POSTGAME SYDNEY: Jan Eastgate first court appearance (with violence) [2011/06/16]

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by Zhent, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Zhent Member

    (creating a separate thread for the proper postgame reporting)

    Oh what a wonderful day...

    On the lead up to this day there had been much speculation, speculation on how the cult would handle this situation. Some said they would throw her under the bus, some said she was too important an asset to lose and that they would fight hard to protect her (or really just keep her from the media and the authorities).

    Well I think the events of today will go a long way in understanding how the future will play out.

    We arrived before 9:30am, and the tone was set early on as we found OSA lurking in the Lobby of Downing Centre. Michael Gordon was sitting on one of the benches, and on the bench behind him one of his cohorts (Caucasian, pudgy, short blond hair, haven't seen them before). They were trying hard to look innocuous, especially the second, but wow they just looked so silly sitting back to back trying to look like they don't know each other, all the while furiously typing out on their mobile phones and cautiously peering at us from the corner of their eyes.

    With no sign of Jan (she must of come very early to avoid the media) we soon departed the lobby and headed to the elevators to go up to the courts. Upon arrival on the 4th floor we checked the noticeboards and found Jan's notification – Courtroom 5.2. It was only when we arrived on the fifth floor did we realise the scale of Scientology's operation in place. We found Jan Eastgate soon enough, she was completed surrounded by Scientologists, and many more Scientologists were on the floor and about. Some we recognised but many we didn't, either way it was clear the Church was trying to put on a strong face and not allow any interference with Jan.

    They took this to the extremes when she went to the toilet. We happened to be sitting next to the female toilet, and we were most amused when a block of scientologists shuffled down beside us shielding Jan. Some tried to stare us down but we just just looked calmly back in mild amusement.

    Anyway after soon arriving outside the courts we decided to enter Court 5.2, lest the crafty culties try to slip something through without us. We entered the spaciously square and rather full Courtroom 5.2 under the firm gaze of Chief Magistrate Henson. There were a few free spaces near the back, a kind man sitting in the middle offered to shuffle across to make room for us three. I squeezed past him, murmured 'Thanks Bryan' and took a seat next to a bemused Today Tonight reporter.

    The trial of the century was about to begin!

    Or.... not.

    Quite removed from the idea that the culties would try and push this through fast, they took the opposite tack waiting till near the end of the court session when all the other cases had gone through (I think thats how it worked...). I lost track of time how long we were in the courtroom, must have been near 2 hours(?), but that doesn't matter, the courtroom was nice and warm and I gained some insight into how our legal system worked.

    When most of the other lawyers had gone through their cases we decided to hop outside and see if anything was going on. Yes the Scientologists were still all lurking around, Jan was still with them so it looked like we hadn't missed anything. At this point I took a toilet break, which was unfortunate as the culties decided to have their case heard then! Luckily I missed very little, and slipped back into the courtroom for some premium lulz.

    The direction of the Scientology legal strategy was quite clear from the get go. They were trying to have the bail conditions dropped so Jan could be whisked off the the USA, never to be heard of again.

    We all knew that one of the bail conditions was the surrendering of her passport, but there was also another condition relating to not harassing or assaulting anyone (needs confirmation/clarification). The defense quickly tried to have this one dropped, and DPP didn't give up much of a fight for it, considering it a rather strange bail condition given the situation.

    Next up was the passport and traveling. The defense launched into a lengthy explanation of how Jan has a US Greencard, how she runs a business in America, has employees, obligations, even a mortgage in the US, and how being forced to remain in Australia for the trial would be most burdensome. It was mentioned that if she remains out of America for 1 year (?) she would lose the Green card.
    Also on travel restrictions it was noted Jan has aging/ill parents in Victoria, and she wanted to visit them but feared she wasn't allowed with the current bail conditions (the magistrate made a quip about the ash cloud preventing her anyway).

    The most intriguing notion put forward by the defense was that Jan, apparently, has tried to speak to the police during previous visits to Australia, and that she has traveled to Australia knowing the police wanted to talk to her. Hmm, sounds rather unlikely...

    Of course at one point the DPP bought up the ABC Lateline expose which started all this and some of the details were mentioned. Ouch for the Scientologists in the audience! I wonder how many still thought Jan was on some noble quest to crush psychiatry.

