POSTGAME SYDNEY: Jan Eastgate first court appearance (with violence) [2011/06/16]

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by Zhent, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Has anyone got an email list of regular people that supported CCHR in the past?
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  2. Scientologists. They have a course you can take to learn how to shatter suppression. So you know, instead of hiding your face and running away, you can actually confront and Shatter suppression! Only $70,000! and you too can confront and shatter suppression!!
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  3. CarltonBANKS Member

    Did you see how smug the goon looked towards the end? ('yeh, mission accomplished, they didn't get pics of Jan's face)

    You should link to your RAW FOOTAGE video in the YouTube [description] of the TodayTonight report, bro
  4. CarltonBANKS Member

    Beautifully handled Bryan; very professional.

    I'm thinking: how dumb are the scilons to do this with so many cameras pointing at them? I guess, on balance they must have thought the photos of Jan leaving court would be more damaging that hitting camera men?

    I guess next time, there will be even more news media, and they might even hire their own security to protect their expensive camera equipment.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    "TV journalist's security guards pummel Scientologist attackers... film at 11"
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  6. CarltonBANKS Member


    Media circus ... US-based Scientologist Janice Meyer follows her supporters through the gathered scrum after being granted bail. Photo: Nick Moir

    IT was a rare and at times dramatic public appearance by one of the most senior members of a global religious organisation that shrouds itself in secrecy.
    Surrounded by supporters, senior Scientologist Janice Meyer arrived at the Downing Centre Local Court yesterday, accused of pressuring an 11-year-old girl to lie about sex abuse within the church.
    Ms Meyer, who also goes by the name Jan Eastgate, left with relaxed bail restrictions that will allow her to travel to and from her home in California.

    The 57-year-old head of the church's ''Citizens Commission on Human Rights'' was charged last month with perverting the course of justice over the 1985 incident. She allegedly told the 11-year-old she should deny any charges of sexual abuse, allegedly committed by her stepfather, to police and officers from the Department of Social Services.
    According to ABC TV's Lateline program, the young girl's mother was also allegedly pressured to lie to the authorities. The program reported that the child was told by other senior members of the church that the abuse was punishment for being bad in a previous life.
    Ms Meyer has previously called the allegations ''egregiously false'' but has not commented since being charged.
    The police prosecutor opposed the application for unrestricted bail yesterday, telling the court that the alleged conduct involved ''a gross breach of trust'' in relation to a child.
    But Ms Meyer's lawyer, Stuart Bouveng, told the court that she had been a resident of California since 1993 where she has ''a significant business and employs a number of employees''.
    ''There is no evidence at all that your honour would have any fears she would not show up at court,'' he said.
    Magistrate Graeme Henson lifted the travel restriction but imposed an order that Ms Meyer must pay $10,000 if she fails to turn up at the next hearing on August 18.
    At least a dozen supporters sat with Ms Meyer in court and formed a protective circle around her when she left, forcing their way through the waiting media - pushing and elbowing aside their cameras and microphones.
    Ms Meyer is the global head of the CCHR, a group which works to discredit conventional psychiatric treatment of all kinds, including the use of medications such as Ritalin and Prozac.
    She was the recipient of the church's Freedom Medal for her work with the organisation.
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  7. jensting Member

    They seemed similar in France, alternatingly blaming the media for staging a witch hunt and running away (the footage of Rosenberg running away from the TV cameras was that year's instant classic - 30 seconds into ).

    Happily, a clam will stick to the party line rather than make sense, which makes the impact on their personalities glaringly obvious.

    Best Regards

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  8. Anonymous Member

    I predict she will end-of-cycle.
  9. xenubarb Member

    Hey guys, if she fails to appear, can we all chip in and hire Dog the Bounty Hunter? That'd be an epic segment that I'd actually watch. Usually I hate that guy.
    Find Jebus, brah!
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  10. Anonymous Member

    That's exactly what I think.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Great coverage!

    I think babs has it right. Jan will be scrubbed from the CCHR and disappear. This case wouldn't be happening this far out if it wasn't a very strong case.

    kudos to Zhent for catching the cameraman incident. You're footage really helped to capture Scientology ethics in the Today/Tonight report. -- Gratis.
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  12. Smurf Member

    If she illegally returned somehow to the United States, extradition may not even be an issue. She'd be jailed & deported back to Oz. I'm not an immigration attorney, but "green card" status doesn't make her a U.S. citizen. She, obviously, got a green card as a "religious worker" as do all foreign Scilons, especially Sea Orgers, coming to the U.S.

