Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by LarryBren, May 29, 2010.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    Drama over "inappropriate" yelling at the first DC megaraid led to Enturb's most epic of epic slapfests.

    Now can haz drama over "inappropriate" not yelling.

    Lol, something for everyone!
  2. Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    My congratulations to all. I could not be there, but I appreciate all the hard work and effort everyone made and it sounds like it was a very good raid. I really liked the photos and video! Great Job!!!! Epic WIN.
  3. pokeanon Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    The whole event was very far from my favorite, so I'm not exactly jumping at a chance to reflect upon it, but there's a fuckton of hate brewing in part due to ignorance.

    NYC has been going with the same energy and people for at least a year now. Over the past few months we've been increasing in numbers, which isn't entirely understood, but certainly appreciated. We have become a spectacle entirely on purpose, and are entirely aware of what we do. When we raid, we are literally half a block away from the very heart of Times Square, which is at any given point one of the most pedestrian dense areas on the planet. A regular protest doesn't cut it there. You can't walk more than 50 feet without 10 different people trying to give you a flier or trying to sell you something. No one pays attention.

    The battle people want to see is the assholes versus the nutjobs. Take your pick which side we are. I would advise a look at the articles written about chanology if you think this is a point supported by ass facts. Wired, Maxim, Radar, the NY Daily News, the generally journalistic side of things with Julian Dibbell, and the academia aspect of Gabriella Coleman all focus on this. These are clearly not isolated incidents in terms of focus. The masks and costumes look good, but in an area with a theater district where there are other people in costumes, or very little clothing (naked cowboy) all vying for attention, the raucous spectacle of ad hominem attacks spewed at Scientology is what works. In a quiet residential area like in Boston the same tactics aren't necessarily needed, but I don't see much of a reason why they can't be integrated at least to a certain extent. If you lose sight of the fun, theatrics, satire, and spectacle, this becomes just another protest movement. I'm sorry to say I saw very little of this present in Boston.

    It wasn't at all the fault of the people present in Boston they couldn't yell or chant, as that was something mandated unreasonably by the police. I know there were some problems with obtaining proper permits, but I'm not looking to throw anyone under the bus for that. A problem happened, and adjustments were made. I'm glad there's still so many people dedicated to a cause like this, but the way things were handled was not at all appreciated on our side.

    What bothers me most is that at a certain point two of our own from NYC started getting restless, and decided they would make signs to inject some of our own local style into things. These included signs that said "Scientology sucks my dick often" and "Scientology fellates me frequently". The police very clearly saw both of these people multiple times, read the signs, and took no action at all. This was well within the limit of what was being tolerated. It was other protestors who demanded these signs be removed. We hardly require everyone with us to follow our example all the time at home. The difference is that we all agree not to step on toes unless something is going on that could cause legal trouble. We have people with us on regular occassion who are not into yelling mean things, and we all get along.

    My only guess is that there was some concern of image for anonymous, which seems totally ridiculous to me. It makes the cold facts of the abuses of scientology no more or less valid when the person standing next to you is on fire, naked, or eating a bible. We have been around roughly two and a half years, and people are still worried about image? This was never about people respecting us. The media stopped caring who we were, and only wants to know what we know. We have done an excellent job at that across the board. Even after slickpubes in NYC, my media contacts have not stopped taking my word as credible, because I can consistently deliver evidence. Journalists, while rarely fantastic, are often schooled in retoric and/or logic, and therefore should be able to discriminate ones actions from the facts.

    Something that caught me by surprise was people seemingly trying to engage each other on how bad scientology is. I understand when it's Larry Brennan or an ex, but seriously? We've been at this how long, and that conversation still needs to be had?

    I realize now that while there NYC appeared visibly grumpy about the day, and they were. We hate to be "that guy" who sits and bitches, and that wasn't intentional. I can only apologize for myself if I was overheard being a downer.

