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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Objective: Gather clues regarding Scientology's infiltration of other religious groups

    Today's log entry: Vipassana Forum visitor 1-11-2009

    mattkingnz stops by a Buddhist forum and leaves a comment comparing Scientology to Buddhism. He says "clearing" the reactive mind is similar to clearing tension in parts of the body during meditation. He says that Scientologists and Buddhists both believe in an eternal spirit separate from the body and mind. Both believe in reincarnation. So Buddhism and Scientology are practically the same. The bad stuff you hear? All lies. Don't listen.

    Yet mattkingnz outs himself as a manipulator. He pretends he's not-a-Scientologist-but...
    Later he posts:
  2. uncoerced Member

    Is it possible the "our" is just referring to people who have religions in general? Since the poster changes from "our goal" to "you are"? As in, My goal no matter what my religion is, is to become blah blah, your goal no matter what your religion is to become blah blah, one's goal no matter what one's religion is to tell me as a noob to gtfo or qft... in the nicest way possible...
  3. Anonymous Member

    what you said sounded about right to me.
    but yeah, it is not accurate to compare Scn to Buddhism.
    scn does not view compassion as being a part of an enlightened consciousness, imo.
    nothing wrong with talking about stuff....
    heavy dude meditators could probably whip someone around pretty easily just for lulz/
  4. NewfAnon Member

    Can't register to post a reply. Registration is "temporarily closed" :-((

    Mattkingnz sez "i just want to end by sayin dont believe anythin you read about sctlgy unless it comes from the church itself.. the goverment has tried so hard to surpress it..why? cos they know how useless they would be if everybody started to become clear and be able to think for themselves. also when people are clear they rarely become sick so the pharmacuptuals (?) wud miss out too"

    ...need ...POON ...SO ...BAD!!!!111!!
  5. Incredulicide Member

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