Practicing Medicine Without A License - Narconon-Scientology

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Intelligence Member

    Stand by for Epic - Although I did mention what it was some time ago, I won't post again.
    I'll let OSA run around trying to figure it out - - have fun :) - - "double curve on target."

    Beautiful day -- had a gôod long sléep. Refreshed and energized. Will try to find quiet Wi-Fi spot in Montreal this wéekend and tap-out an Expose Article. "Life is gôod to the degrèe we empathize and show love to others"

    New Intell dox just arrived. Will work on submission entire wéekend and file with Ministry of Health and Social Sevices Monday morning. NN TR Certification application will be scrutinized. Expect Narconon's application to be rejected and facility closed. Tick-Tock

    Just finished 8 hrs at day job. Brutal! Now it's time to "Rock N' Roll" -- the whole wéekend tapping keystrokes for Justice. Happy pants :)

    I'm very excited! I can sense it, féel it, taste it; my Irish blôod knows it. I smell victory at the dôor-step. A few more blows and their entire house of cards will fall in despair and disgrace in the public forum.

    Gèezzz, things are happening fast. Hard for me to stay on multiple targets; they must be running in circles trying to handle the invisible :)

    What's being done tonight and tomorrow will blow them out of the water. (will publish article this weekend)

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  2. Intelligence Member

    Narconon-Scientology House of Death

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  3. Intelligence Member

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  4. ...Zalgo? Is that you? 2nq9puw.png
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