    Green Card Through Special Categories of Jobs

    There are a number of specialized jobs that may allow you to get a green card based on a past or current job. All of these require a Form I-360, Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant, and are described in Section 101(a)(27) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)
    • Afghan/Iraqi Translator
    • Broadcaster
    • International Organization Employee
    • Iraqi Who Assisted the U.S. Government
    • NATO-6 Nonimmigrant
    • Panama Canal Employee
    • Physician National Interest Waiver
    • Religious Worker
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  13. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    And we know their secret stashy places...
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  14. Anonymous Member

    I wonder how US Immigration officials would feel about her applying for citizenship given her arrest. I don't think they take kindly to people accused of crimes. They'd probably hold off on granting her citizenship at least until her case was resolved. We need to make sure that US Immigration is aware of her arrest.
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  15. subgenius Member

    Thass wut i'm talkin' about....
  16. Smurf Member

    If her passport has been taken away by court order, than Immigration would be aware of the circumstances. If Eastgate is tried & found not guilty, she would have no problem with gaining citizenship. If she's convicted of a felony, forget it. A convicted felon who is a citizen of another country cannot obtain immigration status in the US through marriage or any other way.
  17. RightOn Member

    lol! Dog The Bounty Hunter after Eastgate!
    I can just see him running after her with all his "windchimes" in his hair flailing in the breeze and her waddling away
    That's comedy gold
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the info. So she not only loses $10 000, she also can't get US citizenship if she skips her trial.
  19. tamsonsbairn Member

    Didn't he turn all christian after a revelation from God, he might find tracking down a religious leader a bit of an abuse.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Tell that to the child molesting priests.

    Crime is still crime. NO PERSON is above the law.
  21. Anonymous Member

    I think even Dog the Bounty Hunter can tell the difference between a Deic religion and a Satanic cult.
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  22. AnonLover Member

    lulzy scrum was lulzy!
  23. Zhent Member

    ABC Lateline

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  24. That was my suspicion. It is not good for Scientology if she flees, and it's not good for them if the stands trial. Rex2-45.

    The judge was swayed by the following facts
    - first offense
    - runs business overseas
    - employs people overseas
    - has family and friends here (although the prosecutor advised her parents are 90 and may die while she is waiting for trial so she may have no incentive to return).
    - extradition treaties exist with the USA
    - could lose her greencard if she cannot leave country
    - statement by defense that she voluntarily came to police (although I seem to remember hearing that she was in Melbourne and was dodging the police the last time she was in Australia. Can anyone confirm this?)
    - innocent until proven guilty
    - original allegations date back to 1985 (Although the prosecutor mentioned that the current allegations were raised in 2010)
    - bail conditions should not be a defacto punishment to an innocent person.

    It seems bail is usually refused if there is the threat of violence against the alleged victim. In this case the alleged victim is the justice system because it is perverting the course of justice. To be fair, I think it would be difficult to argue that Jan is currently a threat to Carmen Rainer. I suspect that is why the DPP did not raise the issue. It seemed to me that the prosecutor put up a pretty good fight, but the judge had fair reasons to do what he did. I would like to see her kept in Australia, but she is innocent until proven guilty. We all know how nasty Scientology is, but I'd rather see due process fail every now and then than live in a dictatorship. On that note, I wonder how there expansion in Israel is going.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Thanks, Zhent.
    Wonder what the Umbrella Tech was all about? Deflect Tech, in case anyone threw water on her, or it rained, or before she finds out that she's all washed up and ... melting, mellllllllllllting.

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  26. Anonymous Member

    or a very deep grave in the desert?

    Whatcha goin' to do slappy?
  27. Wait a minute, did she get a green card as a Religious Worker? If so, does that green card also allow her to run a business in addition to being a Religious Worker? As I understand it running a business and having employees was one of the reasons she wanted her passport back to return to the States. Is there some kind of a business she runs? Or is the business being referred to actually the CCHR? In either case, if its a business, why does she have a Religious Worker green card?