    And for those who love to paint in broad strokes, both e-meters, and people operating said e-meters were from NYC.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

  5. anon0004 Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    I was not there.
    I whished I were, because I´d like to be at least one larger raid in the US and meet Moral-, drama- ane all teh other fags before this is over, but sadly it did not work out quite as I planned it.
  6. Lorelei Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    Far from it. Mask laws in Georgia and elsewhere force Anons not to mask up. PROTIP: You can still be Anonymous, especially with the lack of skillz of the local SciSquad / surplus of worthless, obvious P.I.s, if you use some caution about using real names (don't), watch where you park, watch who you reveal ANYTHING to, and wear costumes / wigs / make-up / accessories / padding / etc. that obscure your natural features but do not qualify as "masks" per se.

    Some folks here have been protesting the cult for over a decade and are "known" by the local Scienos because masking up had not even occurred to them as an option before Chanology (and it is forbidden, thanks to some racist inbred jackholes in pointy white bedsheets being useless wankers about a hundred years ago). Many others started in 2008 and are NOT "known" by the Scienos, though varying degrees of effort MIGHT net them SOME info on one or two protesters if they wanted to bother.

    "Anonymous" is not dependent upon a piece of plastic with a goatee printed on it, as cool as they are when a whole assault of Anons are wearing them all at once (er, what IS the collective noun for Anonymous? A /b/rotherhood? A Faygo Tree? Dunno). The concept predates Chanology and will last after Chanology, I am fairly certain. It just makes it more of a challenge to maintain anonymity when the choice of wearing a uniform WITH a Fawkes mask is taken away. (I have to say that smoking, eating caek, or protesting for hours in hot / freezing / raining / windy weather is a BITCH with that mask on, as awesome as they are, so kudos to the faithful who CAN legally wear it and faithfully DO wear it. A special shout out goes to those Dahn Sawf who wear the full suit, hat / wig and various theatrical accessories / makeup in 110oF weather each spring and summer and fall. Because it is not fun, and you have to really be hardcore about protesting to do that.)

    Each city has to adjust to local laws, the activity or lack thereof of their local culthive(s), the cooperativeness of the local LEOs, the maturity (or lack thereof) of the bulk of the protesting group, and so on. In our area, we have two distinct protesting styles, because one group likes to do things one way at particular locations and times of the day and days of the week, and the other group prefers to do things another way at another spot at another time. There is a lot of interaction and cooperation between the two schools of thought, and co-protesting. There is a rapid mobilization if Sci activity is spotted, with Anons converging at short notice to counter Scieno / Narconon / CCHR attempts to recruit the unwary, sell crap, or spew untruths unchallenged.

    As the NYC anon(s) above point out, NYC has a vastly different protest style, most likely due to the constant competition for attention and being unable to mask up, than does Boston. Nashville, K.C., MO, folks all over Florida, folks in Alabama, and S.C., and N.C., and folks in Atlanta all have different protest styles, but manage to coexist peacefully and adjust to the host city's rules graciously AND have a hell of a good time. You can't descend upon a place and expect protesting there to be the same as it is at home, nor expect guests to instantly grok that protesting in your city is going to be a different and more sedate experience than at home. It's also good to have a "sister city" or two that you keep an eye on and which you are willing to provide /b/lackup for when necessary.

    Perhaps better communication would have smoothed things over greatly. Getting together the day or night before to co-plan and to get to know the various personalities involved MIGHT have helped. (MIGHT. Maybe everyone would have killed each other before the megaprotest, which would have been a bummer.)

    I still think it's pretty cool that we do have this sort of Anon Exchange Program going on semi-regularly. It's a way to exchange ideas and, after comparing, to appreciate the unique nature of how we all protest when at home. I suspect that after all the butthurt about unmet expectations and miscommunications fade a bit, that there will be some notable benefit or good ideas gained by the various cells in general, even if individuals don't necessarily agree.

    Also, you guys had Many, Brennan and Hassan at your raid, which is not small potatoes. They are great speakers and have some useful info to share. (I'm particularly jealous of your Hassan weave; I really like his books.)


    Meh. I have boozez right now and am happy, and am seeing the raid as more of a good thing than a bad one. Silly Anon. Whatevs. <3 and stuff.
  7. anon0004 Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    I beg to differ

    Only the Hamburg and Berlin cells are allowed to wear Masks in Germany, but that doesnt stop the other cells to do great work.
    Or think about the dutch, danish or scandinavian cells.

