Project: ClearCraig

Discussion in 'Projects' started by SomeRandGuy, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. SomeRandGuy Member

    Project: ClearCraig

    Download this to help get rid of Scientology spam on Craigslist.

    We need more people running this app! If you're reading this and not running it, run it now!
    Run per every unique IP address you can get. I'm not sure if flagging is IP sensitive or not. If it isn't... run this app as many times as you can while still staying sane.

    Posts that still need flagging: 486 (updated Sept 13th, 2009)
    (^ Not getting 486 posts? Try updating the Dat file)

    Current Version: 1.01 (updated August 30th, 2009)
    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    Current Dat for version 1.01+: (updated Sept 2nd, 2009)
    792 1889,792-1889
    62/63 Middle Abbey St
    01202 257788
    558 7644,558-7644
    01202 257788
    We've had some trouble with Craigslist:

    It's not easy flagging 100+ ads in your local area when the Scilons are spamming their garbage on CL... so I made a tool that should make this a little easier.

    It's fairly idiot proof. If there are posts that this tool isn't picking up, please post them here and I'll do my best to update the app/config file. You'll notice there is a hash code at the top of the Dat file. I don't want to be responsible for yet another script kiddie tool, thus I'll be updating the Dat file and posting the most up to date Dat in this OP.

    The app essentially runs a search on a string (or multiple strings) given a specific CL link, and flags all results as prohibited. When running the app, you can select a specific CL to scan, or you can select 'All' which will scan all CLs in the list. It also takes arguments so you don't have to go through the entry selection list. So if you wanted, you could create a shortcut that would call 'ClearCraig.exe a' (running a search through all entries) and run it at windows startup.

    Please download it and tell me what you guys think. Suggestions are welcome, but that doesn't mean I'll implement them.

    Version 1.01:
    * Fixed 2 very minor bugs

    Things I need to know:
    * Do flags from the same IP address still count? Or do the IPs have to be unique?
    * How many flags does it take to remove something?
    * What's the threshold for CL banning your IP for sending too many requests?
  2. determu Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig


    it works too
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Cool! Thank you!
  4. determu Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    P.S. i love the copyright
  5. SomeRandGuy Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    I thought about it, and I couldn't resist the irony. ^_^
  6. determu Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    bump for great software

    234 posts flagged with one button
  7. YAHRLY Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    the hackers on steroids!
  8. Twine Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    This program can be improved to cover quite a few more posts. The results from this page in New York don't get flagged, but can probably be added. We could flag the dublin ones from this results page. There are some in Orlando as well. There are also LOTS in Ventura, look at the results page here.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    IMO the focus shouldn't be on flagging ads which say "Scientology" in them. After all you might mis-flag somebody selling used Scientology books or whatever.

    You should rather flag the phone numbers and addresses of Scientology, so you get the stealth Scientology ads.
  10. Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Excellent tool :)
    Just tagged 280 posts
  11. SomeRandGuy Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Just a matter of updating the Dat file in the OP. Check for updates often ^_^. As people find more adds, I'll add more to the Dat file.

    * Added
    * Added
    * Added
    * Added new string to
    (Your last link was actually giving LA results, but they were being missed by my app).

    I was rather surprised to see that the Dublin posts don't have full phone numbers up (save 1).

    There were 268 posts in the check I just made (change of -2), with a total of 312 after I added those new entries. We clearly need more people running this app.

    If you're curious as to wether the app is flagging a specific add or not, you can run the tool for a specific CL. It will list the IDs as well as the names of the posts it flags.

    Exactly. Last thing I want this program to do is start flagging posts that simply say Scientology. If there are anons advertising a protest, I don't think they'd be too happy. I'm keeping it strictly to very unique strings. Although searching for Scientology or Dianetics is a good way to see which adds aren't being picked up etc.

