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Discussion in 'Projects' started by SomeRandGuy, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. Anonymous Member

    It's been mentioned a few times on this thread. Here's a video recap:
  2. Budd Member

    Dominick is still posting five times a day, each post has a different title and different message text, and has even taken to not using his name so as to elude the SearchMonster.

    AND he is getting smart... because my own "WARNING" posts are being deleted too. :^(
  3. Anonymous Member

    [quote="Budd, post: 1807813"
    AND he is getting smart... because my own "WARNING" posts are being deleted too. :^([/quote]

    ^^this proves he has lots of socks that he rotates thru, and is likely flagging your posts down like dazed flies if everything you post is under one account thats accumulated a few flag downs (and thus is able to be flagged down faster than a freshly setup sock account)

    change your socks often - and do like he does: post each warning under a different throwawy CL account. and as soon as that account gets one flag down - start using a new one.
  4. Mafiawog Member

    Sorta necromancy on this one, but meh.

    Did anything ever happen regarding that damned hash code check? I got the most current list of phone number(s) for the Los Angeles area and did a quick list of permutations (dashes/spaces) for them, in the off chance that us lowly potential skr1p+ k1dd13s could actually modify and update this thing. I'm not holding my breath, but figured I'd ask.

    Also, if anyone cares/wants to save 85 seconds of copypasta time:

    Los Angeles Scn-related numbers formatted for ClearCraig:
    792 1889,792-1889,818-397-2373,818-397 2373,818 397-2373,818 397 2373,8183972373,818-241-2381,818-241 2381,818 241-2381,818 241 2381,8182412381,323-953-3206,323-953 3206,323 953-3206,323 953 3206,3239533206,818-772-7949,818-772 7949,818 772-7949,818 772 7949,8187727949,818-772-7940,818-772 7940,818 772-7940,818 772 7940,8187727940,818-947-0600,818-947 0600,818 947-0600,818 947 0600,8189470600, 626-792-7532,626-792 7532,626 792-7532,626 792 7532,6267927532

  5. Budd Member

    Aug 17 - Looking for Dianetics partners - (Orlando) img activity partners
    Aug 17 - No Negativity Allowed - (Orlando) img groups
    Aug 17 - Are you a truth seeker? - (Orlando) img activity partners
    Aug 17 - Evening Classes - (Orlando) img groups
    Aug 16 - Fight for your rights - (Orlando) img activity partners
    Aug 16 - Lovers of Wisdom - (Orlando) img activity partners
    Aug 16 - Stop the Stress Group - (Orlando) img groups
    Aug 16 - Something Can Be Done About It Group - (Orlando) img groups
    Aug 14 - Ask, believe, receive! - (Orlando) img activity partners
    Aug 14 - Help for Anxiety - (Orlando) img activity partners
    Aug 14 - Evening Classes - (Orlando) img activity partners
    Aug 13 - Help for Anxiety - (Orlando) img activity partners
    Aug 11 - Improve your Self-Esteem - (Orlando) img groups
    Aug 11 - Become Less Introverted - (Orlando) img groups
    All have been flagged as "spam/overpost" both yesterday and today.
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  6. dtotherex Member

  7. pedrofcuk Member

    Self Analysis - EUR13 (Dublin)

    Date: 2011-07-29, 8:51PM IST
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

    Do you really know yourself? Now you can , with "Self Analysis". This book will take you through your past, your potentials, your life. First, with a series of self-examinations and using a special version of the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation, you plot yourself on the Tone Scale. Then, applying a series of light, yet powerful processes, you embark on the great adventure of self-discovery. Buy the book "Self Analysis" by L. Ron Hubbard. Send a cheque or postal order for €20 (€13 + €7 delivery) to Church of Scientology Mission of Dublin, 62/63 Middle Abbey St., Dublin 1. For credit card purchases, please phone 00353 1 8720007 All orders will be shipped within 24 hours.

