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Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by Cthulhu-IRAN, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Cthulhu-IRAN Member

    Myself and some others are trying to put together a system of communication for the Iranian protesters to use to communicate between each other and broadcast in a way that's unblockable.

    The basic premise basically involves two seperate halves:

    The first half is the backbone, where we have a lot of technology related things. Jabber servers that you can connect to as a tor hidden server, websites, a forum, irc channel, whatever. Basically, a place where the information can be sent to, and sent from, in a way that can be vetted for accuracy.

    The other half is the main distribution service. Shotgunned SMS to the entire Iranian nation so that no one can be singled out, prerecorded messages sent to people over the phone, a short wave radio network, etc. Information gets passed down from the backbone, and then distributed over this, and then finally to the everyday protester fighting for his or her rights.

    We want to be able to bring up two new means of communication for every one that they block. If we can set this up in a sustainable way, that makes it impractical if not outright impossible to stem the flow of information, it can solve one of the biggest issues posed by the protesting and any possible revolutionary measures: Organized communication.

    You have to take into account that with internet access being unreliable at best, simple websites and proxies are not going to be able to reach everyone. But by the same token, lower tech measures are also more easily compromised. We've got to figure out a way to organize this so that it can operate even with the assumption that parts of it are being listened in on, and in the case of things like the short wave radio, even having false info broadcasted. #iran.hydra
    #iran.hydra - WebIRC - AnonNet

    Most of the discussion so far is being done over IRC, but we'll definitely be looking at this thread. Anyone who wants to help, please join. Any ideas - even bad ones - can help us figure things out, and people might see flaws in our logic that we've missed.
  2. Make a Firefox plugin that lets a link refer to an eMule identifier, so that you can browse the web via filesharing, without having to connect to the original server. Web pages with no server-side content can then be shared over local networks. You might need to make it operate over port 25 or 80; otherwise, the govt can just block eMule's ports.

    A simpler solution is just to invent some keywords to put into filenames that you want to distribute, like "iran protest 090623" and distribute them on eMule. Note eMule will not find "protests" if you ask for "protest".
  3. You do realize that all SMS messages are monitored by the government? This is a known fact. Also, I wouldn't put it past them to bug phones.
  4. Member

    In that case, how would you countermeasure a bugged phone? ;)
  5. Cthulhu-IRAN Member

    Right. Which is why you shotgun it to every number in the Iranian range. The point isn't always to hide the information from the government - they'll learn even if you only have word of mouth that there's a protest at freedom square at 5pm

    The point is making sure everyone else knows too.
  6. Irc

    I love that running a TOR exit node gets me K-Lined from the anon IRC servers...

  7. Cthulhu-IRAN Member

    Looks like this got moved. Again. The project is about far more than just staying anonymous in Iran. That's just the very base of it. In fact, large parts of it would require a lack of anonymity.

    Ironically, since I was just railing against it, the first thing to show from Project Hydra is a tool that allows anonymous encrypted connections to a jabber server acting as a gateway to Yahoo, AIM, MSN, etc. It works through tor hidden service, to the connect between the user and the server is completely encrypted, end to end.

    We've teamed up with ProtesterHelp to set it set up that confirmed news and information can also be passed along globally to everyone using it as a gateway.

    It's available as a portable app style package, weighing in at a bit under 6 megs. Once we finish some testing, it should be available on torrents. In the mean time, if you're someone in Iran who needs access to an instant messenger, or in a position to get it to someone who does, please send me a PM or contact me on IRC.
  8. eventually this will have to solved. It seems like a physical task, replacing cell technology in Iran. Phones should be soft upgraded to a protocol that defeats the system
    the Iranian government owns(nokia)??
    are we looking at waiting for bricked phones to be replaced with newer phones that protect our personal security? Where is Obamas new cyber privacy czar? Put these things on the top of the adgenda!

    I love this thread.

  9. BadMojo Member

    or speak Navajo

  10. Cthulhu-IRAN Member

    They can't monitor all of the phones with humans, and automatic tech based on keywords can be defeated by creating your own codewords for things and changing them on a regular basis. Like mentioned above this post, using Navajo, would be a possibility. Speaking it entirely is probably overkill, but using some words from it instead of the usual words in Farsi or English, would probably get past their keyword filter.
  11. patrick30 Member

    Yousab voip vpn messenger

    I have posted above a new topic regarding the vpn voip.
    It would seem to me that you should maybe look at this YouSAB Community VPN Messenger|VPN service|Anonymous Surfing, because as i have mentioned in my post all of the traffic going to and from your computer is fully encrypted and you can use VOIP and messenger chat function which is built into the program which is also encrypted!
    All of the IT boffins out there perhaps you can test this service and tell me and us all how secure this is?
    Personnelly, i cant be bothered or dont want to take the risk in been maybe maybe not secured especially when my security is at stake!
    I have some close friends who are in the IT world and they say that this software is the next big thing in online security, it certainly has more functions than anything thats been suggested so far?
    PS I dont have anything to do with this company i am merely trying to fine the best secure solution and care about whats happening to these poor people in Tehran!!!
  12. Lots of bandwidth here

    Store images and messages at Defeat Theocracy Now! for copy/paste later. Obvious government propaganda and disinformation will be deleted.

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