Postgame Sydney Operation Kingi-bait

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by OneOneWasARacecar, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. We met at the org around 6 and the first thing we noticed were large floodlights in front of the org which fully illuminated us. It seemed the floodlights were to stop us from photographing them. My ID pics turned out fine, a little gradient on a few, but otherwise OK. James Anderson and Kookaburra both thanked Michael Gordon for the lights as they really highlighted the signs perfectly. Flunk.

    They employed bus tech as usual, but this time they had 3 vehicles including a Dianetics van and they were so close together it was amusing. I haven't seen them do that before. They are getting pretty desperate. They had blinder-tech as usual on all the windows so you couldn't see anything inside the org. There was no red carpet this time. I guess they have nothing to celebrate - the ideal org has not commenced construction. We know they have a new DA in for a small cosmetic change to the facade, but we figure it is just to distract people from the fact that they are not legally allowed to build inside the building due to the fire restrictions.

    Our favourite pug and thug Jo Kingi was there in full flight again. A pug is a boxer, I've been told, who has no talent but gets paid to get beaten up by real boxers - in Scientology parlance, Jo is downstat. He rocked up in an empty van with a Mohawk just like Mr.T (except that with Mr.T his plans always come together). He was waiting in the van for some time until approached by us. He immediately came out of the van, and started threatening our masked videographer telling him not to video. We were given multiple 'warnings.' He threatened to take the camera.

    He kept telling us not to video the van because there were children in it. The interesting thing was, there were no children in it. When Liz Anderson pointed this out to him, he didn't have much to say. But then Jo was never really that bright.

    Jo Kingi is suffering from a serious delusion. Yes we know he still a part of the Scientology organization. But apart from that, Jo believes that the case of the Police vs Jo Kingi was not about him greviously assaulting a young man, but was instead about Anonymous photographing children. He says this on camera. Jo Kingi has reinvented the court case in his mind. It seems Jo Kingi sees the dismissal of assault charges against him as a license to use children as bait in order to assault Anonymous members. The video footage we have confirms this.

    After this, the same guy who tried to grab Fatman's camera last time, parked his car up behind another Scientology Car. Now there were 5 vehicles in a row. When he exited the vehicle, he told us sternly not to touch his car. Fatman and Liz were mildly amused - He warned us. He must have been at cause, because no one touched his car. Well actually no, he isn't at cause, because Fatman made a phone call regarding two illegally parked cars and they were promptly moved. The term 'Of effect' comes to mind. There were unconfirmed reports of police officers laughing at Fatman's suggestion that OT powers don't help with parking as they drove off. The guy who threatened Fatman last time has a vehicle which really needs looking at.

    They also did the same trick as last time, lots of children stacked out in front of the org dancing and screaming in an attempt to drown out the protest. Cyrus Brooks, vice president of CofS Australia is clearly show encouraging the children and rewarding them afterwards. It has been suggested that the children in question are under Jo Kingi's care as part of a front group program.

    To sum up, it appears that a violent man, Jo Kingi, is using children under his care as bait to justify assault of peaceful protesters under the direction and support of Vice president of Scientology Australia Cyrus Brooks. It would be interesting to find out if the program has any government funding. We have footage which we will not show here which could be used to identify the children in question. Some of them were probably young adults.

    When the police arrived, I took a closeup photo of Jo in his van which nearly cracked my lens. He is not pretty, even for a pug. After I took the photo, he came out, in front of the police, to have a go at me. The cops appeared visibly shaken. I think if Jo ever goes to court again, he will have a difficult time convincing a judge he is intimidated by us, which is what he did before. I don't think the judiciary like being lied to and made to look foolish. We now have quite a lot of footage of him behaving in an aggressive manner, not including evidence used in the case.

    The speeches are punctuated by the taunts of the Army of the Lord of the Flies. One thing that seemed to shut them up was chanting 'child exploitation.' They didn't seem to want to cheer back at that. I told a few of them that they would look back on this and be very embarassed. That had a bit of an impact, but they are just kids doing what they are told.

    When Jo was over the other side of the street, I told him that he was exploiting children, and again he tried to pick a fight with me in front of the police. I did mention he is not that bright didn't I?

    Fatman was touched by the hand of Timmy as he passed into the org. It was a beautiful moment. It didn't cure his leprosy, but Fatman was quite pleased.

    It seems there is a new TR course - Umbrella tech. We've seen it used at the Jan Eastgate mention. It is pretty impressive stuff. Australia leads the world in umbrella research. Australia will be the first dry continent. If there are any freezoners there we will be posting video so you can squirrel the tech.

    Our masked cameraanonymous was approached by an OSA guy and photographed and also by Tojo and photographed. He remained silent, so he could not be identified. Very professional. Straight out of the Pfiser academy.

    Again they had a videographer there. This is starting to become the standard for protests. Can't imagine what they do with the footage - we aren't the ones doing criminal things. Right Jan?

