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    MOAR views than ALL the dozens of official Scientology videos COMBINED - in just THREE DAYS!

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  4. greebly Member

    This video hasn't even been dug on reddit yet.

    Some view stat were changed as was trending to 385k front page of youtube last night.

    But showing 384 today.

    hasn't reached 400k for tipping point purposes but we will see re shows/reddit or elsewhere if it gets further coverage.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Can we Digg it and make sure it gets upstats on Reddit ?

    Post linkys here... we will clicky. I want 1 million views by next Thursday.
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  7. RightOn Member

    wow more verses?
    and what a clusterfuck of people on the stage. yeesh!
    I see Anne Archer in the front row. And possibly Nancy Cartwright geeking out.
    I don't recognize the others.
    Of course that was in 2008, can't get those productions or crowds any more
  8. Anonymous Member

    Just think - they will NEVER again get the figures they were pulling in 2008.


    Nice work Anons.
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  9. We all must PAY from noaweeeey on

    lol at comments:

  10. vaLLarrr Member

    Comments are open!
  11. Anonymous Member

    Can we "Rickroll"with oit on other sites ? How do they count those views anyway? Can you be counted everytime or once a day or per IP ?

  12. you inspired my arch enemy Anonkat to post
  13. the anti Member

    damn, she's kind of hot to
  14. Anonymous Member

    Rule 34 ?
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  15. Anonymous Member

    When she was being lowered down Rule 34 did occur to me...
  16. Anonymous Member

    I totally agree with you. The original was much better. Though the 2008 singer has a better voice.
  17. lostatsea Member

    If you make it to the last two minutes of the 2008 version, it takes it to a whole new, penultimate level of badness.
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  18. It says 2007 below thew video
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  20. the anti Member

    i make it all the way through, hardcore
  21. LocalSP Member

    Caught her, she is lip syncing check 4:15-4:20.
    She's singing but the mic isn't near her mouth. Fail
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  22. what's new with the not 100 % sure it's the Pleasentville guy in the beginning of the vid is Mike Adams

    Some dude on Rathbun's blog

  23. Anonymous Member

    I'm curious if you'd be saying the same thing about this production if it wasn't a Scientology event. It was OK.. the dancing violinists was a bit much..otherwise it was OK.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    The dancing violinists/trumpeters/marching band were my favorites! So awesome.

    It was probably just the editing.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Pretty girl. Pity she caught the mange.

  27. Anonymous Member

    After watching that other video, I am of the opinion that the only Scientology is actually able to clear is rhythm.
  28. Anonymous Member

    So maybe Smurf made a mistake about the video? Still he remembers having conversations with Mike Adams about AIDs and vitamins, so I'm assuming he'd know if the guy was into Scientology back then or not.
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  31. Herro Member

    Lol wait, you're not serious are you?
  32. Herro Member

    Got any proof?
  33. Anonymous Member

    Herro - please bring the gay Cossack avatar back. He was much more enjoyable to my eyes with his giant pecks.
  34. cfanon Member

    He looks awfully similar...

    I'm 90% sure it's him. The ears, eyebrows (ignore colour ofc), eyes (with added bags), jaw/chin, hair line etc all look similar to me. I'm not sure about the nose, his nose looks bigger in the newer picture (maybe just the angle).

    Edit: /r/ someone who has 2pic (or similar) installed or is good at photoshop to compare them.
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  36. Dragononymous Member

    No need for photoshop or whatever, look at the hairline, says all...
  37. cfanon Member

    Thanks, dragon, I never noticed ;P

    I just think it'd be even better to media if we had a merged version to make sure.
  38. Anonymous Member

    It's lulzy if Mike Adams *was* a Scientologist, cuz he's denied it more than once.

    I don't exactly know what do call these people who say all the same stuff as LRH and who applaud the front groups while denying being Scientologists. I feel like "Scientologist" is close enough to whatever it is that they are to count (o hai Will Smith!).
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  39. Anonymous Member


    Text from a site showed me the way
    To shine a light on Scilon Bay
    Price for enslavement you must pay
    From now on

    Joining with no one, hit the ground
    Lifted our signs high all around
    Stripped down the wall of crimes we found
    We scanned all...
    oh yes we did

    We decided to shake the blogs
    To defend the rights of wogs

    We Scan All
    No turning back
    We know your ways
    We Scan All
    Footbullet strong
    The lulz roll on
    We Scan All

    Knowing the truth will set them free
    Taking it to the raw meat streets
    Save them from Scientology
    Chorus: We Scan All

    And your docs will still be secure
    For the Internetz will stay pure

    Repeat Chorus: We Scan All etc
    La Lahdee Lol, La Lahdee We Scan All
    La Lahdee Lol, La Lahdee We Scan All
    La Lahdee Lol, La Lahdee We Scan All
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  40. Dragononymous Member

    Is the fucking same..
    But fine, I will be your slave or something..

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