    It also allows for adds like this to get by: L. Ron Hubbard - Scientology Books which I think is entertaining, because of how useless this crap actually is.
  12. Sativa Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Epic work... im going to run this a few times over today.
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  13. crockhat Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    /r/ adding UK craigslist sites? I'm assuming we can't edit the .dat file because it checks the hashcode.
  14. SomeRandGuy Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    There are so many sites (most are empty) that I've given up trying to hunt them down. Post searches or specific posts and I'll do what I can to add them to the app/dat. This also gets people involved so they're more likely to keep using this app ^_^.

    That's why it's there ^_^
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    search: nashville.craigslist for 687-4600 (this is the celeb centre nash #, area code would be 615)
    returns dianetics bullshit.

    search: chicago.craigslist for dianetics
    returns another dianetics event.
    The number used in the ad is: 847.289.8111

    search: chicago.craigslist for 847.289.8111
    returns an assload of events/classes.
  16. SomeRandGuy Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    * Added
    * Added

    Although that's still a bunch in Chicago, it's not nearly as bad as Toronto, Sacramento, and LA. They average about 80 ish posts.

    BTW, to all who are reading this:
    Go download the app and run it. Change your IP, and run it again. Rinse and repeat. Keep doing this as much as possible. The number of posts the app is finding just keeps increasing with people's contributions. >_<!! Only way to lower this number is for more people to run the app.
  17. Re: Project: ClearCraig

    This app is very sweet.

    Here are some more ads I think it's missing in sfbay since they have different phone numbers than one in the data file (which is redwood city).
    Scientology: A New Slant on Life by L. Ron Hubbard (palo alto mission (650) 424-1990 )
    Improving Conditions in Life (sf mission in sunset/parkside (415) 661-9494 )
    "How to Improve Relationships" - A free lecture (berkeley mission (510) 540-4789 )
    "How to Improve Relationships" - A free lecture (sonoma mission 707-939-6774 )
    Dianetics Seminar (san jose north 408-835-4100 )

    I didn't find ads for these recently, but here are the phone numbers anyway:
    (650) 605-9000 ; (650) 965-2539 Life Improvement Center, Mountain View
    (650) 969-5262 Mountain View Org
    (408) 249-7400 Los Gatos Org (San Jose)
    (408) 249-5398 Mission of San Jose
  18. SomeRandGuy Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    * Added 6 new strings to

    Good finds ^_^
    You'll notice that there are duplicate numbers added: 415-661-9494, 661-9494. I found different posts for both these strings. Just the way CL's search engine works. Although brackets () don't cause problems, all string searches seem to be very character specific.

    I really want to limit the number of strings to search for as this increases URL length. I'll add multiple queries if this becomes a problem in the future, but I want to avoid that for now. But if any adds come up with these numbers, I will add them. For now, I'll keep them off the list.

    I'm really worried about finding CLs breaking point where it starts banning IPs :S No idea where that is. I always run a full search with the new config file first though, to try and ensure I'm not going to cause mass banning.

    To all reading this: Download and run my app!!! Daily, hourly, whatever you can do. We need more people >_<!
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    All of these return ad's:

    Sacramento: 916-294-0434 , (916) 879-4119
    Oxford: 01202 257788
    Seattle: (425) 558 7644, 558-7644 (some seem to escape w/out -)
    st louis: 314-727-3747
    las vegas: 824-7787 (also selling a car, so I guess this would get flagged too. ) But daily dianetics ad's.
    brownsville: (956) 365-4020
    dallas: 214 524-5300, 214 492-0063 (some of returned ads that look like someone selling L. Ronny books off. Looks innocent. S'not. Same #'s on dianetics seminar etc. ads.)

    Also noted a couple of other things of interest while combing through:

    There are a hulluvalot of ad's getting flagged. ;)

    There are a crapton of people liquidating their L. Ron Collection. I found tons of ad's for ppl just selling off all of their books/dvds/lectures (used). More new exes?

    Some ad's are using a slant I haven't seen before. Reduce your personal Stress - I'm not the one selling this stuff, but it's great. Call here!
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    And one more. Narconon num has shown up everywhere.

