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  1. Smurf Member

    I take it you weren't around in the 80s when "Up With People" was the popular feel-good group that young people aspired to. Looking back, I want to gag...

  2. AnonLover Member

    oh gawd, I do not remember that awful drek... but in 1981 i was still a faithful member of the KISS army
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Maybe you and Nick Nolte should get together and form a Sad About WWP support group.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    She was have been living in Australia most of the time when that was made over 20 years ago but there is a woman second from the left marching at 1:24 that might possibly be her. I'm still trying to figure out who the 3 people with Travolta are.
  5. Orson Member

    Gotta say that I am pleasantly surprised by the outcome of this thread. Well done folks. I'm certain poons were sent behind the scenes.

    I was disappoint by the leak at first, to be honest. Not that I didn't see the lulz, but I guess I was thinking it would be something more to the core. However, this has really turned out nicely in terms of media attention.

    The image of all the missing people, whoever did that, well done. That really brings it home.

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  6. Anonymous Member

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  7. sallysock Member

    Correct. Marty and others have written about it. I think the New Yorker or maybe the NYT covered it's existance. Heber Jentz is supposed to be there- but he is brought out for events every now and then. I think of the hole as rpf solitary confinement plus mind fuck. Eeew.
  8. xenubarb Member

    Let's see...what's the title of this thread? Oh yeah, "Massive Lulz." So why were expecting anything else? Surely Enrico Entheta singing his wee heart out while wearing a goatse sweater should be sufficient?

    Jeez...ya give 'em shit and they demand chocolate!
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  9. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Hmmm, nah, more like stressed and abused... probably malnourished too like most of the flunkies.
  10. Anonymous Member

    I emailed Tony Ortega the video last night [as I'm sure many others did] and I actually said "it has no journalistic value, but it's hilarious". Boy, was I wrong. All the popular media sites picked up the video. Even Perezhilton and Yahoo. Go figure.
    By the way- the great thing about this video coming out - everybody mentioned that Shelly Miscavige is missing.
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  11. Orson Member


    Also if this has already been posted, sorry:
    Oh, look, fucking Aussies.
  12. mongrel Member

    Yes, I know. Ponies are past their prime. I just haven't gotten around to changing it yet. Besides, most of the fags on here have no idea anyway.
  13. Xenu Is Lord Member

    While totally gay it still has more original lyrics and looks only half as lame.
  14. Yah, they all blow........
  15. LocalSP Member

    Damn it you should have at least put *SPOILERS* first.
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  16. wackomoose Member

    Wow guys, so glad to see this. Laughed my arse off. As funny as this organization is, NEVAR FORGET how totally evil this 'church' and its subordinate 'spinoffs' are.
  17. ^^^^^^^LOL^^^^^^^
  18. grebe Member

    LOL white devils.

    I mean, can you think of anything whiter that this video?
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  19. Smurf Member

    I'm wider than the video.
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  20. Lorelei Member

    Hilarity! God, the music is SO EFFING BAD. Rock on, Velveeta Culties!
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  21. Anonymous Member

    LRH? Shit- if he were any whiter he'd be a ghost. A retarded Casper if you will.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Thanks anons for the leak and the resulting fun. So good when the press picks up our discoveries. Much lulz. Thanks!
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  23. grebe Member

    Post production fixed LRH's teeth and added the footage with black folks to balance the overwhelming Ned Flanders whiteness of the thing.

    But I just remembered the Mormons. So my bad for saying the 1980s Scilons were the whitest thing evar.
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  24. kittypark Member

    Ned Flanders is yellow. the only white guy i can think of from the Simpsons was Wendel
  25. Rockyj Member

    I love my Anons...
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  26. Anonymous Member

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  27. PeeTeaEssence Member

    I'll say it! Iv'e been wanting to say it! DAVID'S SHIRT IS ABSOLUTELY AWFUL!!!!!!!! He's such a f*cking tool! How can he sing "We Stand Tall" while being that short and wearing that shirt? where are the dudes who tell you how to cook, decorate, enculturate, and dress? I'll tell you where - NOT at this sci-fi montage.
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  28. PeeTeaEssence Member

  29. kittypark Member

    a poster of we stand tall in quotes and a picture of money, or a message of the ever increasing bodies "standing tall " is a must
  30. another123 Member

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  31. HOC Member

    Hehe nice.
  32. COREarg Member

    Can anyone actually make a video with that song playing,parts of this shitty lulzy video,and photos+info of all the people who got out of the cult/are dead/missing?

    Would be informative.

    ALSO: Already got the song from the youtube video. I'm pretty damn sure that I will use it on my enturbulation playlist! >:3 rawr!
  33. Xenu Is Lord Member

    15,368 views, Jun 20, 2011 2:03 PM

    15 thousand more people inoculated against stupid.
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  34. JohnnyRUClear Member

    If I had vid skillz, I would make a vid with this song as the soundtrack and just insert some updates -- WITH CURRENT/RECENT PIX -- about the subsequent adventures of the folks on the screen. Maybe they could even be split-screen or picture-in-picture effects, if the final video resolution would support such things.
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  35. COREarg Member

    Just what I said... Just more grammatically correct. O u Johnny!

