[PressTV] Khatami, Karroubi join Mousavi's Green movement

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Twister, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. Twister Member

    Khatami, Karroubi join Mousavi's Green movement

    The AP is also reporting this:

    Top Iran opposition leaders join Green movement

    What's going to happen now? Everyone under house arrest?

    And why would PressTV put that up? Is someone being brave or is there a motive in announcing the opposition joining forces?

    Insights, please.
  2. WitteKr Member

    My guess is as good as any... but Press TV is having problems all the time in reporting, as if they want to keep a balance between pro and contra. News on the opposition is often followed by news from the people in power - even if the news itself is *days* old...

    The good thing about this particular news is that Mousavi apparently threw his weight behind the fight of Karoubi to get the rape thing out in the open - as Visionairy just reported in another thread ( From Reuters: "In a forthright declaration that puts the Islamic republic's influential top clerics on the spot, Mousavi demanded that they step in and pass judgment on a growing political scandal."
  3. How long until this party is declared illegal, and it's members start to die in a mysterious chain of "accidents"?
  4. Akhbar Azadi Member

    You will note from that Washington Post interview that Karoubi denies joining Moussavi's front.

  5. WitteKr Member

    As I said in another thread: I really wonder if this was an interview. The wording is very curious. Karoubi is being quoted ("he said") but is doesn't say to whom he's talking, where, when. If it had been an interview, by Dutch correspondent Thomas Erdbrink who's living in Tehran, he certainly would have mentioned it. The story has not been published in his Dutch paper, NRC Handelsblad.
    But it did strike me as well, that Karoubi is denying he's taking part in the new Green movement... So where does Erdbrink gets his information from?
  6. Visionary Member

    Is it possible that international media may not be able to admit to having an interview with him without getting in trouble?

    Then again, the regime would likely be able to figure it out.

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