PR Director of Scientology’s Las Vegas C.C. Arrested in Plot to Assassinate a Cop

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    So this is an older state of affairs?

    Sherrye Lappin + Devon Newman.png

    How about Sherrye? Has she become a fucking lunatic yet?
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  2. Anonymous Member

    How can you tell the difference?
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Yes, examples of lunacy. Please.
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  4. Quentinanon Member

    The judge on this case seems to know what could happen if she gets bail. She will get a ride into Mexico to lay low, or to Mexico and then to the Freewinds to lay low and do an RPF. The scientology crime syndicate does not want her to testify about about her employment with the cult.
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  5. Quentinanon Member

    Sounds like you are engaging in a dead agent operation in a futile effort to distance OSA operative Devon Newman from the scientology crime syndicate. If "fucking lunatic" is basis to get kicked out of the cult, then why hasn't David Miscavige gotten kicked out?
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  6. Anonymous Member

  7. I am from Vegas. Devon has been around since December 2010 or so. She was promoted for being as fucking sane as LRH.
  8. rickybobby Member

    Sooo.... they have a "director of Clearing?" How's that working for ya?
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  9. Anonymous Member

    It's a dream job for ne'er-do-wells and folks who like watching Maury and The Price is Right. You get to just sit around, and wait....and wait...and wait. It's hard to direct clears when there aren't any clears to direct. :D
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  10. Anonymous Member

    No motherfucking clears, anywhere, ever! :p
  11. Anonymous Member

    Dox on her not being there since December or GTFO
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  12. ITT: limp-dicked attempt by David Miscavige to do damage control on his most recent Hill 1o flap.

    David Miscavige can't get it up, same for his whole assemblage of virtual castrati called the Sea Organization.
  13. Anonymous Member

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  14. Anonymous Member

    On August 13, 2013, Newman posted a public item to her Facebook timeline publicizing a Las Vegas World Affairs Council showing of a film, "Not My Life: A Documentary on Human Trafficking."

    Sounds exactly like something someone would be publicizing if they were the Director of Public Relations of the Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre AND TRYING TO POSITION SCIENTOLOGY AS BEING AGAINST THE SAME SHIT SCIENTOLOGY DOES DAY IN, DAY OUT.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Devon is the only cultster on the list!
  16. They're probably waiting for the imminent perpwalk and conviction.
  17. wolfbane Member

    Not sure where that Jan 25, 2013 date came from, but the wayback machine seems to indicate it was definitely a recent thing that Devon got listed on there. They have 3 copies of that page:

    Jan 30. 2013 - Scientology entities NOT listed

    May 9 2013 - Scientology entities NOT listed

    Aug 5 2013 - Scientology finally shows up

    So at some point between May and August 2013, Devon was still the Scientology PR rep and doing her job with regards to getting the cult a Chamber of Commerce membership.
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  18. Inside the cult, she has already been un-person'd and all her auditing, personnel, and ethics files been transferred to OSA Int for culling of both types.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Oh hai OSA!

    Lovely weather we're having...
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  20. Random guy Member

    Well, she was still listed and still did their work, "un-person'd" or not, so whether OSA were culling her files at that point is kind of moot.
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  21. I wrote "has been" meaning "by this time", referring to the present at posting time, not attempting to suggest that this had happened at a prior date.


    : )
  22. Anonymous Member

    Some fair doxing going on here. Thanks, anons.
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  23. incog712 Member

    Two fucking lunatics walk into a lunatic bar. Taking a look around, the first fucking lunatic says to the other... "I hate this place, it's full of fucking lunatics".
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  24. Alleged Domestic Terrorist Devon Newman Was Never a Scientologist!

    Posted on August 28, 2013 | Leave a comment
    Church of Scientology spokesman Ken Delusion today announced that alleged domestic terrorist Devon Newman was never actually a member of the Church.

    “We looked everywhere,” Delusion stated, “And nowhere could we find any actual records indicating that Devon Newman was ever a member of the Church of Scientology.”

    “What apparently happened is that Ms. Newman showed up one day at the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and signed herself up as the new PR Director of the Las Vegas Celebrity Centre.

    “The problem is that no one at the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce bothered to confirm this with the Las Vegas Celebrity Centre, so this entire matter of Devon Newman and her alleged domestic terrorism is the fault of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce,” Delusion noted.
    Las Vegas Celebrity Centre

    “To make matters worse, the darned Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce was getting several requests everyday from local groups eager to learn about Scientology, the world’s fastest growing religion. And so the Chamber of Commerce was sending out Newman out on speaking and lecture tours in response to the many request for Scientology speakers.”

