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Discussion in 'Projects' started by SomeRandGuy, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. pierrot Member

    We now have a nice set of spread sheets, after some regular trawling we record the raw information and manipulate it into 4 worksheets.

    1, The <Daily Wip>; with the last 8 days entries, the CL posts are recorded there in the sequence that we capture them.
    The Daily Wip is used as the source to the other worksheets.
    2, The <Daily Blues> was our first spread sheet listing all postings in City sequence (1 column per day), we keep a rolling 8 days
    3, The <Regional List> This is a 7 days ads history by Region/State/Area in city and dates sequences.
    4, The <last 4 Days> a list of Ads for the last 4 days in city sequence.

    These worksheets include USA, Canada, UK and Ireland.

    The <Daily Wip> sheet is updated as regularly as we can every 2 to 3,4 hours from 12pm to 4:30am, we are flexible and can change this schedule as the posting pattern changes.
    The other sheets are updated once a day at around 4:30am (East coast time edt or est)

    The ideal flagging strategy is to flag/reflag EVERYDAY the <Last 4 Days> and then visit the <Daily Wip> every 2 to 3,4 hours in the afternoon and evening.
    Break it in smaller portion if it is too big to swallow.
    If one is really courageous one can do the whole of the <Regional List> instead of the <Last 4 Days>.
    One can also do day by day with the <Daily Blues>!

    Those who do not have the time have a few options:
    1, flag your region and or adopted regions from the <Regional List>.
    2, flag the last 1 or 2,3 days from the <Daily Blues>
    3, go down the <Daily Wip> as far as you can.

    Do not forget the flagging methods as explained in the <Last 4 Days> and the Router Reboot Tech as explained there also.

    We need flaggers, we need more fire power, spread the news, motivate the Anons, Bunkerites, family and friends.
    We got the tools, we need the fingers.
    We are trying to negotiate a “Donation Fee” from Big Pharma” calculated on the number of flags with special bonuses for numbers of REMOVAL.

    Here is the first installment, (sorry I cannot remember who to credit, thanks Anon).
  2. Thor316 Member

    I could use some help sliming these guys on clist Nashville if anyone is willing. I've been doing it, but I can only do so much. Peace
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  3. pierrot Member

    This site is not very well known, it has been replaced 2 years ago by : https:///threads/taking-down-co-on-craigslist-co-ads-on-craigslist.113779/page-119
    Your appeal might have more effect there and/or if you follow Ortega at the Bunker:
    There has been good counter ads there, if they are yours good for you, your efforts are well appreciated all around.

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