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  2. thefatman Member

    My footage will be going up as soon as I get off my ass and fix it up :)

    Epic post game and epic videos :)
  3. Asexi Member

    Holly Cow!!!, that shit...... you can't make that shit up , it must seem so surreal been there on the ground, just the footage alone of their behavior was ... bizzare. Keep the vids coming Asyd and keep up the good work, I only want to be there when these poor deluded brain washed fools have snapped back to reality so they can watch their own freaky weird behavior from a sober perspective. LOL now that would be awesome cringe worthy stuff hahahahah.
  4. Ann O'Nymous Member

    The shouting reminds me of a crazy protest in front of Fort Harrison a decade ago.
  5. 20110709welllitsigns.jpg
    Some pix. Notice the state of the car.
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  6. BLiP Member

    Sydney does it again!! Top marks, team Anon.
  7. stupidcar.jpg
    Parking tech - part 1
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  8. stupidcar2.jpg
    Parking tech - part 2
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  9. stupidcar3.jpg

    Hey - something can be done.
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  10. stupidcar4.jpg
    More parking tech. WARNING: Do not do this unless you are at least clear. You may have an accident.
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  11. joekingi.jpg
    Jo Kingi. Fortunately some of his face is obscured.
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  12. [IMG]
    Of course no parking TR is complete without showing you how to reverse out of an illegal carpark space.

    A little more money and you'll never get a ticket.
  13. parkingtech05reversing.jpg
    Serious Thetan carparkers will master reversing out of a tight position.
  14. parkingtech05reversings.jpg
    And then go from forward into reverse. Someone who is not high enough up on the bridge will get confused by going forward and reversing and going forward. But not OSA. They are at cause.
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  15. Note the Pfiser subliminal.
  16. parkingtech01.jpg
    And now another one. This will be the first planet clear of traffic. Thank you Ron. Your legacy is strong.
  17. parkingtech02.jpg
    He can will the car ahead with the magic sparkly power of his thetan. Nothing to do with the engineering.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Jo Kingi.

    Moar like Joking, amirite?
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  19. parkingtech03.jpg
    Seriously, he must have magic powers, because by the sound of that vehicle, it was a miracle the engine turned over.
  20. thelightingalsomakesthe.jpg
    One of the benefits of their lighting is that you don't need to photoshop them to make them look evil.
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  21. thefatman Member

    Best photo in thread :)
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  22. That might go down well at the next raid...
  23. anonymous612 Member

    -slow clap-

    Ahh, I was wondering when that particular infection would jump across the ocean. Watch for them to completely fail at it; ours are constantly turning umbrellas inside out or breaking them in the wind. It is a photo not to be missed.
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  24. TinyDancer Member

    It seems we're getting down to the real dregs now.

    Nice work, as always, Sydney.

    Also, cute hat, Liz!
  25. RightOn Member

    totally bonkerz they are
    thanks for the write up OneOne, it made me chuckle
    hope the exploitation of these kids gets out in media land
  26. AnonLover Member

    ignore this question if I'm asking 4 TMI.... is there such a thing as "Endangering The Welfare of a Child" in Australia like we have here in most (all?) states in the USA?

    If so, one count per kid per protest.... with danger level proven by their own extensive history of police reports & popo bawling. WOOOOO! ;)
  27. We are looking into that.
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  28. Anonymous Member

  29. tamsonsbairn Member

    Well done Aussie Anons, the big guy joe king(i) is an utter bully, his intimidation may have worked in the ring but it won't work on Anons,
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  30. xenubarb Member

    Prolly didn't work in the ring either, cuz he's a LOOOOZERRRRRR!
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  31. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Bestest post-game reportage of the month OneOne, wow, the 'parking tech' thingy seems to have them in a tither!

    Hm, have they finally realized that their 'postulations & intent' ain't quite workin'? Now they are using vehicle 'tech' stuff? So much for their 'mind-over-matter' crap... bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Great report, awesome pics!

    Oh, just rem'd, 'umbrella tech', hm, somewhere here is a whole thread on the different 'techs' scilons have resorted to, and yes, there are some good pics of umbrella tech there, but I don't recall 'vehicle tech', hm, might be time to ressurect that thread and update it! Oh, using 'kiddie tech', tyhat's sorrta new thing? oi.

    Sydney Aussieanons frikken ROCK! <3 y'all!
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  32. Anonymous Member

    I was on dogstar7's youtube acct, and saw this ad. Related, in that dogstar7 was posting on the youtube and I don't think the link will work there.


  33. More Child Exploitation.

    Me criticizing Jo Kingi. You cannot see, but off camera he points at me and then points at the ground as if to say, "come here and say it." Jo has lost it.

    This is one of the ones that disturbs me the most because you hear one specific child sounding insane.

    James Anderson speaks out. The kids in this one are creepy.

    Thanks to Kooka for bringing the camera and for the new guy for getting such awesome footage.
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  34. Asexi Member

    wowser *shudder* they are extremely scrapping the barrel and pulling out all their weirdo culty stops here the sooner these poor suckers are out ,and have their illusions shattered the better for all society here in Australia, Scientology- nuh uh till your uh uh.
  35. Anonymous Member

    This might be a bad idea, but perhaps maybe a way to spin the kidz barricade back in there faces nicely w/ a food4thought comment:

    Target a lower-key message to the kids - try to turn them into an audience w/ Just Say No to Sea Org / Baaaad People approach...

    "Hi Kids, Are We Having Fun Tonight? I have a story to tell ya, about what Scientology does when they get ahold of wee little ones like you.

    "Once upon a time..... kid goes into the sea org and found out its not nice ... ... ...

    "So just remember kids - Just Say NO to Scientology. [commence fun chant - Just Say NO. Just Say NO. ...]
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  36. jensting Member

    No, but he wouldn't!

    And if he did, he would definitely have proven not to be the smartest clam in the bed...

    Great report - keep up the good work!


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