Project Andromeda - Viral marketing through

Discussion in 'Projects' started by TakeAnonMe, May 15, 2008.

  1. Avtomat Member

    Re: Project Andromeda - Viral marketing through

    Jesus, I just wrote '' on over 60$ of currency. I went through two pens in the process. I hit all the wash machines in the coin slot with cards. I went into a library and carded all the Scientology books, and moved them into the fiction section. That took me almost two hours.

    I hope i'm making some headway for my first week as anonymous.
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  2. TypingChimp Member

    Re: Project Andromeda - Viral marketing through

    Did you say Valkyrie? Check out about 1:45 on this vid.

  3. AnonESB Member

    Re: Project Andromeda - Viral marketing through

    Hi Guys, I am new, and have been looking for a project I can help with, I am in Denmark, and would love to distribute these cards in my city.

    Who do I PM to get a box of cards, or an explanation how to make them?

    Am willing to pay if someone allready has ordered cards, and can spare some.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project Andromeda - Viral marketing through

    Check the raid threads about Denmark ( and PM the people posting there. You can also get your own cards printed by services such as Vistaprint or a local print shop.
    Also check out the Denmark local forum:
  5. AnonESB Member

    Re: Project Andromeda - Viral marketing through

    - Thanks for your advise. Just ordered some cards on Vistaprint :D
  6. Fuckeye Member

    Re: Project Andromeda - Viral marketing through

    I love you for that.
  7. ChefXenu Member

    Re: Project Andromeda - Viral marketing through


    taking a bunch of these to the dental school this morning.

    fluorescent yftc works... and it helps people...
  8. Re: Project Andromeda - Viral marketing through

    Ausfags: am making some stickers.

    PM me if you are in Oz and you would like some.
  9. Gorzak Member

    Re: Project Andromeda - Viral marketing through

    Just put one of the cards in the xerox machine at the library. I also put a copy of Faith 4 Finance behind a book. I am going to make some of those tom cruise face stickers if I get around to buying some sticker paper.
  10. Anonymous Member

    libarys are awesome places i dispensed them in the main train station =)
  11. timetoact Member

    I am a new member and am looking to help, the sites are still live I have already checked - are we still distributing the cards and cash? just as the posts stopped in 2009.

    Thanks in advance,
  12. Anonymous Member

  13. timetoact Member

    First things first - nice and simple card assault.

    I will get printing today a decent batch - also think the bling technique makes a big impact and sticks in peoples brains if nothing else.

    Glad to be of service!
  14. xenubarb Member

  15. Anonymous Member looks outdated...under "About Us" in the righthand column are four links with dates in Feb, Mar, Apr, and May 2008. Looks like site was updated monthly when first set up, then abandoned. Perhaps these links should be removed so that the site will not become (or appear) as if no one is maintaining it? Goes to the overall credibility of the site IMO.
  16. Anonymous Member

    I had always liked this project.
    I am sure that a lot of the info on the site is still valid, but yeah, it could use an update and revival.
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  17. anonymous612 Member

    You presume anyone still around has access to it.

    Personally, I YFTC with cards that have the WhyWeProtest url, either instead of or in addition to Just in case.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Well, I guess it couldn't hurt to keep this thread active for a little while to see if it gets the attention of someone who does have access.
    Or maybe just to discuss alternatives in case those with access just can't be contacted.

    Hell, just this past easter I had thought about hiding "you found the egg" easter eggs around town, but wasn't sure how to get a ling going for it.
  19. ShyGeekyGirl Member

    I printed about thirty cards and hid them in my school all week long. Most of them have already disappeared and I didn't see any in the dustbins, so I suppose it was a success.

    But I wondered, has been translated in other languages ? I live in France, so I suppose it would be cool if there was a french version so the people who find my cards could fully understand what the website is about.
  20. If someone could contact the webmasters maybe they could add on a language selector. Or someone could make a french version of the site.
  21. ShyGeekyGirl Member

    I can at least try to translate it into french, but I have no idea of how to create a website.
  22. Anonymous Member

  23. Anonymous Member

  24. AnnieOnOmas Member

    Yup agree'd they are a bit tired looking....Maybe someone at lulzsec could update it if no one here has access. But still think they are the awesome for the job they do. has gone, I'm not a 100% sure at what is but i know who wont be getting an A+ on their english paper.

    also seen a guy with an anonymous tshirt today... Instantly had an idea for another site...seentheshirt.something? Seeing a random webby address with no description annoys me to the point i must look it up and fap.
  25. R3v01uti0n Member

    I'm going to try and familiarize myself with the Avery Design Pro program if it'll work. I live with several family members and my mother doesn't know that I am involved with Anonymous or any sort of movement for that matter. How can I still succeed with the "campaign" and make sure she won't find out? She is not a scientologist by the way lol

    @ 12:17, same day: Avery works great. I only have the usual skinny printer paper available. I might try to make a template or something similar and then copy it over to a thicker type of paper.
  26. Anonymous Member

    better plan, tell her about Anonymous. it's not a secret. so you do a little activism in your spare time? she'll be proud.
  27. R3v01uti0n Member

    True. I will tell her about the anti-Co$ portion of my activism but will have to leave out the DDoS'ing part for fear of personal safety and my paranoia.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Don't ddos. Stick to legal protesting.
  29. R3v01uti0n Member

    I told her about Project Andromeda and now she is telling me that this would be considered "soliciting", which is illegal. I don't believe it is soliciting because all we are trying to do is get people to visit a site for FREE. Can anyone verify for me that this is in fact legal just so she will allow me to participate in this?
  30. anonymous612 Member

    Well, she's an idiot, considering "solicitation" is offering someone money in order to commit a crime.
  31. AuntAnonymous Member

    Or she'll join in the lulz and be like all the other Anon moms and aunties out there....
  32. optuul Member

    So glad to see this thread would be fantastic if the website could be updated.

    No joke, I ran across a card myself just a few weeks ago, ....completely randomly in a library book I had checked out.

    This is such an easy "project" for people to participate in. If the site could just be updated & made a little more current & eye-catching.....
    Did anyone ever figure out who originally put this up or how to access it?
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  33. merelyidea Member

    Update: I see that this is in the wrong place. I think I'll do this thing for the "freedom of info" side, maybe use this link and some appropriate site:

    Anyone like the idea?

    Hi there, does anyone have a good link I could use? I can set up the site and create a card as well as print some of them. I don't think the current site looks half as good as it needs to, so there has to be a different one.

    Also, in my area scientology is a non-issue and won't activate no-one. So, something else, like OWS. Thanks.
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  34. salander Member

    going to print some cards and spread around in my area!
  35. Anonymous Member

  36. yesterday i put a lot of cards around a local library. i was easy & fun :)
  37. Bravo!!! :)
  38. Anonymous Member

    I recently checked my local library to see if I could place cards in the large hardback LRH books in there- none of them were on display, I'm guessing they've been sold off cheap second hand!
  39. chymira Member

    Im broke as hell and my printer died :( Whats the best way to do this?
  40. Anonymous Member

    Focus first on what content you want to print. Look around the site, make sure the links still work.
    Chose small like maybe bookmark size so you get a bunch to one page and cut them apart.
    Then whine at your friends to let you print a few pages on their printer. :D

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