Promotion of February 10th

Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by SPVII, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. SPVII Member

    Promotion of February 10th

    A problem that I can foresee with such a movement is a lack of numbers on our part. Granted, were bigger than "a small hacker club" but so far, in enturbulation we are somewhat tiny. We may end up fighting a brutal war against attrition.

    For February 10th to be a success we need numbers. Anon alone will not and can not make the impact it so desires. Where the real progress will be made is in bringing in concerned public.

    An Idea that popped into my brain is this. Why not schedule raids for this coming weekend? In fact, customized fliers could, and should be made advertising February 10th. This would be simple to create and could raise numbers to escalated heights.

    In addition to greater numbers raids the weekend before our biggie would further prove that we are NOT going away quickly or quietly.

    Keep it legal.
    Keep it safe.
    Keep it fun.
  2. xenuslc Member

    Good idea. My friends and I were thinking of passing out the cards or Hubbard Bucks from SA on Saturday, and then on Sunday catching the Christians in/after church and letting them know what L. Ron thought of Jesus. In addition, there will be press releases one week, three days, and one day before the 10th.
  3. The thing is, if only 5 people show up to each church across the nation then that is HUGE. That alone should merit TV media attention, and if it doesn't... What the fuck? The goon presence alone in these 'raids' is more than enough to shake things up, then there's the Anon's that will show up and the rest of the general internet/RL public.

    People are already organizing separate protests, the videos are on Youtube. People are passing out fliers, putting them up, informing people. Honestly, I can see this escalating until the 10th where more and more people are being informed by the internet, word of mouth, etc etc.
  4. If only 5 show up at each church it proves we have more numbers than their entire organization.
  5. Atomosk Member

    I plan to pass out information in Austin this weekend, as a pretense to the 10th. Anyone who wants to help, PM me.
  6. SPVII Member

    Oh I agree totally, 5 members at each location could indeed make quite a splash. I just believe with a little extra effort we can really make some magic happen.
  7. Another Anon suggestion. Start spreading the word on your local radio call-in shows. Get onto local message boards and try to start topics concerning the date in question. Encourage individuals to contact their local Scientology centers for answers to important questions. More than just Anonymous individuals can contribute to this movement, an informed populous will begin to react if prompted with the right proposal. Here is an example, using the message I posted on a local radio station forum.

    Edit: I just shot this across the email bows of my local officials as well. I also have plans to get this re-drafted in hardcopy format to send physical letters out.
    We are Anonymous. February 10th is the beginning of the end. We wish to connect with people in our communities, in order to advocate informed debate and discussion about the threat posed by the L. Ron Hubbard Dianetics Foundation and Church of Scientology.

    You may have heard of us, but Anonymous is not what the media has portrayed it as. It is much more. We are the body politic, composed of internet users from all walks of life, across the planet. The masses have been desensitized to tragedy and have made apathy second nature, so our plan is to turn apathy to activism, ignorance to information. You will not be able to avoid the truth, because the freedom of information and communication is ingrained contemporary society. We will not be silenced, or intimidated by detractors, and each of us that falls will inspire more to speak and act for the truth.

    Our press release is here, outlining the Anonymous Movement Statement, along with our key points of concern with the Scientology Organization.

    To understand why we are motivated, please recognize February 10th as the birthdate of Lisa McPhearson, one of the victims of the cruel methods employed by Scientology.

    If personal suffering, and wrongful death does not move you to act, consider "Operation Snow White", one of the greatest infiltrations of Federal Agencies to date.

    Scientology is not a joke. The context presented in Trey Parker & Matt Stone's "South Park" is the tip of a sinister conspiracy designed to indoctrinate, intimidate, and ultimately rob average people of their livelihood and wealth, while using popular celebrities as figureheads and distraction from the true nature of their operation.

    Those of you interested in $cientology should contact the Anchorage Mission Headquarters at 1300 E8th Avenue, Suite 112, phone number 907-336-6086. Ask them why they take mentally unstable people off of their medication. Ask them why they seperate children from their parents while carrying out what they called 'Child Dianetics'. Ask them what the ultimate goals of Scientology are. If you recieve no answers, then you must understand that this so called faith keeps its believers in a state of misinformed suspense, all the while charging grossly outrageous fees for education on Doctrine, something that no true Church would possibly endorse.

    Having gained tax exempt status, Scientology is now maximizing profits, while pooling funds into harassment, and litigation against critics as well as concerned non-member relatives of church followers. They believe that intimidation tactics will suceeded without fail, because they have never faced a truely worthy adversary. After teaching for years that Scientology would eventually be persecuted and come under attack from Suppressive Persons, their wish is granted. But their enemy has no singular identity to attack or litigate.

    We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget. Expect Us.
  8. worth going round some forums maybe? there's a few i'm on and i was thinking of putting up a few details on them (under an anon guise of course)....
  9. SPVII Member

    Anonsense, It could garner some publicity, just be prudent.
  10. Love the letter A.S.H.
    Mind redistribution?
  11. yeah, understood. i was going to use the mask artwork for the posters and stuff but i see the temperature's changed on that now so scrap that. i'll put something together for the dates certainly and a few more of the interesting pieces from, fair game policy, etc. most of them have got threads from the call to arms video anyway so i'll just tag on from there - conversations are thriving so it should be pretty easy

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