Proboards just shafted this anti-quackery forum

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by flapjacker, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. flapjacker Member

    Proboards, the largest free discussion board host, just shafted the nonprofit Chirotalk skeptical discussion board host. After hosting them for nearly a decade, they terminated thousands of discussion threads of irreplaceable content with no notice, leaving 2000 members and millions of internet readers in the dark.

    Look at all the old content:

    Proboards censored website

    In accordance with Section 25(a) of the ProBoards Terms of Service, this forum has been taken offline.

    Never use this board host!
    I would not be against hacking their site for this if anyone can spare the time.
    There is suspicion that a chiropractic practice management group paid them off.

    The new chirotalk site on a different host summarizes:
    People shouldn't be taking candy from babies like this.
    Curse them!
  2. White Tara Global Moderator

    Hmmm, you do know wwp is for the discussion, planning and promotion of strictly legal and peaceful protesting only. You are definitely in the wrong place for a request such as this.
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  3. The Internet Member

    Hi flapjacker,

    I did check out chirotalk a while back because it had some stuff about Scientology practice management companies. It was a cool site and I think it is great that some chiropractors are recognizing that they were taught stuff that wasn’t true and are now trying to figure out how to reform chiropractic. Good on you guys.

    Hope you were just kidding about the hacking though because we are strictly legal here. That is how you have to fight Scientology: stay inside those legal lines all the time.
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  4. flapjacker Member


    Yes Scientology actually recruits chiropractors because they want the status associated with having professionals in their group. They use WISE affiliated practice managment groups which follow Hubbard's outdated teachings. Of course these groups work on indoctrinating people. Chiropractic schools also heavily indoctrinate students with propaganda. All of the biomechanical listings for vertebra are incorrect and the methodology is dangerous because it puts people at risk for stroke unnecessarily. Also, despite not teaching rehabilitation in all of the schools they market themselves to motor vehicle accident patients. So there are a lot of parallels.

    Just wondering, so all the anonymous hacks are unpublicised? You guys have a lot of guts. Just make sure your targets are correct or you could end up hurting innocents.
  5. White Tara Global Moderator

    There are many places that people who may or may not chose to count themselves as anonymous congregate. Wwp is but one site. We are a 'wing' of anonymous, if you like, that adheres itself to legal and peaceful protest alone. Your guess is as good as mine as to where one might go to find those that hack etc, but rest assured it isn't here.
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