    Extra points if we get some anons singing or making a mock video...I want to chuckle all day.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Without a doubt - The LULZ are MASSIVE!
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  37. COREarg Member

    Out topic of all the scilon crap:

    ...This was the creepiest and retarded comment in the world.
    Stupid fanatics... I remember a book of "THE SIGNS OF THE DEVIL" that an evangelist friend of mine gave me to read. After I saw the Chicago's Bull as a SYMBOL OF A DEVIL PRIEST,I tossed the book and wanted to burn it just for shit and giggles.


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  38. Anonymous Member

    For all I know, it might have been Liz Clairborne. Anyone know how this came about
  39. Puppetmama Member

    Even funnier is googling "hermes goatse shirt". Not that anyone would, in the normal course of affairs, but there are a lot of hits. Many yet to be posted here.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Warning - wall of text ahead

    TLDR version = Video was redone after nearly everybody in video left scilonville and even Dave realized his sweater choice could have been better.

    For those who care or like to know meaningless crap:

    Others in video around Davey:

    90% of these people are blown or gone maybe more.

    Mark Fisher (blown and has spoken out)
    Marc Yager (Hole Dweller & affidavit signer)
    Guilliame Leserve - (Hole Dweller & affidavit signer)
    Mark Ingber (Hole Dweller & creepy porn moustache owner)
    Greg Wilhere (Still at Int - Son Darius lives in Mexico and runs a video production company and has new baby and website - Clueless father)
    Pablo Labato (blown but is spy)
    Nik Rakonen (tall guy in BG) (blown)
    Martin Uvizl - (second tallest guy in BG hubby of HGB LRH Life Exhibit reception girl. Notorious for hooking up with the blonde hotties. Was married at Int to a hot busty blonde girl named Mellissa - NOT to be confused with his new wife Lissa Uvizl. Mellissa routed out shortly after jogging down LRH Way with no bra. trufax)
    Liz Rossi - Still at RTC in HCO
    Shelly Corias (blown)
    Greg Hughes (blew and out & but signed a deal to stay quiet)
    Ian Cunningham (blown)
    Claudia Olander (still at Int - gained some serious weight- too bad so sad)
    Linda Stanton (dead?)
    Sherry Murphy (still at Int? Son lives off of Barram in LA)
    Mike Stutter (Is on damage control/causing team with Marion Pouw - go around telling people how awesome Davey Tiny Fists is while looking like death warmed over themselves. Mike has skin condition that makes him look like someone who just walked off a George Romero film set.
    James Byrne (in PAC? Wife Inid died a few years back)
    Ken Delderfeild (went to PAC RPF from Int for hiring hookers when down in LA printing Scn Books)
    Hara O'hare (maybe still at Int -Was washing dishes after getting busted out of RTC - Her hubby Kevin was in PAC last week walking down the street next to Big Blue. Son Brendan is still at Int and was Building 50 Maintenance guy)
    Darnelle Bloomberg - In RTC - Divorced hubby on orders from Dave and then got back together after turned out divorce order to entire RTC was "just a misunderstanding" Darnell is Lou Stuckenbrock's sis.
    Barbara Griffin - Still at RTC - Is Treas Sec and HATES DAVE with a passion. She knows where all the money goes and know waaaaaay too much to piss off. Dave put up with her as he knows she does not have much time left.

    Noelle North is laughing Diantetics PC - you might know her as the no subs for kids Subway terrorist lady.

    Phillipe De Henning - Dianetics Race car driver. Was real big in Scientology because he was supposedly the most awesome Le Mans race car driver ever. Turns out he has been in 40 races and podiumed once. ehh.

    This video was edited heavily a few years back to take out pretty much everybody who was in the first one.
    Charles Lake - the guy that is posing with John Travolta and the cake was olympic gymnist. Dave had him taken out cause it turns out he liked guys - A LOT.

    Lady next to John in video is not Kelly Preston (She was busy getting shot by Charlie Sheen when this video came out.) Fun Fact - Kelly's best role was in awesome movie - Amazon Woman on the Moon - get it - watch it. She is the girl with the rubber buying kid.

    New E-meters were released and a new one is still to be released so that footage was taken out.

    All Saint Hill Size orgs were bullshit, also all the people that Dave gave awards to in that video are long gone.

    John Woodruff - Orange County Saint Hill Size Winner ED busted and left staff after DM found out Orange county stats were all False Reported
    Wiebke Hansen - Hamburg Saint Hill Size Winner ED- Busted after DM found out all Hamburg Stats had been false reported went to Int RPF and has been painting sets in Sets & Props at Cine Castle every since.
    Debbie Cook - Captain FSO - Blew with hubby after Dave found out she hated him. She is out of S.O. but still in good standing - Knows WAAAAY too much for Dave to piss off at this point. When she spills beans, prepare for Epic fail.

    Fun Fact - Champagne bottle for Freewinds ribbon cutting shot was pre-broken. Real bottle would not break no matter what when trying before shot. Bottle was pre-broken so that when it hit it actually shattered. Scilons are all powerful beings but nobody wants that mad mojo on your failboat for bottle not breaking.

    New video is equally lame but new cheesy shots put in.

    There you go.

    Until next time...
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