    And if CCHR is a secular organization allegedly at arm's length from the CoS, again, why does she have a Religious Worker green card?

    Maybe we've been over this ground before, can't remember.

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  28. Anonymous Member

    The only problem I see in that plan Barb is how will you tell The Dog from Eastgate?
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  29. Anonymous Member

    The only real way out of this is to arrange some sort of accident:

    Suicide is not acceptable because it's another curious suicide on CoS record.

    Standing trial is no good in case she is actually convicted.

    So she can't stand trial, she can't be mentally insane to commit suicide, and you can't murder her. What else can you do?
  30. Smurf Member

    I doubt Jan is going to be suicide, much less knocked off any time soon, if at all. She will play this out to the bitter end.
  31. xenubarb Member

    LOL ya think? The Baghwan brought his whole cult to Oregon, even though he'd been involved in a lot of unsavory practices in India, including bribery, threats, and all that other good stuff. That ended well, didn't it? First biological assault by a cult in US history! They shoulda seen it coming.
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  32. xenubarb Member

    One of them wears guinea fowl feathers in his hair for some damn reason.
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  33. Elronious Member

    i just called CCHR (@ 1-800-869-2247) and said i would like to report Jan Eastgate fo.. thats when they asked for my name and of course i said Xenu , and they hung up on me. oh good times!
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  34. Triumph Member

    they would make a lovely couple
  35. vaLLarrr Member

    Without even seeing the video footage yet, I know that I am posting in an epic thread.

    Xenu bless the beautiful Aussie brothers and sisters, make they enjoy lives of fair dinkum and more prawns for the barby than they can shake a stick at.

    May dingos have fair go, but no babies harmed, may the rock of Ayres chime like the clock and the charmed.
    And Vegemite cakes grown on trees shall be eaten, for this is the day scientology was beaten.
    And there may be some who say Eastgate is guilty,
    Protecting the faithful and shielding the filthy,
    But look, it's Australia, fearless and proud, they'll take no more shit from the dumb culty crowd,
    Try open an org, a mission or stress test, you're cause over MEST? They couldn't care less,
    It's 2011 not 1953, lets face it your cult is a sick parody,
    On the steps of the courtroom, your followers fail,
    And little fat Jan, she weeps and she wails,
    And Bryan seeks truth that no man can refute,
    Behold! He's defiant, dauntless, resolute, no more will they dance to the dead Hubbard flute,
    And if "tech" was a good thing, this post would be gone,
    And everything I ever said would be wrong,
    But as I am here, then all of this proves, beyond Kirstie Alley, Travolta and Cruise,
    There are no OTs, no clears and no thetan,
    Admit, Scientology, your "tech" has been beaten.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    She's completely bonkers man. Toys in the attic. It depends how much lulz can be squeezed out of the mentally ill folks of this world.

    I don't like to think she'd actually take her own life. If she did it would be horrific.That press mob was way big. Big drama. Huge.
    Anti-scilon videos are profitable, news stations have started to wake up to what YouTube is doing, they always send a crew out now to cover the cult cases.
    The heat is on, but as much as I'd like to see the stupid rent-a-mob remains of a dying cult raided and processed according to law I don't champion the idea of anyone else dying for that to happen. If I were in charge of the strong arm of authority, I'd maybe take a snatch squad and extract Miscavige for 48 hour questioning, long enough for him to start sweating all that wiskey, long enough for his disorganized Ronbot punchbags to wake the fuck up and think to themselves "and nothing of value was lost".

    It's not enough for these filthy cult leaders to just die. I want them on TV crying and begging forgiveness as the cheap plastic gold crap splits and falls to the floor.
    I want young kids reunited with their parents, young men and women released from their enslavement on American soil, nothing can overcome the basic human spirit, not even LRH and his space opera stories.

    tl;dr - The end game. It begins.
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  37. thefatman Member

    No she didn't. She effectively holds two jobs, one as the International President of the CCHR and the other as the head of a home cleaning business.

    I wouldn't imagine she has a religious workers green card, given that the CCHR claims it's a secular organisation. Anyone have any dox regarding her green card?
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  38. Anonymous Member

    So she's chief toilet cleaner in L.A., and she's chief toilet user in Australia.

    There is surely a future in industrial fertiliser if we can transport those clams as effectively as this!
  39. Smurf Member

  40. good question

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