    • Location: Dublin
    • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests


    PostingID: 2519927956

    it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests - ffs lol lmao :D
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  8. pedrofcuk Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

  10. Anonymous Member

    Update: No sign of JJ or his cell no. in Boston. ( just a single ad using boston;s addy & phone) Could all that bulk reporting earlier this spring finally paid off?
  11. TorontosRoot Member

    Searching for scientology or dianetics on kijiji usually yields lots of culty results. Toronto craigslist too, although I haven't done it in quite some time. I'll do those reporting :)
  12. xenubarb Member

    Dan is back on San Diego CL, shilling for Scientology. (which he continues to fail mentioning)
  13. Sponge Member

    los angeles craigslist > SF valley > community > general community

    Family Counseling (West SFV)

    Date: 2011-09-14, 11:19PM PDT
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

    Are you and your family not communicating as much as you did last week, last month or even last year?
    How well do you all get along? Could that use some help as well to get it back to the way it used to be?

    The CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY provides consultations for families, couples as well as individuals.
    The problems listed above are the sort of thing we are here to help with, with non-drug and non-psychiatric solutions.
    We'll help you with your individual or family issues. You can learn more about our organization and activities by checking out

    To talk to a live consultant, call (818) 772-7949.
    We are the Church of Scientology, Mission of the West Valley.
    Location: 21010 Devonshire St., Chatsworth, CA 91311
    Hours: We are open weeknights from 7-10PM and on Saturday from 10AM-5PM

    Copyright 2011 CSWVM. All rights reserved. L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology and Dianetics are trademarks and service marks owned by Religious Technology Center and used with its permission. Services relating to Scientology religious philosophy are delivered throughout the world exclusively by licensees of the Church of Scientology with permission of Religious Technology Center, holder of the Scientology and Dianetics trademarks.

    •Location: West SFV
    •it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

    PostingID: 2599504338

  14. Budd Member

    My "friend" Dominick no longer shows up when I do a Search for his name, but the posts are actually still there if you go to the specific categories (usually Activities and Groups) and then scroll down through the category listings. This isn't ghosting according to the vid clip above. Is anyone else seeing this?

    Also, are there any negative consequences to me flagging his posts all the time? Does CL take action against MY account?

    9/14-9/28: Setting and Achieving Your Goals Life Improvement Course - (Orlando) img
    9/14-9/28: How To Achieve Self-Confidence Life Improvement Course - (Orlando) img
    9/14-9/28: Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life - (Orlando) img
    9/14-9/28: Tools to Overcome Financial Stress Life Improvement Course - (Orlando) img
    9/15-9/29: Personal Efficiency Life Improvement Course - (Orlando) img
    9/15-9/29: Effective Time Management Life Improvement Course - (Orlando) img
    9/15-9/29: How to Achieve Self-Confidence - (Orlando) img
  15. TorontosRoot Member

    I posted numerous reply ads against Co$ ottawa postings on kijiji and the next day, all were removed? Damn, the cult is hostile!!
  16. xenubarb Member

    Every once in a while, "Dan" from the SD org gets a wild hair and offers "counselling." I reply. Yesterday, I got a reply to my reply:

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  17. xenubarb Member

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  18. Anonymous Member


    You are a genius! Love your CL ads!
  19. Anonymous Member

    Oh, look what i found on CL.......


    Have you or your family been a victim of a cult?

    Date: 2011-09-29,

    The Church of Scientology is considered, by many, to be the most dangerous cult in the nation.

    Would you like to see the Church of Scientology investigated by the Justice Dept / FBI / IRS ?

    So would thousands of other Americans.

    There is currently a major push to obtain 5000 signatures on a petition - that has just been put up on the US Whitehouse website. The petition has only been up for 5 days, and it already has over 1700 signatures, another 3300 signatures are needed by October 24, 2011 in order for an official investigation to be initiated.

    Please consider signing this petition, and help spread the word. The petition is to call for the investigation by a Special Prosecutor into why the FBI / Justice Dept/ IRS have failed to investigate and prosecute Scientology, when over 300+ formal complaints have been submitted to the FBI.

