PR Director of Scientology’s Las Vegas C.C. Arrested in Plot to Assassinate a Cop

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    And we're off! Gawker's got it. :)
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Devon Campbell Newman used to work for Airespring ( The CEO is a Scientologist named Avi Lonstein:

      - lots of great connections there for reporters to call to see what Newman did at Airespring what she was like when she worked for them. "Did she seem like a terrorist to you?" - Lonstein is not only a CEO, he's an OTVIII - Avi Lonstein's Scientology Web page - Avi Lonstein's (and other Airespring leaders's) professional bios. An enterprising reporter or FBI special agent could call any or all of these guys. Who knows what they might have noticed about Ms. Newman that suddenly seems relevant. "Could she have studied anything at the Church of Scientology, where you also studied, that would have led her down this path? "Did she have any close associates who might have joined her in domestic terrorism activities?"

    The interwebz are so, so helpful to investigators of all kinds these days. :)
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  3. Quentinanon Member

    This kind of thing has occurred often enough over several decades that it deserves a new name:

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  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. DeathHamster Member

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  6. anon walker Moderator

    We have not had a lot of cult whackaloon lately. It's been Srs Bsns lawsuits and deaths and all the grim downside to belonging to a completely unbalanced insane "church" founded by a second rate pulp fiction hack.

    And then along comes the PR head of Celebrity Center Las Vegas embroiled in a whackaloon anti-government Sovereign plot to try and execute an innocent member of LVPD. Because, you're not the boss of me or some damn thing.

    It's certainly as tasty as that Dutch Scientology hit man!
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  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. Anonymous Member

    The Scientology Facebook Police are adept at whittling down a “disaffected apostate’s” FB friends list by hundreds in a morning. But apparently getting arrested for domestic terrorism doesn’t warrant the same Scientology FB disconnection effort. As a result, nearly 24 hours after having been arrested, Devon Newman is still Facebook Friends with such Scientology luminaries as:

    Arte Mann
    Bruce Wiseman
    Danny Fischman
    Fred Hare
    Geoff Lewis
    Greg Hughes
    Izzy Chait
    Jim Ross Meskimen
    Marc Bosserman
    Mario Feninger
    Marty Kassowitz
    Peter Glickman
    Rosser Cole
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  9. Anonymous Member

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  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. firebug Member

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  12. The Wrong Guy Member

    California Sex Offender Tied to Las Vegas Cop Killing Plot | NBC Southern California


    According to her LinkedIn profile, Newman listed herself as a high-ranking Scientologist where she has been director of public relations since 2010. A spokesman for the Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre Las Vegasdidn't immediately return a phone call on Friday seeking comment.

    Newman's profile also shows her as the liaison for A Drug Free World, the Youth for Human Rights Foundation and the Way to Happiness Foundation.
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  13. FloGold Moderator

    Las Vegas police officers have arrested a high-ranking Scientologist in a bizarre plot—allegedly inspired by right-wing "Sovereign Citizen" beliefs—to kidnap and kill a local law enforcement officer.
    Devon Campbell Newman, 67, became the public relations director of Scientology’s “Celebrity Center” in Las Vegas, Nevada, early in 2010 and has remained in that position to the present day — that’s according to her own LinkedIn profile as well as numerous online records of her activities as a Scientologist. This week, she became known for something else. As a result of a police investigation that began in April, on Tuesday Newman and a six-time felon and registered sex offender named David Allen Brutsche, 42, were arrested for planning what police are calling a bizarre plot to kidnap and kill a random local police officer in a macabre publicity stunt to promote their “sovereign citizen” views
    Payback is a fucking bitch. I will never forget what you guys did to my cell, my family, and now the hammer is comming down fucking hard.
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  14. DeathHamster Member

    And yet all those are supposed to be separate from Scientology, narf!

    The Let's Pretend Game is getting a little hard to play when they have so few staff.
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  15. RightOn Member

    Izzy Chait
    Jim Ross Meskimen
    these two in particular make my skin crawl and have been known to work for OSA to "help out"
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  16. anonamus Member

    Reportedly works = Gawker link.
    Okay try and spin your way outta this mess, Miscavige: Devon Campbell Newman was is your PR woman, and the planet knows it now!
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  17. The OSA International staff members' diet just went from rice and beans to table scraps... bon apetit!
  18. AnyOldName Member

    Um.... maybe because she was in the slammer?
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Reported for merge...
  20. anonamus Member

    Must be real tough to be the ecclesiastical leader of the most ethical group on the planet when you're constantly surrounded by incompetent suppressive asshats, isn't it Davie Boy?
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  21. And she is a fan of Will Smith (Under "Favorites, Other" in that block of dense text at the bottom).

    Scientologists surely are the PR experts, oh, yes they are!
  22. Chill E.B. Member

    Y'all busted.
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  23. OK, wait... Will Smith is a 'Sovereign Citizen'?
  24. Random guy Member

    So, now we have three scientologists being not only moonbats, but also dangerous as well. I must admit I did not see this one coming. Miscavige must be thrilled.
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  25. timthephoto Member

    this chanology, it's like a box 'o'chocolates :p
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  26. Anonymous Member

    COMMENTS OPEN, disquss style like on Ortegas blog

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  27. The Internet Member

    I hate to play Herro, but it is possible this woman is innocent.

    Recently we've had a number of examples of law enforcement behaving in a way that seems too aggressive in light of the available evidence.
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  28. anonamus Member

    The posibility exist, and that's what courts are for.
    But it's not likely. Ever heard of an innocent Sea Org Exec?
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  29. DeathHamster Member

    No duh she hasn't hurt anyone, she was arrested before she could. *sigh* The usual Homo Novis assumption that the dumb wogs won't see it if you wave your hand like some kind of Jedi.
    Org Director of Public Relations is an OSA position, after all.
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  30. firebug Member

    Photo of Devon in court

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  31. Anonymous Member

    I agree that she may be innocent, but with an under cover sting operation it is less likely. I doubt the average person could be entrapped into this scenario.
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  32. Absolutely. Anything is possible. That's why criminal proceedings in the US involve a jury of one's peers.

    Interesting that the judge summarily denied her bail.
    “I’ve hurt no one. I wish to be released on bail,” Newman said. “So noted,” the judge responded. “Denied.”
  33. The Internet Member

    Personally, I'm leaning toward nasty plotter.

    But look at the broad powers of the executive branch today and the status of puny little protesters like us. Seems important to insist on hard evidence and fair trials and due process and all that stuff our ancestors fought so hard to maintain for our benefit, even in the case of "terrorists." Some people want to call us terrorists, bro, as retarded as that sounds.

    It occurs to me that the Freewinds might be one of the most secure settings available to Scientology, in this NSA era. So it is interesting that this OSA woman was there not long ago. She doesn't seem the cash cow type.

    My hat is off to the Vegas cops if they ran this sting without Scientology catching on. You know Scientology has a few friends on the inside, cuz that is how they roll. I just hope the cops aren't getting played somehow. Sneaky cult is fucking sneaky.
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  34. Looks like she might be sporting a minor black eye on her left side that wasn't as visible in her booking photo.
  35. Anonymous Member

    8 News Now - I-Team: Alleged Co-Conspriator had Ties to Scientology

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  36. Anonymous Member

    Nah, that is just age.
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  37. Anonymous Member

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