    Narconon number and locations of current/unexpired ad placement, all of them with bullshit 76% success statistic:
    North mississipi: 877-413-3073
    Charleston: 877-413-3073
    Maine: 877-413-3073
    West Virginia: 877-413-3073
    Nashville: 877-413-3073
    Lexington: 877-413-3073

    Honolulu: 808-550-0005 is the number listed, but ad doesn’t turn up in CL search
    Free Drug Rehabilitation Services and Drug and Alcohol Workshop
  21. SomeRandGuy Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    * Added 3 new strings to
    * Added
    * Added
    * Added
    * Added
    * Added
    * Added

    As far as I'm concerned, if they're using their phone # to spam Craigslist with Scientology spam, they've lost the right to post.

    This also brings the Sacramento post count to a whopping 161 o.0

    * Added
    * Added
    * Added
    * Added

    (Couldn't find any Charleston, Maine ads... any links?)

    It's very strange about those Honolulu posts... I can't find *anything* that will bring them up in a search. I'm guessing something broke when the ads were entered.

    Solid finds guys. Keep running the app ^_^.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Can't find anything $ci related on the atlanta craigslist site... :D
  23. AbstraK Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Nice! Epic Win
  24. SomeRandGuy Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Most CLs are empty, thank god. If every one was spammed, there would be tens of thousands of posts to flag.

    There are still 543 posts that need flagging... and these are the one's we've found...
  25. grokitt2 Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Maine- Heroin Addiction Help
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    I can't understand any of this, but it looks epic.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

  28. determu Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Sacramento had the most
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    So are they actually clearing out flagged posts every now and then?
    With any luck, craigslist will ban ads with the scieno numbers in them. That's hoping for too much though, I feel.
  30. SomeRandGuy Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    * Added
    * Added

    String was 1-877-413-3073 not 877-413-3073 >_<!!

    Getting Craigslist to directly ban the numbers is a bit of a long shot. They have a lot of spamming troubles... a few hundred posts from one group isn't exactly top priority. People have apparently tried, and I haven't heard of any positive results.

    In terms of removing flagged posts, that's done automatically. The problem however, is that we don't have enough people running the app to flag these things, otherwise the number of posts would be going down... which they aren't. This is one of those things where it would work absolutely great if we had enough people doing it. Otherwise, it will fail completely.

    In short... run the app. Did I mention you should run the app? Are you running it now? What about tomorrow?

    We've made a small dent it seems. Someone reported flagging 598 posts. It's currently at 511.
  31. Twine Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Lots of spam in Oxford, and one of theirs showed up in London as well.

    Edit: Ah, they're already in the DAT.
  32. determu Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    So i hereby nominate SomeRandGuy as one sexy mofo

    anyone second the motion?
  33. SomeRandGuy Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    * Added

  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Very useful project!
    Am thinking of rewriting it in Python or similar, as I'd like to run it on a non-windows machine.
    Btw, anyone tried this under wine on mac os X?
  35. SomeRandGuy Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Just remember to make it script kiddie proof :x

    Anything that can run .NET 3.5 should be able to run this app.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Just flagged 526 ads.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Hmm, kind of impossible to do if it's a script (source code) you're releasing...
    anyone can just remove a hash code check, if it was there.

    Maybe just releasing it only as a .pyc (compiled python) file would work. There's always Java as well, but that's quite trivial to decompile if you know how.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Please don't release the source code.

    What could be done was to make a tool which you would run like the Lad Vampire, which was created in order to close down fake banking sites used for "Nigerian" fraud.

    If you could go to a site which runs in javascript or flash, and trust the code writer, then we could just leave a browser window open and let it flag stealth Scientology ads at a speed and volume determined by the individual user.

    I would also suggest a temporary priority re-scheduling:
    We should, until we get more people joining, concentrate on the craigslist ads with Scientology phone numbers which also don't mention that it is Scientology. Then once we've reduced those stealth ads down to almost none, we could expand again to all ads with Scientology numbers in them.
  39. pedrofcuk Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Reduce your personal Stress

    This is a local book for local people LOL!
  40. MIanon9966 Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    The file doesn't seem to be working for me, it says it can't find te file on my computer, even though I just downloaded it.

    Im computer retarded, help!

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