Project: ClearCraig

Discussion in 'Projects' started by SomeRandGuy, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Like anyone here is going to know?

    Of course, it's possible....
  2. Anonymous Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig 0 posts flagged! 7 posts flagged! 0 posts flagged! 5 posts flagged! 0 posts flagged! 0 posts flagged! 0 posts flagged! 0 posts flagged! 5 posts flagged! 6 posts flagged! 9 posts flagged! 12 posts flagged! 11 posts flagged! 21 posts flagged! 40 posts flagged! 23 posts flagged! 39 posts flagged! 44 posts flagged! 25 posts flagged! 72 posts flagged! 166 posts flagged!

    485 posts flagged!
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    I will try it and use it to flag these posts on Craigslist. I do have a question, can we use this to flag ads that are overposted and posted as jobs when they are not jobs and are therefore misusing Craigslist? If not, is there anywhere to get help with that?
  5. Boca Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    BUMP. The Co$ is getting much more sneaky on Craigslist. Found this bullshit today.
    Classes for Depression/Anxiety/Stress
    No mention of sci or dianetics, but still fail.
    This is the phone number for the Miami org: (305) 445-7812
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Im in Ubuntu wondering the same thing. I'm also wanting to see the source code to try compiling it if nothing else.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Please do it. Or maybe make a web-based version that'll run in any browser? That would be awesome.
  8. Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Great ideas. Do we need a new dat file btw?
  9. timthephoto Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    linux fags with w.i.n.e. installed might try placing both files in the /home/ directory (actually it's /home/user_name/) that way the application will be able to find it's data file
  10. vaLLarrr Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Harpoons manned, thar she blows!!

    Good call on that link. Let's have some moar! ;)
  11. Re: Project: ClearCraig

    I'm one of those linux fags, but chose to dig an old ME out of the closet, so as not to be left out of all the fun. WinME didn't come with NET installed, so here's all the download links needed to run ClearCraig: [cross-post ExScn]
  12. Puppetmama Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    I'd love a version of ClearCraig that runs on Mac os 10. Also, I think we need to update the phone numbers. On the existing ClearCraig list I know the Seattle number is off (wrong area code and not the numbers in use now). Also, clearing the snail method, how the number is written matters (XXX) XXX-XXXX gets a different list than XXX.XXX.XXXX and XXX-XXX-XXXX. Not sure if this holds true for ClearCraig or not. The scilons are possibly aware of this and using it to prevent all listings from being blocked. I've seen the same phone numbers transcribed different ways in several cities. I would be happy to harvest phone numbers from Craig's List for this project if anyone wants to PM me.
  13. AnotherSock Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    /r/ a "how to..." on editing the .dat file ourselves, to target new Scilon telephone numbers and addresses as and when they appear.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Not sure if this is what you mean?

    Ex Scientologist Message Board - View Single Post - TARGET FOUR - THE CULT IS PLAYING HARDBALL !!!

    QUOTE=Dulloldfart;446570]I just flagged 1485 posts in a couple of minutes, with the usual two clicks.

    I definitely recommend replacing the data file with the other one. It's not hard. Just navigate to wherever you put the application, and open the data file with Notepad, say. Replace the contents that come with the application download, namely: .........................................


    I assume the data file searching works on phone number and address, etc

    So what do the long stream of letters and numbers mean?

    Short data file - EB56F8885496CB259D7F19F61C3F176

    Longer data file - B1DEE78B2C8E612D2AA89C1D83D11C32
  15. AnotherSock Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Yeah, I'm assuming that the hex header on the data file has to match its contents, or it won't work properly?

    Was hoping to be able to change/add new phone numbers, etc., as the [STRIKE]Borg adapt their shields[/STRIKE] Scilons adapt their posts.

    But as long as somebody here doesn't mind keeping the data file up to date, no worries.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Well the OP was last updated 13th Sept 2009
  17. da5id Administrator

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    i would hold off on this currently guys.. i spoke to the dev of the app and the reason he stopped updating it is because it wasnt working very effectively. likely due to flood filters, etc. So trying to do it now likely wouldnt amount to much.

