Pro-Scientology Politicians in the US

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Jul 21, 2010.

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    Pro-Scientology Politicians in the US

    These people need to be targeted by Anonymous and investigated for corruption.

    List the ones you know of.

    I'll start:


    CHARLES RANGEL - US Congressman from New York in House of Representatives


    @ 2:13 CHARLES RANGEL Speaks at NY Scientology Opening
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    Re: Pro-Scientology Politicians in the US

    is that all you got on him?
  3. Smurf Member

    Re: Pro-Scientology Politicians in the US

    Because a politician has been bamboozled by the cult & persuaded to speak at a Scientology event, neither makes them corrupt nor pro-Scientology. Ignorant, yes.
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    Re: Pro-Scientology Politicians in the US

    The words 'corrupt' and [the guy mentioned in the OP] have been seen together before; but the hounds baying for his blood and demanding (as the OP does- that he be investigated for corruption) form a curiously partisan coalition.

    Its very curious, that of all the politicians who've had Scientological entanglements over the last 50-odd years, that the OP would pick this guy

    And not: request investigation into his alleged Scientological entanglements but rather broadly "corruption" . I smell partisanfaggotry, and an axe in need of grinding.

    (tl;dr whether or not he's corrupt is a separate issue from his having been duped by Scientologists, and this effort to connect the two comes off as a PA request. imo. Perhaps it isn't that, but that's how I read it anyway.)
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    Re: Pro-Scientology Politicians in the US

    Roger Teagarden
  6. moarxenu Member

    Re: Pro-Scientology Politicians in the US

    Good point Smurf. Alot of these pols get duped into cluelessly handing out awards and speaking at rubber chicken dinners. I don''t think it is helpful to talk about corruption, yet.

    We do need a list of politicians and government officials who have political associations with Scientologists, or the Church of Scientology and Scientology front groups.

    I underline political associations because personal associations are most likely less dangerous though OSA no doubt works any relationship a politician has with a public Scientologist.

    Here's a start:

    National Politicians who have political associations with Scientology:

    Sarah Palin (R) - Greta Van Susteren and John Coale
    Bill Clinton (D) - John Coale and John Travolta
    Hillary Clinton (D) - John Coale


    Sharron Angle (R), candidate for US Senate, MV - Joy Westrum and Rick Pendrey of the Second Chance Program

    Congressman Howard Coble (R, NC-6)
    Former Congressman (but when he was a congressman) Carlos Moorhead (CA-27).

    State and local officials:

    FL State Rep. Gustavo Barreiro (R), of Miami Beach - CCHR
    State Sen. Victor Crist (R), of Tampa.- CCHR
    Jeff Stone (R), Riverside Cty, CA - OSA Gold Base
    Delorme McKee Stovall - San Jose Cty Director of human Relations: DSA's Darlene Bright Matt Ward, and Mark Warlick and their flunky John Allender.

    Scientologist candidates:

    Roger Teagarden (R) - Former CCHR Exec Dir in St. Louis. Running against Pat Brennan for State 84th Representative District.

    Yvonne Schick (L - TX). Candidate for US Senate
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    Re: Pro-Scientology Politicians in the US

    I'm sorry, but Rangel has more skeletons in his closet than supporting Scientology that should be investigated first.
  9. moarxenu Member

    Re: Pro-Scientology Politicians in the US

    Because OSA has a grip on both parties at the top.

    Thx for the additions.

  10. Anonymous Member

  11. moarxenu Member

    Re: Pro-Scientology Politicians in the US

    WOW. Lots of info there. Thx.

    Too bad it hasn't been updated, but it is great historical info from the 90's.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Pro-Scientology Politicians in the US

    He may be "Trapped in the Closet" but not with Tom Cruise...
  13. AnonLover Member

    Re: Pro-Scientology Politicians in the US

    I have this list of research notes on the 6 pro-scilon congress critters who signed the bawwwl letter complaining about French Miviludes report

    US Congress Letter
  14. lambear Member

    Re: Pro-Scientology Politicians in the US

    Yvonne Schick is OT8.
  15. Re: Pro-Scientology Politicians in the US

    The good thing about Schick is that she's a Libertarian Party candidate, and as such, she might only get a protest vote. Her chances of actually making it into the United States Senate are about as high as Kirstie Alley's reality show surviving 10 years on major or semi-major networks. As batshit insane as any state that keeps electing Rick Perry as governor is, even Texas has its limits.

    Edit to previous edit: Previous edit removed for lack of actual humorous content.
  16. lambear Member

    Re: Pro-Scientology Politicians in the US

    But, just in case, shouldn't the fact that she is OT 8 be made widely known?
    She lives in the Austin area.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Pro-Scientology Politicians in the US

    I know he's ded, but is there any room on the list for Sonny Bono?
    Unlike most of the above, he actually was a Scientologist

    Though as a celeb, he was probably insulated from the abuses. I'm not aware that he made any efforts to promote CoS or to push their agenda in the public forum.

    re: Mary Bono
    She's still alive, still in congress. She took Scientology courses, definitely sipped some koolaid. But since Sonny dropped the body, has spoken out (a little) about how creepy and weird Scientology seemed to her at the time. Hasn't spoken out about abuses, crimes (which she likely never witnessed). Not PRO Scientology for sure, but has had some entanglement with them. Does she belong on this list, or another list, or none of the above?
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Pro-Scientology Politicians in the US

    There are plenty in Florida, on this now defunct page: FLORIDA POLITICIANS, GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS & SCIENTOLOGY. Some of them are now out of office.

