nice to set that straight. He was fired/quit from PCM over an argument with HR and their policies.

    "1. Some of the female Culties (mainly "Senior Execs") are surprisingly cute (and I put emphasis on the word 'some')
    2. Then again, they have an 'in house' team of graphic designers - so the "Senior Exec" photos are probably shooped anyway"
    Yes, the execs and sales people all have their hair and makeup professionally done for their web pics and they are touched up/added by the marketing team :D

    3. They employ standard Hubbard "Bollox Title Tech" - everyone has a grandiose sounding title, and they have Vice Presidents for absolutely everything (Vice President for Delivery? WTF ????)
    They do this because they refuse to give our raises to anyone who isn't a Scientologist and one who is inside all the cliques. In order, then, give a raise to someone you DO want - you change their title and business card!

    Also, that postcard picture above is not from PCM lol All of their mail is marked with PostcardMania in the stamp and they actually charge extra if you don't want that included.

    OH - There IS a 'Ron's Office' in the newer building that was built, Some of you are familiar with that concept. And there is an auditing room that is closed at all times and has an 'In Session' sign.

    I've observed the church coming up to people in the middle of their work day to demand money for sessions and to tell them to go back to auditing. What a lot of people don't realize is that these people, for the most part, are desperately trying to hang out to their sanity. A lot of the people who I met there have had nervous breakdowns, would hang up phones crying after speaking with family - that sort of thing. They are trapped in these situations, much like a junkie is trapped being a drug addict. All of their friends, work and sometimes family is wrapped up in this cult and even if they wanted to get out, they feel like they can't. I saw one girl get a letter from her mother hand delivered at work because she found her on the PCM website and it was the only place she could get a hold of her. Yes, they've gotten themselves into these situations, but we all do stupid things - Their stupid thing just happened to take over their entire life. You have to remember too that a lot of the younger Scientologists, the 20 somethings, were raised in the church and feel like they have nothing else; Living in Clearwater it's really hard to get away from it all.

    This is really just a collection of thoughts and responses that I figured you might benefit from. Do with it what you will but try to remember that a lot of these people are innocent enough and don't understand the extend of what they're doing. I'm going to end the post with a few of the names from the above list that I KNOW are incorrect and just include them corrected below (I will not comment on those I am not sure.) Also one thing to note, it's a requirement upon hiring that if someone who already works there has YOUR name, you have to change it to something else. That may be why you ran into a lot of 'alias' names, it wasn't particularly nefarious, it's just a requirement for their lame speaker system.

    X - Melissa Bradshaw
    _ - Trina Needy
    _ - Ali Hall
    X - Amy Goldenberg
    X - Sabrina Glasstetter
    X - Ashlie Juric
    X - Carly Switzer
    _ - Susan Tibbs
    X - Kate Broughton
    X - Betsy Beard
    X - Erica Switzer
    X - Jill Carey
    _ - Taylor Mahon
    X - Courtney Offutt
    X - Jess Chadwick-Pahanic
    _ - Drew Shipp
    _ - Brian Fitzsimmons
    _ - Baltazar Martinez
    _ - Valtressa Washington
    X - Jonathan Draghici
    _ - Jody Reed

    _ - Michael Lynch
    X - Lisa Switzer
    F - Richard Lander
    f - Lora Abbett
    X - Ferris Stith
    X - Joe Niewierski
    X - Chris Egnacheski
    X - Jessica Aguiar
    _ - Kerry Johnson
    _ - Sean Thoms
    _ - Dylan Williams
  27. PresidentShaw Member

    But who are the final 5?
  28. Anonymous Member

    This is why.
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  29. PresidentShaw Member

    Why are scilon chicks all so godamned hot?
  30. ex _maniac Member

    Does anyone have access to any links with the stuff he's talking about here on Zion Project? I'd love to search around for some more info on the people I know from PostcardMania.
  31. Anonymous Member

    thanks for the info, ex-maniac.
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  32. Anonymous Member

  33. Anonymous Member

    Cuz you're so goddamned desperate?
  34. PresidentShaw Member

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  35. Hello! I also worked for PCM too! My name is on the list up there, I am correctly marked as a non-scientologist. I put them on my resume so IDGAF if my name gets past around the list. If anything it proves my claim to have worked in one of the craziest offices ever.

    First, I'll say that everything ex posted is accurate to my experience as well. I suspect I worked with ex-maniac close enough that I am almost certain I know who ex is just from reading his/her account. I hope ex is doing well.

    I wanted to add a few more thoughts about the place. There is a real cult of personality around Joy herself - that photo above with the portrait of her in the background hints at it, but what you didn't get to see was that photo was taken the day we moved over to the big new building on Sunnydale, they moved all of Joys art over and that photo was snapped, but later that day the portrait of her was turned into a impromptu shrine, with candles and a pillow for offerings. When I came in for my shift at 6:30 the next morning (what fucking office is open at 6:30?) there were coins and flowers and dollar bills on the pillow in front of the portrait, for luck. Of course it was all in fun, but weird shit like that is fun to them, and they fucking worship Joy.