    “What Devon Newman was really after,” Delusion observed, “was the tremendous personal prestige that comes with being a member of the Church of Scientology,” Delusion concluded.

    Freedom Magazine reporter Dr. Eldon Weiner added, “Everyone wants to be a member of the Church of Scientology so they can rub elbows with movie stars and get rich quick using the surefire wealth-creating technology available only in the Church of Scientology.”

    “It is a proven fact,” Weiner added, “that the Church of Scientology makes ten new millionaires a day. And so why this Devon Newman woman — who was a downstat off the street — saw that impersonating a Scientologist was the way to get herself invited to all of the chic events in Las Vegas. Imagine the nerve of that woman — there she was eating jumbo shrimp cocktails with Wayne Newton while passing herself off as the PR Director of the ultra-prestigious Las Vegas Celebrity Centre!”
    Dr. Eldon Weiner of Freedom Magazine

    “It all makes sense now,” Wiener noted. “The reasons the stats crashed in Las Vegas is because this Newman woman was out presenting squirrel Scientology to the local community. Now that we got that fixed, Las Vegas will start booing again.”

    When asked by reporters how Devon Newman was able to pull off her fraudulent work as the PR Director of the Las Vegas Celebrity Centre for over three years, Weiner replied, “On any given day over 2,000 raw meat wog public join Celebrity Centre Las Vegas so it was pretty easy for this Newman woman to get lost in the shuffle.”

    “She was a mousy little wallflower,” Weiner concluded. “No one had any idea she was a domestic terrorist. Once she was arrested all the facts came out and we in the Church of Scientology are glad to wash our hands of this horrible woman!”
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  25. dr-eldon-weiner.jpg?w=500.jpg

    Ken and the good Dr. El Weiner is delusionalistic operating thetans............

    Devon C. Newman in Scientology's Published Service Completion Lists

    The following 6 individual completions for Devon C. Newman appear in official Scientology publications:
    Devon Newman LEVEL D Auditor 228 1989-10-01
    Devon Newman PHILADELPHIA DOCTORATE COURSE Celebrity 290 1996-02-01
    Devon Newman HUBBARD PROFESSIONAL TR COURSE Auditor 284 1999-12-01
    Devon Newman NEW STUDY HAT COURSE Source 140 2002-11-01
    Devon C. Newman THE NEW HUBBARD PRO TR COURSE Source 142 2002-12-15
    Devon C. Newman THE HUBBARD PRO UPPER INDOC TR COURSE Source 142 2002-12-15
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  26. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Don't you have to explain how and why she became one?
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  27. anonamus Member

    What an appropriate name for the cult's spokesman. LOL.

    EDIT: Okay, I was fooled, but then again I'm easily tricked.. :eek::D
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  28. Random guy Member

    You guys do realise that the "Alleged Domestic Terrorist Devon Newman Was Never a Scientologist!" is supposed to be a satire, right?
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  29. anonamus Member

    I think I would have found out if I had opened the link first time I read the post.
    Very convincing satire, or I'm easy to fool. You decide. :cool:
  30. th?id=H.4623765348156904&pid=15.1.jpg
    Harley-Davidson Barbie

    I'd like to hear from Ken's ex=wife Barbie Delusion.
  31. Random guy Member

    He's got the cultspeak down, no doubt!
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  32. RightOn Member

    it would be more funnier if I didn't expect to hear that from the COS in the first place
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Seriously? You guys thought that was real?
  34. Anonymous Member

    Is a Scientology press release real?
  35. RightOn Member

    you didn't get my point
    my point was, the spoof that was written is exactly what I would expect to hear from the cult.
    I knew it was a fake
    Denial of people being members has always been the norm with them when some bad PR flap arises.
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  36. Quentinanon Member

    Under these circumstances, I would not expect the cult to deny that Newman was a member, but it is plausible for them to deny that she was in the mafiOSA.
  37. Anonymous Member

    I am major disappoint that the Scio angle on this sovereign citizen matter hasn't been looked into by major media. Yeah, she's nuts. But yeah, they're all nuts. Ergo, Scio - sovereign citizen angle.
  38. DeathHamster Member

    Except that Director of PR is an OSA position. Claiming that she wasn't OSA would be an admission that they are so short-staffed that they fill director positions with any old crazy nut (rather than an OSA crazy nut).
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  39. Quentinanon Member

    Since when are their PR releases logical?
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