Power of Words Scam

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Triumph, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Triumph Member

    Sean Clouden wrote a book Power of Words
    Sean Clouden published a second edition with Alfreddie Johnson and NoI Minister Tony Muhammad
    and a third book by A Scilon Jeff Lee and Shaun Kirk with Sean Clouden

    all 3 books are Identical

    that same book is for sale on Amazon with just Sean Clouden as the author
    there are 2 of the exact same books one Marketed By Alfreddie and Tony Muhammad marketed to Members of the Nation of Islam
    and one book with Tony and Alfreddie's claim to Authorship auspiciously missing

    Heres Alfreddie and Tony promoting their book at Saviours Day


    Heres the Web site promoting the book with Sean Clouden as the author
    it Is a book that promotes Hubbard quackery

    and take a closer look at how they are marketing this scam
    this book says it was authored by Shaun Kirk and Jeff Lee with Sean Clouden;qid=1310943692&sr=8-1#reader_1463535546

    also Marketed as a book authored only Sean Clouden

    Alfraudie and Tony Muhammad appeared on the Steve Harvey radio show on thursday promoting themselves as the authors..

    scam scam scam

    Sean Clouden service Completions

    Power of Words affiliate program video
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  2. Triumph Member

    Heres a few endorsements for Sean Cloudens book sans phony co-authors

    not only are they covertly Marketing Hubbard with this book... they are playing musical chairs with phony authors to Market the book
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  3. Triumph Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    Joy Gendusa

    Joy Gendusa RESPONSIBILITY AND THE STATE OF OT COURSE Freewinds 56 2005-02-01
    Joy Gendusa FALSE PURPOSE RUNDOWN - AUDITING Source 172 2005-11-01
    Joy Gendusa PURIFICATION RUNDOWN PROCEDURE Source 176 2006-03-01

    Dougy Boy
    The following 22 individual completions for Doug Dohring appear in official Scientology publications:

    Doug C. Dohring L 10 RUNDOWN Source 63 1988-09-01
    Doug Dohring L 11 RUNDOWN Source 63 1988-09-01
    Doug Dohring L 12 RUNDOWN Source 63 1988-09-01
    Doug Dohring L 11 RUNDOWN EXPANDED Source 64 1988-11-01
    Doug Dohring ROUTE TO INFINITY Freewinds 1 1989-12-01
    Doug C. Dohring HUBBARD KEY TO LIFE COURSE Source 72 1990-09-01
    Doug Dohring HUBBARD LIFE ORIENTATION COURSE Source 73 1990-11-01
    Doug Dohring NEW OT VI HUBBARD SOLO NOTS AUDITING COURSE Source 79 1992-03-01
    Doug C. Dohring -VOLUME 0 Source 90 1993-12-01
    Doug C. Dohring -VOLUME 7 Source 91 1994-02-01
    Doug Dohring OT DEBUG SERVICE Freewinds 16 1995-06-01
    Doug Dohring STATE OF MAN CONGRESS Freewinds 16 1995-06-01
    Doug Dohring OT DEBUG SERVICE Freewinds 19 1996-04-01
    Doug Dohring STATE OF MAN CONGRESS COURSE Freewinds 19 1996-04-01
    Doug C. Dohring PTS/SP Course Source 101 1996-07-01
    Doug Dohring SOLO NOTS AUDITOR CERTAINYY COURSE, PART I Source 113 1998-01-01
    Doug Dohring FALSE PURPOSE RUNDOWN EXPANDED Source 115 1998-03-01
    Doug Dohring NEW STUDENT HAT COURS Source 120 1998-12-01
    Doug C. Dohring SCIENTOLOGY ETHICS SPECIALIST COURSE Source 127 1999-11-01
    Doug Dohring THE ROUTE TO INFINITY COURSE Freewinds 39 2000-08-01
    Doug Dohring SOLO NOTS AUDITOR CERTAINTY COURSE, PART II Source 133 2001-03-01
    Doug Dohring ABILITY CONGRESS COURSE Freewinds 43 2001-07-01
    Dougy likes the asbestos
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  6. RightOn Member

