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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, May 4, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Lots of info/links on this site.
  2. carrolskeri Member

    First, thank you for the link and information. Second, wonderful lip service from Eric Holder, but without the funding, that's what it is, lip service. In a climate of sequester, austerity, and furloughs, how much teeth will this initiative really have? Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that governments are actually having this dialogue, but it only goes to demonstrate that it's becoming a problem of epidemic proportions, with enough people clamoring that something needs to be done. But here's to hoping the D.O.J. takes more initiative than they did with the banks....besides, statistically speaking, we also have to consider just how many of these groups and law makers include those that are pedophiles or enablers themselves. Tends to pose a conflict of interest.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    I would prefer that they focus on the banks. Great disparities in wealth --with one class of people effectively above the law-- will mean more exploitation of the weak generally. I'm not sure that more effort to protect children from stranger danger at this point will make a huge difference. We already hate pedos and prosecute them severely when we catch them.
  4. FloGold Moderator

    We constantly keep that in mind, but right now we are starting small (sorta).
    We would love nothing than to be able to expose the huge crime syndicates where Child sexual abuse and child Slave trade are nothing more than another sournce of income coming to them much like drug trafficking and firearms.

    But sadly we just regular civilians, and even tho we dont do anything illegal, i personally, I'm scared beyond reason to work with police because of my associations on the internet and proactive activism activities. But if we start small but noisy (like taking in FB, which is used all over the world) than maybe, just maybe these people will at least acknowledge that there are people out there that know what they're up to with kids.
  5. carrolskeri Member

    And if 90% of the children abused, weren't done so by someone they know, I'd say there was some Merritt to your stranger danger rejoinder.
    "When we catch them". And how many aren't caught, are acquitted, are having their cases overturned on appeal, because of a technicality, or are exploiting the legal system to delay their sentencing? How many have they abused before they were caught and the Statute of Limitations limiting their accountability?
    I too would appreciate if the DOJ focused on the banks, there really isn't any reason, other than intent, that both can't be accomplished.They prosecute and persecute what they believe will further their agenda, whatever that may be, hopefully they will invest the resources on par with the lip service in this instance.
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