    Senator Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is or used to be the most consistently pro-Scientology Member of Congress, and has received substantial donations from Scientologists, many of them on the same day in apparently orchestrated donation campaigns.

    People haven't been keeping up on this lately, though, so the data is out of date.
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    Re: Pro-Scientology Politicians in the US

    Scientology and President Clinton

    [22] Evidence of Scientology's high level State Department contacts came to light in a widely-discussed article about Travolta in George magazine. Travolta attended an April 1997 summit on volunteerism in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in order "to present educational materials created by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard." The next day, Travolta met President Clinton who told him, "Your program sounds great…. More than that…, I'd really love to help you with your issue over in Germany with Scientology" (Travolta quoting Clinton in J. Young 1998, 106). Clinton informed Travolta that "he had a roommate years ago who was a Scientologist and had really liked him, and respected his views on it. He said he felt we were given an unfair hand in [Germany] and that he wanted to fix it" (Ressner 1997).Clinton followed up on this conversation by going "to the extraordinary length of assigning his national security advisor, Sandy Berger, to be the administration's Scientology point person" (J. Young 1998, 138). In September 1997, when Travolta and Chick Corea were in Washington (presumably for their testimony before the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe), Clinton "had White House political affairs director, Craig Smith, arrange a meeting between Berger, Travolta, and jazzman Chick Corea, also an avid Scientologist. According to a senior administration official, the straight-shooting Berger briefed Travolta on the administration's efforts in the same manner he would a senior senator. 'Sandy was just great to us,' Travolta notes" (J. Young 1998, 138).

    [23] The State Department received some criticism for this high-level meeting, in no small part because people wondered whether Clinton was doing a favour for Travolta in return for the actor providing a favorable interpretation of the presidential character (based upon Clinton) in his current movie, Primary Colors. Senator Lauch Faircloth (R.-N.C.), for example, wanted 'to haul John Travolta before Congress' to find out whether the actor toned down his portrayal of a philandering, Clintonlike presidential candidate . . . in exchange for Mr. Clinton's promise to help the Church of Scientology fight with the German government" (Pierce [comp.] 1998). Apparently this effort went nowhere, but the possibility that Clinton was adjusting foreign policy for his movie image came up in both The White House Press Briefing on February 12, 1998, and on the NBC news interview program, Meet The Press, on which Berger was the guest. The White House Press Secretary, Mike McCurry, tried to minimize the discussion that Clinton and Travolta had in Philadelphia, and suggested that Berger only explained to Travolta (and presumably, Corea) "what we had been doing to raise our concerns pursuant to work that we had already done diplomatically" (The White House 1998, 6).When an interviewer on Meet The Press asked Berger whether he or the President were trying to influence Travolta's portrayal in Primary Colors, he replied that the only ulterior motive he had for the meeting was "to get an autograph" for one of his kids (excerpt from Meet The Press in O'Connor 1998; The Washington Post1998).

    [24] An op-ed piece in The New York Times, written by Frank Rich, reproduced Berger's claim that his reason for holding the briefing was to get an autograph. As an explanation, however, for "why he had wasted his time and taxpayers' money to brief a movie star's delegation," columnist Rich judged it to be "as revealing as it is pitiful" (Rich 1998). Europeans, however, likely saw the Clinton-arranged meeting in the context of other actions the American president had taken on behalf of Scientology. For example, the section of the State Department's 1996 human rights report that was harshly critical of Germany's actions towards Scientology "was written by the White House…." Its condemnation was so strong that Secretary of State Madeleine Albright apologized to the German government because of it (American Spectator 1997). French and German authorities also were aware that the December 1996 issue of Scientology's French language publication, Éthique & Liberté, published what it called an "Interview exclusive" against drug-use, written by Clinton himself (Clinton 1996). They also took note when Clinton sent Scientology congratulatory greetings on its 50th anniversary (on December 28, 1999), in which he "thanked the church for its work to promote religious tolerance and to 'build just communities'" (Gerstein 2000). In short, it appears to the Europeans that Clinton was working actively on behalf of the Scientology organization, and that his assistance to the Hollywood Scientology lobbyists was indicative of his general support for the group.
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    Re: Pro-Scientology Politicians in the US

    Good link. I was going to mention Dan Burton, U.S. rep from Indiana. Been in office forever, most famous for playing golf rather than actually showing up to vote on anything. A total embarassment to the state of Indiana.

    "One of the strongest critics of the psychiatric abuse of children is Beth Clay, Chief Assistant to Congressman Dan Burton, who last year chaired congressional hearings into the drugging of children. "

    Warning-Scilon site:

    Stars Shine for Human Rights - Freedom Magazine - Scientology in Los Angeles
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    Re: Pro-Scientology Politicians in the US


    Don Wright <3
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    Re: Pro-Scientology Politicians in the US

    What are their crimes huh?
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    Re: Pro-Scientology Politicians in the US

    Ron Paul because it's Ron Paul.

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