    The defense also brought out some strange statistics, something about 85% of people charged with similar offenses do not receive a jail term? I will let others jump in with details here.

    Ultimately the talk was about whether there is incentive for Jan to come back to Australia should her bail conditions be revoked. The magistrate noted the above points, and that Australia had a good extradition treaty with the United States, he then dropped the bail conditions, but imposed some kind of monetary incentive? (more info needed)

    And of course finally a trial (?) was set for August 18th – Mark the date!

    After this literally most of the courtroom left. It was only then I realised just how many scientologists there were that day – at least 20, possibly around 30. As before Jan was closely guarded on her exit from the room. I happened to be sitting next to the aisle and when Jan came near a Scientologist casually stepped in front of my seat blocking me off. I calmly smiled at one of the OSA guys while they filed out, he did not smile back.

    TheFatMan and OneOneWasARacecar had exited a little early to head down to the exit for pictures, I hung around outside the courtroom for a little while to see what was happening. Bryan Seymour, bless him, was hanging around just meters from some of the scientologists. I took this opportunity to go over and personally thank him in a loud voice (*looks over shoulder to scientologists*) for all his work on Today Tonight. After this I headed down to the exit, Bryan stayed upstairs with the scientologists for quite some time – not sure what he was up to.

    Down at the lobby I was greeted by a large group of journos/cameramen hanging around the entrance to downing centre. A big grin split my face, there was only one way out – Jan was about to go through a wall of fire.
    The Scientologists evidently had other ideas about this, and clearly hoped they could hide and cower in fear upstairs and wait for the nasty SP's to leave them alone. They certainly tried hard to make this work and they made us wait for a LONG time outside – at least an hour. But thats ok, it was fun hanging around with the journos and we picked up some interesting conversations (Steve Cannane was around). I heard one of them remark this was probably their 'only' chance to get footage of Jan – since they know she will be fleeing to the US. So then most of the journo's stuck it out and waited around. During this time we saw a few odd Scientologists coming out – trying not to be noticed, but still no Jan!

    Also during this time two asian OSA tools were VERY OBVIOUSLY filming us. They were doing the old 'taking vacation shots' and have the SPs conveniently in the background. HURR DURR. Steve Cannane from ABC Lateline eventually tried to talk to one of them, not sure how that turned out.

    We eventually had a poke round the corner of the building to get a better view of inside the lobby and saw Michael Gorden (OSA) briefing a group of Scientologists, what were they going to pull I wonder! Well after much waiting they finally realised the nasty SP's weren't going to leave them alone and so then began the true epic lulz of the day.

    I was nommin' a piece of bread outside when the call went up among the journo's. Suddenly the air was electric. I hastily turned on my little old point 'n' click and aimed it towards a MASS coming towards the entrance. And quite a mass it was – THREE FEET OF SOLID SHUFFLING SCIENTOLOGIST MEAT was slowly meandering towards us. The media instantly sprang into action and that three feet of scientologists was suddenly joined by two feet of journos – The scrum was on!

    Things quickly turned nasty though, as the Scientologists were most firm to keep everyone away from Jan. The media was roughly pushed out of the way, one cameraman was clearly assaulted. The slow moving circle of body thetans slowly kept on going though and made it to the edge of the road where a car had carefully been timed to be waiting. Somehow through the dense package of bodies Jan was bundled into the car and took off. Unfortunately for Jan there was a red light just in front of her so the game was back on again! Another scrum and here things started getting really rough with the scientology handlers seemingly throwing the journo's away from the car, all the while Bryan Seymour, bless him, was calling for calm before someone got hurt. Soon enough the lights turned green and the car whisked off with a toot.

    This wasn't the end of course and Bryan and some other media followed after some of the handlers who were rather unresponsive. Finally after this things winded down and people dispersed. We waved to Michael Gordon then headed off...
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  2. Zhent Member

    (hmm a max of 10000 characters per post huh?)

    Headed off to the org that is! Much to our dismay the org was still closed with no sign of any construction beginning. Despite a dead org, who should show up but one of the OSA tools who assaulted a cameraman! (I think its the same guy) For some strange, strange reason he decided to make homosexual advances towards us, apparently not likely the fact we were hanging around outside of his building. I had to catch a train after this but the other anons continued to troll him I believe.