    But, we are working on some ideas that could work and hopefully will be able to have some stuff available in the next few weeks.
  18. Re: Project: ClearCraig

    If your bot doesn't work the clicker on the mouse still functions, man the harpoons boys! :cool:
  19. BLiP Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Any whizz kids out there who can update the .dat file to include wider searches, more flags, etc etc etc . . . puleeze!
  20. Schizomuch Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    I cleared craigslist many times now lol
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    I do it manually. It's slower, but has the added value of being up close and personal.
  22. TorontosRoot Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    We need to directly report it all to the staff at craigslist, also, use dox that are provided by these scifags.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    collect some dox
  24. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Mmmm. Like strangulation.
  25. Anonymous Member

  26. kitfisto Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Can this be temporarily stickied ?
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Website Under Review

    You are seeing this page because the system administrator of is currently checking this website for malicious content. This redirect page will be removed once we finish manually checking all files on this account. Since we check over 100 websites per day, it can take about 2-4 hours to complete. If you are the owner of this website, you will get an email confirmation once it's done. If you are a visitor, please come back later.
  28. AnotherSock Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    'Website Under Review' suggests that the host has received a complaint, right? I hope so, because that would show that what we're doing is upsetting idiot Scilons. It's always good to know that we're pissing in their soup.

    Meanwhile, there's several million other places where you can host your app, if you want to. The clams will be about as successful at getting the new ClearCraig taken down as they were with the Tom Cruise video...
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    It's back CLEARCRAIG / MV 0.1 beta Manual Version
    Note: @ 000webhost, if you get a sudden surge in traffic on a new URL, they shut it down till they can check it out. Had to many index spyders shut a new site down before.
  30. BLiP Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Would this tool be getting other places added to it at all?
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Yep, was researching more while it was down. Working my way thru Craigs main cities. First, redesigning the nav buttons on the craig viewer[/]. to many clicks.
  33. Gary Pariani Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    lol i still have the old version. We need to just have this set as a chron job or something that runs everyday all day.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Love the new manual ClearCraig. Some new numbers:
    Seattle-(425) 558-7644 Will
    S.F. Bay Area- (408) 512-9053 Julie
    408.971,7234 Chris
    (415) 571-7871 415-571-7871 Barb
    (408) 428-2424 Ilene
    800 801-3944 Dana
    831 426-2146 Elizabeth
    415-571-0847 Marcela

    Can these and others be added. Also, is there any way to facilitate the switch between community and event as some scilons post in both categories? Thanks to whoever is doing the work on this. I have more numbers but no time at the moment to enter them.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    More phone #'s

    L.A. Area

    626-792-7533 Connie
    818 209 7859 / 818-209-7859 Don
    (818) 241-2381 Clare
    (323) 937-5240 Kristen
    818-772-7949 Geoff or Iris
    (310) 226-2464 Samantha
    818-947-0600 Nancy
    (818) 334-6028 Patricia
    (818) 624-9330 Babs
    (818) 995-3460 Lori or Maria
    626 792-2746 Connie


    404-969-5141 John


    857-247-0648 JJ


    847.289.8111 JoAnne


    713-974-6299 Chantell


    (305) 445-7812 Bob


    (407) 228-9976 Dominick
  36. sheeple Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    I have flagged every Craigs List Sci ad in Miami, Austin, Atlanta, Seattle and Sacramento so far.
    I'll finish the rest of the cities before bedtime...

    To the anon behind this site, a huge thank you!
  37. ravenanon Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

  38. kitfisto Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Every doubt which you have right this minute is just an *abberation. Anything which is fighting you at this moment is within you. There is nothing - people, fire, swords, police, national government, economic systems, none of these things - that could stop you once you've started.

    Just read that on a post and laughed my fucking ass off!!!
    God damned swords and fire and the national government scares the shit out of me constantly . Always looking over my shoulder for that random sword and fire encounter that happens from time to time . This must have been written right after the Epic Sword Guy fiasco . lol
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: Project: ClearCraig

    Nioce! Here's an assist for OP - the following zip will greatly expand it. Includes updated index.html plus secondary pages in the appropriate state subdirectory to add additional cities & searches noted in this thread and on ESMB.

    new/edited locations: orlando, houston, OC, SF Bay, tampa, nashville, boston, st louis, seattle, atlanta, phoenix, dallas

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