PR: Gourmet Chefs Cook up Benefit for "Children’s Charities"

Discussion in 'Media' started by DeathHamster, Jul 22, 2014.

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    Page has an embedded frame from scientology org.
    Nice one! CoS graciously raises money for the "Clearwater Community Volunteers", which is CoS. Wogs call that fund-raising, not charity.

    In turn, they give money to:
    • Winter Wonderland (CoS event)
    • Boys & Girls Club (Likely a CoS-dominated chapter)
    • Everybody’s Tabernacle’s Homeless Emergency Project (Real organization)
    • the Red Cross (Ditto)
    • Victims of Katrina (Not sure. Too generic a name.)
    • Winter Wonderland (Them, again)
    I don't suppose they'll be publishing a break-down to show who got the dollars and who got the pennies, and if 10% gross went uplines.

    Tampa Bay Magazine seems to be mostly advertising with some bland fluff content.
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  2. How to make money for charity and we all know charity begins at home.

    It makes me laugh but only because I see through it like probably everyone here on this board does. It bothers me to think that those other chefs, you know the ones with the real jobs and a decent salary, are participating in this at all. Maybe they just wanted to check out the Fort Harrison's kitchen.

    The kitchen starts at 2:05 minutes.

    Edit: It goes without saying that they do this sort of thing all the time and every chance they can get. That is how the Hubbardmind works.
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  3. DeathHamster Member

    More of Clearwater Community Volunteers patting themselves on the back:

    Scientology's press release:
    Thousands of Children Swarmed Clearwater’s Coachman Park to Hunt Among 30,000 Eggs at Clearwater Community Volunteers’ 25th Easter Egg Hunt (chased by Sea Org recruiters?)
    Okay, let's look at that claim.

    2014 Form 990EZ:

    They do a fashion show fund raiser, but the proceeds ($8125) go their Winter Wonderland, and other groups like Nourish to Flourish. No information on how that's split, but I think it's safe to assume that WW, their own PR event, gets the lion's share of that.

    Flag, at its peak was taking 10s of millions every week and probably still makes pretty good large money. And from a tiny check of outsider money, they make it sound like they're feeding kids all over the county. Yeah, right.

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    a tour do force


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