    How about:
    Worlds next ONLY real anonymous cell.
    First season airs next week.
  8. Crappy Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    I see a deadly Last Cell Standing deathmatch between Anon cells coming.
  9. Crucifuckwad Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    NYC's party van, e-meters/auditors, and dick signs were admittedly epic
  10. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    Hey fucktards, the protest was less than one day of the weekend. Stop obsessing. OMG you couldn't shout at a scientologist, your whole weekend is ruined. On the other hand, I thought NYC was hilarious so a little less bitching about that would be fantastic, too.

    I should probably get around to uploading the last day of photos...eventually. That island was awesome, even if I did think Coast Guard Rescue was going to have to haul me off a rock wall a few times.

    And ty DC Anons for dragging the poor solo southfag along with you since SOME PEOPLE ARE FAGGOTS ATL.

    There already are, genius.
  11. RightOn Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    I was at the DC protest and almost made the Boston one, but had to back out.
    There was major drama at the DC protest. Which I really didn't know too much about the politics of it all while I was there, but read more about it after it was over. I was not involved with any of it. Didn't care to be.
    There were major conflicts and people arguing after DC, and now I see it again after Boston.
    I am sure whomever watches these boards (if they still do) is tickled silly over all these Anons going back and forth at each other. Why make them happy?

    NY protests one way in their area, and others protest different in their area. From what I have read and saw on the vids....
    The "when in Rome" rule did not fair too well with NY Anons in Boston, and they let it be known by showing their style. Not eveyone will agree with each other's style in protesting. (same thing happened in DC) Nor will people agree on how people should conduct themselves. That's what makes the world go round.

    The IMPORTANT thing about the protest, is that everyone took time out of their weekend or day or whatever to come together for one cause. The public got to see the protest, and became aware of the fight against COS, and the org got a taste of enturbulation. Mission accomplished.

    To go on an on about how that was accomplished is a waste of time and energy and off the target of bringing down this cult. (AND you are probably making COS's tits hard)

    Not trying to leaderfag at all , but just my 2 cents....
    I say move on, good job, and stay on target.
    I think we are at a very crucial crossroad here with taking down COS and time can be better spent elsehwere.

    So shoo!!
    Go poon someone, make a vid, make a new sign, do a flash raid, write a song... or you can stay here and argue. To each their own.

    yeah I know... go DIAF
  12. WMAnon Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    Okay, feeling a little better now.

    On the subject of drama:
    There seems to be a little confusion about the permits for the org. As has been noted several times here, the Boston org is in a residential neighborhood. As such, the city will never issue a sound permit for any protest at that location. It's not allowed. The cops have never resolved this issue by telling us we can't yell before, so it was a bit of a shock to all of us, but that wasn't a reaction to us "not getting the right permits" or "not talking to the police." The beat cops just had sand in their vaginas this time and I'm sorry it happened while we had everyone up. The org permit was obtained a little late, but it wasn't something we filed for on Friday as some people have implied.

    The matter of the signs that were removed came as a direct result of a miscommunication between the permit holder and the person who became the permit holder when he ran off to lunch. Sorry to NYC on that point.

    The raid was somewhat sad due to unreasonableness, but NYC's party van and e-meters were great, and it was lovely having three corners and some stoop kids to yell at. Paul Bradford came out to yell at the cops when a few anons went down the alley next to the org after getting permission from the same cops to do so.
    Zombie March started a lot later than I think anyone was expecting, and the rain was either awesome or disappointing depending on who you talked to. I have no idea what the final headcount was on that one, but it seemed like everyone had a good time.
    Sunday at the bandstand definitely would have been more fun if anonywedding hadn't fallen through last minute, but there was some epic performances and I got smacked in the head three times with dodgeballs. The pinata fell a lot faster than anyone was expecting, and poor donkey got his corpse raped too.
    The flashraid on Sunday I think was the highlight of the protest activities. We marched from the bandstand down Newbury street, chanting and handing out flyers and books. We marched down Hereford and saw a GF mask waiting for us, so we knew the cops were going to be there soon, but we still got some good yelling in at the building before turning down Beacon. Sparrow's video doesn't show it very clearly, but we turned around at the end of Beacon and marched back down the street on the org side and marched all over the forbidden corner. The cops pulled up the alley as we arrived, so we motioned that we were heading back up Hereford and they waved us along without so much as a warning to be quiet. Then Paul Bradford stumbled upon us on the way back to the org and I went to ask for a hug (didn't happen) and he failed at the hipster heart handsign.
    Sunday night was an epic party for Boston, Halifax, and Minn. We were gonna film a better version of the donkey punch video presentation, but Assaultee McGee got his silly ass drunk too soon.
    Monday on Georges Island was a blast. After a considerable amount of ANons getting lost, being on the wrong dock, and forgetting that they had a ride back to their hotel, we finally all made it there for an awesome picnic. The rangers loved us, and one of them took a group over to a crazy dark room with only one little pillar of light coming in through some missing bricks in the ceiling. Epic pics ensued. Boston sent a contingent of wenches to wave and cry like faggots from the dock as Minn departed, and we serenaded each other as the boat pulled away.

