Practicing Medicine Without A License - Narconon-Scientology

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Intelligence Member

    A JUMBO thanks to all the Anons who helped and a special thanks to the many
    Ex-Narconon-Scientology victims who bravely stepped forward and provide statements.

    The Quebec College of Physicians has been advised of this crucial Formal Complaint
    and they are awaiting arrival. The Cover Letter, with attached evidence documents
    will be forwarded to College tomorrow morning, September 29, 2011.



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  2. Anonymous Member

    That's what I call dox!
  3. 00anon00 Member

    I heart David Love
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  4. Intelligence Member

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  5. Intelligence Member

    Potential Huge Monetary Ramifications To The Cult

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  6. Anonymous Member

    The incredible malpractice shown by Michael Jackson's doctor serves a s an object lesson. Hopefully the reviewers will keep that in mind. No one gets good medical care from someone's bitch.
  7. Intelligence Member

    I just had to cross post this from Narconon Trois-Rivieres In Trouble:)

    Gives me "Goosy Bumples" LOL,..., :)

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  8. Intelligence Member

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  9. Intelligence Member

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  10. Intelligence Member

    Illegal practice of medicine

    This ^^^^^ is where they ARE in trouble - - BIG time!

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  11. Intelligence Member

    I don't like some issues over at Facebook, but it certainly serves a purpose. Posted a link to
    this Thread on Facebook and some of my 1,738 "Friends" have already began to "share" the Link.

    It should be interesting when I post the contact info here on a Thread for "Pooning" certain gov
    agencies to move their arse on some of the complaints; then post the link on Facebook and other

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  12. Intelligence Member

    Still up tweeking the several page Cover Letter to College. Each page building strength to the
    previous. I really do believe their investigation will find them guilty.

    A simple, yet comprehensive document that clearly gives evidence to the "illegal practice
    of medicine without a licence."

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  13. Intelligence Member

    On animals!???

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  14. Random guy Member

    That is going to hurt!

    Best of luck with this one, Dave!
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  15. Intelligence Member

    This is really going to hurt with over 800 patients!

    I have dox on over 700 hundred of these patients who were at Narconon Trois-Rivieres. AND not just Narconon staff.

    ABLE Canada, Brad Melnychuk was there, the Church of Scientology Montreal staff, Narconon International, and staff from Narconon Canada lived right on the premises of NN TR.

    All of these entities and staff had a hand in directing and administering the Narconon program of
    assessing, diagnosing, prescribing therapies, and treating and monitoring patients to the detriment
    and injury of their health.

    This is huge. - massive. The biggest, most comprehensive case to date.

    We have bigger ones coming VERY soon, but we'll get there ASAP:)

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  16. Intelligence Member

    They will be so busy trying to "handle" this case and the other seven cases at the Human Rights Commission and Ministry of Social Services, that the next four or five are going to hit them from the side so hard that they will be dumbfounded indeed.

    It's NOT what I post that they should be concerned with, it's what I don't post,..., LOL

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  17. Intelligence Member

    We're done! :)

    Will Express Post/Courier off in about two hours.

    Nap time:):):)

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  18. peterstorm Member

    Well done Dave!
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  19. grebe Member

    I'd imagine Narconon will say, "We don't diagnose. We have an MD who screens potential admissions for that."
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  20. Anonymous Member

  21. DeathHamster Member

    They had a doctor.
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  22. enthaeon Member

    So. Much. Win.
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  23. Random guy Member

    And sic transit gloria mundi.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Go David!!!!
  25. Anonymous Member

    Crush them like the trash they are. The world is watching.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Worst case scenario:
    1500 X 700 = 1 050 000$ of fine

    Best case scenario
    20 000 X 700 = 14 000 000$ of fine

    Oh hell yeah!
  27. Anonymous Member

    Have you ever had sexual intercourse with animals?
  28. Chipshotz Member

    You. are. the. man.
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  29. Brilliant! Outstanding work, David! As Chipshotz expressed above:
    And a note to all the recent Anonymous posters to this thread - I've liked all your posts but for technical reasons, can't make the LIKE Button work properly.

    So, thank you for all your support of David's Initiatives and Projects. It is all made of Pure WIN!!!

    We.Run.This! <3
  30. Chipshotz Member

    The "like" button is working even though it throws an error.
    edit: or maybe not.
  31. Anonymous Member

    So no replacement doctor? And they're still treating new patients to their program?

    OMG if that is true, then yes, I would imagine that they are fucked.

    The only escape route I can imagine is if they're pretending to be an "integrative medicine" program, working with chiropractors or naturopaths instead of actual doctors.

    In many US states, "integrative medicine" means any nonsense you want to use on a patient is perfectly fine, provided some other integrative doctor will back up up in court. No scientific peer reviewed literature necessary.
  32. Intelligence Member

    Video Being Uploaded Right Now:

    "David Love Talks About Narconon Investigations"

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  33. Intelligence Member

    I was too tired to write,..,so threw this together :)

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  34. Chipshotz Member

    The DOX are in. Give em' hell David.
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  35. Intelligence Member

    Geeezz, I'm wearing out equipment. My Brother Printer bit the dust this morning,
    then my second Head-Set I use for making most of my calls on Skype - - no workee now:)

    Good thing I had a brand new Epson Printer with three cases of ink for back-up or the
    dox would not have been sent this morning. Thanks to the Anon who provided the new
    Printer. You know who you are. I don't know - - you're Anonymous - - just the way I
    like it. Can't answer what I don't know,..., LOL. :):):)

    That Epson Printer would wake up the dead it's sooo noisy, but I love it!!! It's
    twice as fast as the Brother.

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  36. Intelligence Member

    Just in case &gt; Dox or GTFO &gt; LOL

    I document the documents and track their journey:)

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  37. Excellent Strategy and Tactics!
  38. grebe Member

    Dox of your dox of your dox.
  39. Intelligence Member

    There is a REAL reason which dates way back in some other work I was
    doing. But OSA will have to wait and read my new book,.., LOL :) I Love it :):):)

    OSA could dig to the middle of the earth and never find out. People are going
    to laugh when it comes out; I still chuckle sometimes:)

  40. Intelligence Member

    A relative of an ex-Narconon Trois-Rivieres talked to me for more than two hours tonight.
    Wow! I'm just blown away each and everyday.

    It's 2:08 and I am soooo tired.

    Good night everyone and thank you so very nush for all your support. Tomorrow
    is another day:)

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