    All in all, epic day. I really hope the Scientologists feel utter humiliation at having protected a criminal who covers up child sexual abuse. They certainly looked like absolute fools and criminals with the extreme attempts to avoid the media.


    Today Tonight Coverage:

    More footage of Bryan Seymour:

    Much more to come!!!
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  3. Ann O'Nymous Member

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  4. Zhent Member

    Yes I thought so too.
  5. Sponge Member

    Awesome. Thanks zhent.
    Sorry I momentarily lost track of what thread was for what and posted your YT TT video in the arrest thread and the infodump media thread before seeing it here.
  6. TinyDancer Member

    Awesome report, Z. <3

    18 August will not be a trial. She has not even entered a plea yet. That's the first step. If she pleads:

    1. guilty, then she will be remitted to the District Court for sentencing;
    2. not guilty, then she will get to see the Crown's case (witness statements and documents) and will have the option to elect either:

    • to stay in the Local Court for a Preliminary Hearing - a mini trial in which the Crown is required to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the magistrate that it has a prima facie case against her; or
    • bypass a PH and go direct to trial in the District Court.
    If she elects to have a PH and the Crown is successful, the DPP will then issue an indictment and the matter will be listed for mention in the District Court.

    In other words, a trial is a long time away. Think a year or more. If it happens earlier, that will be a bonus.
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  7. thefatman Member

    Turns out the August 18th date will also be heard online. As I believe the Magistrate said, we'll have to watch on a screen. Any clarification? I take it it won't be streamed over the Intertubes.
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  8. TinyDancer Member

    She will appear from LA by video conference. Unsure whether everyone else will be in open court or in chambers. Likely the former.
  9. Anon1720 Member

    Very nice indeed. Thank you for the report.
  10. TinyDancer Member

    Incredible raw footage, Z.
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  11. veravendetter Member

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  12. RightOn Member

    wow thanks Zhent and others for going down there, and catching COS's behavior on film
    Looks like they are protecting their "queen" after all.
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  13. Tourniquet Member

    Ta, m8!

    Here's hoping the cult don't Flo Barnett her prior to 18th August.
    For my part, I'd like to see justice properly served, and Jan in the stripy hole.
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  14. peterstorm Member

    Well done Zhent!
  15. RightOn Member

    I love that Seymore kept saying "this is what they do"
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  16. sooleater Member

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  17. Anonymous Member


    You would think that having a dozen Scientologists get into a physical confrontation with the media outside the court thereby making the news footage even more sensationalist than it would have been otherwise would be the last thing the CoS would want to do. Keep up the self-sabotage Sydney OSA, it's damn entertaining.
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  18. subgenius Member

    $cientology: pouring gasoline on a fire
    If she absconds it won't be all bad
    would indicate consciousness of guilt...
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  19. subgenius Member

    When your only tool is a hammer, the whole world is a nail.
    Not hard to imagine taking a different, more productive, approach.
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  20. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    My prediction; Jan will disappear.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Ahh... I can just see it now...

    Jumped Australian bail, search on in California
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  22. Tourniquet Member

    RPF? Or... ?
  23. COREarg Member

    God,why they smile like morons when confronted with a question? That just makes them look creepy as hell.
    Anyways,already shared on facebook this whole thread.

    Also,what will happen with the osabots that assaulted that cameraman? They can't deny they did so,since it's filmed and it was shown in TV for all aussies to see.Hope they get busted.
    (And yeah,that OSAbot has some american accent. Must be from Clearwater or something. Plz,any anon with good memory or pix show us if you know him)

    Oh,and Jan Eastgate seems to share fashion tips with Kirstie Alley...god,her hair looks like an horrible nest of a eagle with diarrhea.
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  24. COREarg Member

    I go with know what happens when you anger the Slapping Gnome.
    And I'm sure he must be really pissed and scared at all this. Too big troubles,for such a tiny man.
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  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Sponge Member

    Somewhere in the arrest thread, it was asserted (without dox) that she had dual citizenship but in yesterday's newsmedia on the bail hearing it said that she has a green card that expires in 2019. If she needs a green card then she's not an American citizen (ammarite?). And if she's not an American citizen then extradition would be a whole lot easier, wouldn't it?
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Smurf could find US record, right? I wondered about this too. Driver's license? Yes, extradition would be easier, tho not easy, especially if they couldn't find her!