    This is quick and easy, and takes only 5 minutes. Only your first name and last initial will show up on the petition. Here is the website:

    Or the shorter URL:

    Please spread the word!
  20. Budd Member

    Dominick has been gone from Orlando CL for a month or two, but suddenly Tony showed up yesterday. The new series of ads are not using the standard photo artwork that they had been for the last six months or so, just text.
    I posted the following, and it got yanked down the next day. Evidently Tony bawwwed.
    Yeah, I know. TLDR. Probably reason #2 it got yanked.

    Are you a truth seeker at heart? - (Orlando) img activity partners
    Group for learning about life - (Orlando) img groups
    Group for People Into Self-Improvement - (Orlando) img groups
    Lovers of Wisdom - (Orlando) img activity partners
    Evening Classes - (Orlando) img activity partners
    Lovers of Wisdom - (Orlando) activity partners

    Before you sign up for their "activities" or "groups" please take two minutes and read this...

    Just so you know, any posts by "Dominick at 407-228-9976" are for the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY.

    Why do they have to hide anonymously and NOT tell you who they really are? What deadly secrets are they not talking about?

    Why do they post multiple times a day without giving their true name? WHAT are they hiding? Maybe because. . .

    Scientology = mind control
    Scientology = forced abortions
    Scientology = child labor violations
    Scientology = government infiltration
    Scientology = mind control brainwashing
    Scientology = banned in several countries
    Scientology = one-billion year work contracts
    Scientology = re-education forced labor camps for those who go astray
    Scientology = $380,000 to learn the secrets about their space alien god XENU

    $CIENTOLOGY IS PEDDLING DIANETICS! Here are some websites to educate you about this dangerous group:

    Don't take the bait because, free or not, it will lead to heartbreak, insanity, possibly death.

    EDUCATE YOURSELF, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER - The Truth is out there, and forewarned is forearmed.

    Learn the TRUTH about Scientology: - "It has often been described as a cult that financially defrauds and abuses its members, charging exorbitant fees for its spiritual services." - "Dianetics" the non-religious philosophy that preceded it: "Dianetics is nothing more than an example of pseudoscience trying to legitimize itself." - the college dropout and hack science-fiction writer who invented it in the early 1950s. "a liar, a charlatan and a madman, and many of his autobiographical statements have been proven to be fictitious."


    Find out the truth about why so many top veteran scientologists have "blown" (left/quit) the cult and are now speaking out. Scientology's R.P.F. REHABILITATION PROJECT FORCE FOR CRIMES OF THOUGHT! YOU MUST SEE THE TRUTH! - WHO KILLED LISA McPHERSON? - IF YOU ARE IN SCIENTOLOGY AND WANT OUT - What really happened to the wife of church leader David Miscavige? Did she did a normal death, or was she quietly "disposed of" by her husband? - THOUGHT CRIMES? SCIENTOLOGY'S RPR: REHABILITATION PROJECT FORCE - BRAIN DAMAGE VICTIM SWINDLED - IF YOU ARE IN SCIENTOLOGY AND WANT OUT - For full and very detailed information. BTW, "XENU" is the name of their space alien god... whose existence is kept a secret until you have paid over $380,000, and by then it is too late for you.


    You are just one click away from saving yourself $380,000 and years of heartache.
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  21. acepi86 Member

    Here is there number and e-mail. Its funny that they have to make a gmail account lol!!!
    (651) 298-8888
    First link is for "Marriages break down because of incompatible personalities?"

    And the second link is for "Want Job Security?" ($50 a week will get you far lol)

    And my fav one of there post is asking those who are seeking traing and telling them to "don't waste money."
  22. Sonichu Moderator

    Fire those Poons!!

    ANd yeah, I mentioned earlier with their stupid Freewinds Film Week that the info line was a gmail account. That totally makes them look legit.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Smack those ads hard!!
  24. Budd Member

    For more information on what has happened on CL in other cities, search here on "clear craig." Co$ ads are all over Orlando CL under Groups and under Activities.
    I regularly flag them as "spam/overpost" also post my own Anonymous-style warnings to the unsuspecting public, with links to truth sites... and Co$ flags them back. Mine get deleted, but theirs stay up. :^(
  25. Anonymous Member

    Yeah well, they shoot themselves in the foot anyway.