    All in all, not bad considering the sheer amount of RL emergencies and massive efforts from the Boston Org to mess up our permits. I'm glad so many people had a good time, and I hope to see all you guys again soon.
  13. ThetanBait Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    Here's my vids


    Also have copies of the speeches up, in case anyone needs yet another perspective.
  14. 3rdMan Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    There be my video of the first day

    DC Fags goto Boston Megaraid Part 1
    [ame=]DC Goes to Boston Megaraid Part 1 on Vimeo[/ame]
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    Is the video of assaultee mcgee humping the pinata up yet?
  16. Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    I'll admit I'm disappointed Clearwater's 612 made it back from a megaraid unmolested.
  17. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    Funny you should mention that...
  18. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    {waits for pix}
  19. 3rdMan Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    What happens with DC-fags, stays with DC-fags. ;)
  20. Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    I finally found my the USB cord for my camera. Just curious, since a bunch of people didn't wears masks at all, would it be wrong to assume you don't care about your faces going up on the internet? After all, Scilons filming or taking photos already have them...
  21. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    I usually blur faces unless I have permission not to or if I know the person did not wear a mask at all (as opposed to a photo where they happened to not have it on at the time). Use your discretion.
  22. WMAnon Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    Rule of thumb is if they didn't wear a mask at the org, it's fair to assume they don't care.
  23. 3rdMan Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    PM'd you with request to blur mine out if your able.

    Unless they request otherwise. ;)
  24. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    You already asked IRL and I already did. ;)
  25. 3rdMan Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    Ah thanks, forgot I asked.

    PM'd you too; AnonymousRonin, if you are able.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    jesus...i was joking when i said that. i thought it was obvious enough. how much more obvious can obvious troll be?
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    From NYC with love:

  28. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010


    What...the fuck.
  29. Stutroup Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    ^^This. Also add to that list Atlanta (no masks in Ga), New Orleans (No masks in La), and likely others.
  30. Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    OK, I'll cover faces up then.
  31. metgyre Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    sorry milwaukee/ more of chicago didn't make it. last minute problems cancelled the road trip. but you guys had boss nigger (aka baas). hes the best of us. looks like it was a lot of fun.
  32. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    VA, NC...

    Actually I believe in VA it's even a FELONY.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010


    Loldon > You.
  34. 3rdMan Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    Thanks, I appreciate it.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    I thought I would mention to check out the European Megaraid post game, as certian elements such as plan "z" are more epic than yours. Good luck next time,

  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    If I had a dick I'd tell you to suck it, Eurofag.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010


  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    Heather B. Landrey, Director of Church of Scientology, Boston, gloating on her Facebook that they raised over $100K in donations at an Ideal Org fundraising dinner last Friday.

    "Director Church of Scientology Boston. Mother of 5. Wife of Lonnie ~27 years."

    Heather B Landrey | Facebook
  39. NumbersAnon Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    it is, unless it's part of a theater/arts production, or if its halloween...
  40. AquaMan Member

    Re: Postgame Boston megaraid May 2010

    And if it is allowed under those circumstances, they still probably frown upon protesting while doing so. I know here in ATL it was made known that we couldn't protest last Halloween while masked up.

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