    What I thought was really odd is bail condition included she couldn't harrass or assault anyone. So naturally as soon as that condition got lifted, (or did it?) Scientologists around her harrassed and assaulted media.
    See, Jan didn't do it. She's completely innocent. Hope those who were assaulted sue and include Jan. Open up a couple more cases.
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  28. thefatman Member

    Maybe the SP Hall?

    Oh, the American Sci one offered to have public buttsecks with Anons afterwards. I uploaded the video and it was fucking around earlier now I can't find the uploaded link on mah YouTube page. I'll reattempt ASAP.
  29. subgenius Member

    the whole scrum projected a feeling of confidence and innocence
    wait, what?
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  30. BLiP Member

    For sure, there is a long way to go before this one plays out..

    I wonder, what sort of sentencing fire-power does the District Court have? In my ideal world, the seriousness of the case will result in the District Court bumping it up to, say, the High Court. Or do both Courts have the ability to set the maximum? Dreams are free, of course, so fingers crossed ; )

    I s'pose if worse turns to worst, I'd settle for all the DOX and evidence available being read into the court record. Whether Jan shows up for that or not is another question. I hope she does,
  31. thefatman Member

    It was openly stated in court by the defense that her Australian passport was her only one. Either way, with dual citizenship, one would assume it would be easier to extradite her given that she wouldn't be facing cruel and unusual punishment (unlike if she was extradited to say, the UAE).

    I'd presume that condition was simply a copy pasta of the typical bail conditions that relate to most other charges where violence, abuse, molestation occurred. The prosecution stated she didn't really have a reason as to why that specific condition was placed on her bail.

    That said, the condition was that she couldn't threat, harass, intimidate or molest the victim, since, technically, the victim in relation to this charge was the justice system (by proxy of the original victim) it's fairly hard for one to molest the justice system short of going Agent Pubit on Hansard. As for them trolling the media and not her, that could have brought about a new charge entirely as, if say, she'd punched someone in the face, it would be assault and not in relation to her current criminal trial of perverting the course of justice. Also, one cannot sue for assault, you'd have to press charges with the police, who would most likely argue that given it was a media scrum, most of the time it's hard to ascertain intention and actual incidence, though this is somewhat different given the insane nature of the cult in Sydney.
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  32. thefatman Member

    AFAIK, the penalties are in relation to the charge itself, and which court hears the matter varies depending on the charge. As such, the District court can impose the maximum penalty. The only way this could possibly get to the High Court is through appeal after appeal after appeal. From memory it would go to the Court of Criminal Appeals first and then the High Court. Or would it skip Criminal Appeals and go to Supreme then High? This said, the High Court does have the discretion to decide which cases it hears.
  33. BLiP Member

    Now that's interesting. If the High Court can choose which cases to hear, I would suggest that should Jan Eastgate fail to appear on her next scheduled date, another blast from the media might just pick up M'Luds' interest in proceedings. A non-appearance or even prevarication based on some "mystery illness" or such, would indicate not only contempt but barely concealed deliberate contempt. Ahhh - the permutations and machinations are endless.

    I wish to amend my previous statement in regard to what I would settle for. Its actually justice for Carmen. That's what I want outta this.
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  34. AnonyVix Member

    Excellent report, you can always count on the church of scientology for the lulz. :)
  35. xenubarb Member

    She won't be back. She'll be sent on an "urgent mission for Hooman Roits" to the Phillipines, or South Africa, somewhere remote, where she can work alongside Lisa McPherson's vanished handlers.

    Australia, you let her go. Big mistake.
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  36. thefatman Member

    Well she just gave the court $10,000 regardless. That's $10,000 less for the Idle Morgue scam.
  37. nightfire Member

    The scrum didn't make her look that bad from a independent viewpoint. Just so you know.
  38. Anonymous Member

    If she's off the org board, it's still win.
  39. anonymous612 Member

    No expert, but that actually sounds accurate.

    Does this mean it's our turn to have her? :D
  40. Xenu Is Lord Member

    All the better, she will become a international fugitive. Imagine the PR nightmare on that one.
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