    A lot of the marketing for postcardmania surrounds the idea of Joy as the Self-Made-Business-Hero - she is a huge Ayn Rand nut and in my experience with scientologists many of them are into that in a big way and buy into Joy's ability because of her OT status plus that objectivist bootstrap thing that she plays up, but she had a lot of help it is rumored from several other high up scientologists in the city in other industries. People at the office, her inner circle, her three assistants, the fucktard sci counselor, the all-sci sales force (pretty and vicious, all.) All treated Joy with pure idealist reverence. Like north koreans talking about the great leader, they all seemed to have a eternal crush on Joy, believed in her totally, clapped with enthusiasm when she made anouncements at monday staff meeting, eyes beeming. Sincere like you never seen in an office.

    Ex-maniac didn't mention the team building cycles the VPs would run when a division was downstat. Basically a child's game, during this one, two teams would be instructed stop work (remember this is the sci cure to increase production, stop working) and group up in the commons area, then we'd form 2 lines and race passing a tennis ball person to person down the line. The team that did it fastest would get to go back to their desks to increase production, and the other line would split into two lines and do it again and so on until two people were left. These people were marked down on a clip board before the next division came in to do the same thing. Not sure what the list was for, everything is tracked for stats there. everything. This one was probably their way to note suspected downstat, 1.1, low production employees - but it was always sold as "teambuilding"

    I took a bunch of sci courses while I was there because they were so funny to me. at the end of each course there would be questions ("Name five people in your life you feel may be too low on the tone scale you just learned about") I always answered Jerry John Jimmy Joe. The scientologist counselor and part time vantriliquist dummy that ran the course library would sign off on my work without question. He was a true idiot they treated like a revered doctor even though he openly bragged he hadn't had any schooling besides scientology since he was 18 (he was about 60, and a good approximation of what a dumb person thinks smart people act like).

    The list up there of employees is old, the turn over there for non-scientologists is high, but they also want to have a number of token wogs employed. There are some people on the list that ARE sci, but not listed. I'm not going to name names, I'm sure better detectives than me can find better evidence than my words if they care/look. Many of the scientologists at pcm did their auditing, counselling and whatever all through the dope counselor that was there, including Joy - the scientologists acted like getting access to this guy, Joy's Guy, was a big deal and I think they had something worked out for payment - I won't speculate but, he did sell it to me as a possible benefit I could take advantage of since I had shown interest in so many courses. This was right about the time I decided I had better leave the fucking company ASAP and that sales pitch/ counseling advice was the last contact I had with that dork.

    Someone above mentioned the Design department and not having many scientologists, there was no scientologists below management level in the design department. Two managers were non-scientologists in their own minds only, exhibiting every other behavior and receiving every perk of the scientologists that worked there, but would say they weren't scientologists if asked. None of the actual designers were scientologists, one of the night crew guys was a hardcore evangelical christian and worked there for a long time. Why no scientologists in the design department? Point Blank, you need a degree on your resume, at least an AA in graphic design, to be a designer and scientologists don't go to school. None of them went to school, including Joy. Actually I think Joy has a AA in graphic design. But most of the second gen scientologists who would be about the right age to be a designer didn't go to college. They all got jobs at places like PCM in departments where you dont need degrees, list processing for instance - or sales where the money is at. I'm sure some one could provide anecdotal evidence to the contrary, but it is a fact that even though we were the largest design team in downtown clearwater, heart of all things Scientology, we never ever got any porfolios from scientologists - if we had they probably would have made the fucker a manager on the first day.

    The design community in the tampabay area is fairly close knit, and most of the poor souls who got a job as a designer there when times were bad stuck around just long enough to figure out the place is crazy and bolt, many of us still know each other or I'll meet someone and discover they are ex-pcm through conversation, thus, the place has a shit reputation around town with designers. The local design colleges won't send interns to PCM (a little birdie told me) because of their reputation. I personally worked there through the shit economy 2007-2009 and quit abruptly one monday morning when I figured out I could make more freelancing, and was tired of playing tennis ball games and dodging the dopey sci counselor pervert dipshit.

    I also want to say that the place also put me in a bad mood, all the time. The strange rude passive aggressiveness of the staff, with the tense urgency of keeping up stats, keeping eyes over shoulders for who was listening, watching, reporting downstat activity, Potential Trouble Sources. The whole pretending not to be sick ever facade. The whole place was filled with miserable shitty people and people who were made shitty by exposure to other shitty people. The last course I took was called "getting along with others" and it was hilarious and sad. If an anon could dig up a copy, I'm sure it would be enjoyed for the drawings alone. It was right around then I knew it was my time to get out of dodge, the economy was picking back up and so I did what all people who don't stay at PCM do, I fucking left.
  36. Anonymous Member

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  37. Missfit Member

    You can add Andy Scott to that list as a confirmed scientologist at PCM, his family has all relocated to clearwater in the past 6 or so years and Andy works at PCM.

    reading nothing in this thread, I can confirm that Andy would not work for ANYONE who is not $ci related. If you would like more info, message me.
  38. RightOn Member

    There is Joy Gendusa and Joy Westrum
    what is it with Joys?
    Not much "Joy" coming from either of them
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  39. They do make yon a form stating you understand that they base their business on the works of L. Ron Hubbard and that you can not speak negatively of scientology. The courses are geared for brainwashing...converting you to scientology. How to use a dictionary? Yes, that's in the course. Everything they do there is scientology based and if you don't conform, you're dispensible. And the sales reps? Incredibly rude and uneducated. You should see the emails they send to customers. Total lack of full functioning thoughts not to mention riddled with misspellings. I guess being attractive trumps an education.

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