    They've already done far more damage to their advertisements than we ever could.

    They admitted they were the Church of Scientology.
  26. RightOn Member

    they hit Craigs SO often, dont' they?
    they must be in every nook and crannny in just about every state and overlapping into others
    A Craig's List Clam Squad is needed so that COS can GTFO lol!!!
  27. xenubarb Member

    If you post in rant & rave, they leave it up. Nothing gets deleted in r&r.
  28. xenubarb Member

    I like to post a response including a pic of the org here and a caveat: "If you wind up here at this building, RUN!"
  29. Anonymous Member

  30. James Spader Member

    OP, I've merged your thread with the ClearCraig megathread.
  31. Budd Member

    Eye likes dis.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Oh, guess what I found on Craigslist...... :)

    for sale / wanted > boats
    Large 19th century Clipper ship -- Not exactly seaworthy

    Date: 2011-

    Have you ever dreamed of owning a clipper ship? Even though it might need extensive repairs to be seaworthy?

    This ship has a very unique history, it was built for a crazy old fart who loved the sea. But due to several federal agencies being interested in his whereabouts, as well as running out of seaports that were friendly to him, the old sailor was forced to retire (incognito) to the desert.

    He yearned for the sea, so his personal "assistants" (young teenage girls, in white hot pants, bare midriffs, and boots) decided to do something about it. A three-mast, rudderless, clipper ship was built, just for him. Since they did not want the old fart, delusional in his old age, to actually try to sail this ship. . .. . they built it INTO a cliff overlooking several acres in the desert.

    I'd love to tell you more about the history of this old ship, and it's bat-shit crazy Commodore. . ...but alas. . ...this ad is about selling a ship and I have limited space.

    The ship is majestic, but is missing some parts. Most importantly, it has restrooms, a snack bar, broad wooden deck, mermaid figurines and, at its gangplank, a fishing net adorned with plastic crabs. What more could you ask for? Any reasonable offer will be considered.


    UPDATE # 1: Several of you have emailed me about the previous owner of the ship, along with some really crude and revolting cartoons and jokes about L. Con Hubbard.


    For serious bidders only.......Hurry, this priceless antique won't last long in this hot, hot market.

    UPDATE # 2: Your concerns about. . .. . . a violent, abusive, megalomaniac midget that controls the ship and surrounding compound . . .. . ..with heavily armed guards? Where do you people get this stuff? Got Paranoia much??? And for the record, at 4' 10", he's not a midget.

    Only serious offers will be considered. Hurry, this deal is too good to last.

    UPDATE # 3: Ok Ok. . .. . .. . .I'm tired of this shit already. . .. . ...anyone who wants this termite invested, rotting piece of shit . . ..can have it for free. . .. . .But I'm not helping you excavate it. . .. . .you're on your own.

    • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

    Continue Edit Again
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Has anybody been running the Clear Craig thingy? I haven't seen this thread much recently.
  34. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Actuality what do folks think about warning people on Criags List with post of our own? "Are you being targeted by a cult and don't know it?" If you see these adds on Criags List they are from the Risist, Homophobic, Child raping, Hate group, Cult called Scientology!
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Great idea,

    I love to see anon postings popping up at different cities......some are hilariously funny!

    Always need help on Sacramento, Atlanta, Orlando, New Haven,Boston.......please jump right in and flag away. I do it while watching TV so I don't get bored!
  36. Anonymous Member

    Could we get the ClearCraig program to show the number for New Haven, Conn.? It's 203-387-7670. Thanks!
  37. Anonymous Member

    UPDATE: Added CT. -> New Haven
    (i thought that place was dead and gone.)
  38. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Looks like they are leasing half the space.

    Possible captions?
  39. Budd Member

    Yay, New Haven! I was on a raid there a few years ago while on a business trip in Shelton, CT.
  40. anoninoob Member

    anyone wanna ping Tony O on this? Deceptive practices and spamming, story could have a lot of legs.
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