    Joy also did this book:
    The Ultimate Postcard Marketing Success Manual

    L. Ron Hubbard watches over Gendusa's office.

    Actually, two photos of the Scientology founder hang on her walls amid marketing awards and splashy pastel artwork. Located in downtown Clearwater near Scientology's headquarters, PostcardMania was developed based in part on Hubbard's business strategems. Shelved behind Gendusa's desk is a multivolume set depicting Hubbard's business management technology.
    PostcardMania is a member of WISE, the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, and up to a third of its employees are Scientologists.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Hard to know whether you're coming or going with this group, but by god, whatever they're selling, we all know we need it, we want and we want it Now! hip hip

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  8. Triumph Member

    Sean Clowden is a second generation Scilon
    His Father Is Pat Clouden

    Accelerated Training Solutions Is Pat Clouden Company that pimps Hubbard Business Tech in clearwater
    Effective Managment Centers that also promoted the Tech
    both are WISE companies PROXY UP
    see ethics video
    also Consumer Energy Solutions with Scilon Jim Mathers

    Pat Clouden
    Jim Mathers with Wife Fu Mei and Noi Health Minister Alim Muhammad

    Patrick J Clouden and Jim Mathers
    Consumer Energy Solutions
    Accelerated Training Solutions


    Mysterious Fire at Consumer Energy Solutions
  9. Anonymous Member

    Jim Mathers lol!
    member his NOI bowtie?

    these people make me puke
  10. Triumph Member

  11. Anonymous Member

    Pat and His wife also suck up to the bowties

    Pat and Sean are big Ron Paul supporters according to their facebook pages
    their bowtie friends might not like that
  12. timthephoto Member

  13. Triumph Member

    look at the free stuff you get just for buying this book!
    Grant will also Teach you how to throw important people under the bus


    Joy will teach you how to bury your victims customers in cult spam
    postcardmania cache;client=firefox-a&


    Sean's Pappy Patrick will jam you head full of Hubbard. you'll pop!

    all this free Scientology Kool-Aid stuff! for the price of a worthless book!
    Yes the author did say Bribes
  14. Anonymous Member

    alfreddie and Tonys book on Amazon
    View attachment 51m6pe6bCFL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-
    Jim Mathers with phony authors

  15. AnonLover Member

    lawl - the git rich schemes just never end
  16. Ogsonofgroo Member

    A bunch or shit-fueled scammers using covert LRON crap to make their jillions?

    Oh asay it isn't so!

    Nerp nerp.....
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  17. Mafiawog Member

    Yeah..those testimonials are all from Scn-related companies (WISE or not)

    Is there any kind of Chanology expose-the-Scieno "PR type" system? What I mean is some sort of setup for alerting news outlets/bloggers etc. of confirmed "sneaky shit" like this? Like "Hey, this is confirmed, written up and ready" and it gets disseminated to Ortega, CNN, whoever else it may interest?

    Probably being overly ambitious but...
  18. Anonymous Member

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  19. Triumph Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    notice how comments has been disabled ^^^
  21. Triumph Member

    the guys is a stiff as a board....
    I took the time to compare all 3 versions on Amazon
    all three versions are virtually identical
    loaded with the same scilon endorsements
    with copy written Hubbard Material, and Hubbard tainted Word Clearing dictionary...
    other than the different authors and a different forward these books are exactly the same..

    my guess is when his first version didn't sell too well
    he slapped Alfrauddie and Tony Muhammad on as pawn the Hubbard Crap off on the Nation of Islam
    the third version for Kirk and Lee to shill off to their Clients

    who knows maybe we will see a 4th version with a couple of other scilons...throw some more lipstick on the pig...and pawn off the Hubbard gobbledygook to some more hapless dimwits

    Alfreddie claims hes an author here ( he has one book on listed Amazon) its the Sean Clouden book
    clam link (Alfreddie and Tony Muhammads new company)

    and surprise surprise Hanan(I'm not really a Doctor)Islam is the director of the Art of Management

    to all those aspiring authors... let Handjob and Co. manage your career...
  22. Anonymous Member

    this whole big clusterfuck of the scam biz's and books need major exposure
  23. pedrofcuk Member

    Well, how absolutely SHITTY!
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  24. xenubarb Member

    Power of Nerds > Power of Words
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  25. Anonymous Member

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  26. Joy Gendusa gave herself away the second she used the word, "data". They just can't get away from over-using that word even if they wanted to.
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