Priscilla Presley and the Dream Foundation

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by wolfbane, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. wolfbane Member

    Is one of the cult's longtime kool-aid drinking celebs actively involved in a legit charity, which has NO Scientology connections, and actually does truly good deeds for terminally ill adults in a very out-exchange way?

    Why yes. By jove! It would appear that is indeed the case when it comes to Priscilla Presley and her involvement with the Dream Foundation that apparently spans back more than a decade.

    CNN New Day ran a short story this morning about a heart wrenching dream-come-true deal the organization recently did that Priscilla was involved in. The story is not yet on the website but there is a chance it might show up here within the next couple of hours:

    EDIT: It's listed under Priscilla's own byline, separate from the show it appeared on. So chances are they will run this same story across several shows this weekend:
    The organization's website:

    On guidestar:

    I've run all the names found on the Staff and Board of Directors pages, plus skimmed through their Form 990s. The only Scientology connection I can find is Presley, who is on the "Honorary" Board of Directors. The wayback machines tells me her name has been on that list since the first capture of that webpage in 2011. There is also lots of medical professionals from various healthcare organizations involved in this non-profit, including a MSW (social worker) on the board of directors and another on the medical advisory board (which seemingly includes a very respectable bunch of wealthy medical professionals).

    So to my amazement, this not only looks legit and cult-free, but seems like an impressive philanthropic organization. And according to this old ARS post Priscilla has been publicly involved with their efforts for at least a decade:!topic/alt.religion.scientology/jrXZ60Z337o

    Her own website states she's been an "ambassador" (a phrase I think they also used on CNN) for 11 years:

    Also worth noting, none of the other charities on her website are cult related either. Albeit they're all animal rights and horse rescue stuff.

    Priscilla and the organization's founder/president Thomas Rollerson have also done various public appearances together. This was the most recent one, prior to today's CNN New Day story, that I came across:

    And the last known Priscilla cult event sightings we have a record of here on WWP was 2008-09:

    So although Presley's involvement with Dream Foundation runs deep, she's not been entirely free of cult activities in the past five years. But it still seems proper to give her credit for being actively involved in admirable altruism unlike Anne Archer, Travolta, Preston, etc. who seem to only promote/support Scientology's bogus charity programs.
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  2. wolfbane Member

    Why did I post this? The next time we get news of a terminally ill Sea Org member being offloaded, I'm gonna harpoon the hell out of Priscilla and her charity.
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  3. ItsyBitsy Member

    She's quite possibly pulling away of her last known cult activity was 2008-9. Putting her money where her charitable mouth is has to be better that handing it to DM and co. If she's not working much these days she might be prioritising her finances.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Very fine research and thread setup, wolfbane! Kudos!

    Elvis Presley Library Card.jpg

    Elvis would be proud!
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  5. RightOn Member

    don't forget that Kelly really believes that the COS and Narconon have good intentions too just like this charity.
    only difference is... that one of these things is not like the other
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  6. Yes I have noticed that as well. After doing internet searches on various Scilons, I have found that many of them do support legit causes as well as the pervy Scilon front groups.

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