Proof Anonymous is winning!

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by AnonKiwi, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. AnonKiwi Member

    Proof Anonymous is winning!

    Lots of the links in this thread are broken, as it was an enturb thread that was resurrected. There are two kinds of problems:
    1. The thread or post # is the old enturb one, and you won't find the thread without using the search function; or
    2. The link looks like it works, but it has an extra "http//" in the url. Delete that and the link will work fine.

    Hi. I thought I'd try and collate evidence that we're winning this struggle. That is, examples of Anonymous action having directly led to problems for the church or people getting out.

    Please feel free to add to my links and quotes. Winning is win!

    All of this stuff has happened since our glorious worldwide protest.

    Scientologists evicted in Santa Cruz[/url:3as0qqrt]
    Head Honcho of Alberta, Canada mission quits[/url:3as0qqrt]
    Can anyone in Alberta verify this? If this is true, then can we consider this the first victory of the battle? :)[/quote:3as0qqrt]

    Tory reports from an insider: We're driving the COS crazy[/url:3as0qqrt]

    Our protests lead to a radio show where an Irish scilon leaks new info[/url:3as0qqrt]
    Reports are coming in of Scientologists leaving the Church due to protests[/url:3as0qqrt]
    Narconon no longer allowed at at poster's school[/url:3as0qqrt]
    Dropping into the local COS to deliver Valentines cards freaks out Scilons[/url:3as0qqrt]
    Added 20% more win
    Added brassy Portland win
  2. Flame Member

    Thanks for that Anonkiwi

    fuel for the fire 8)
  3. Please can one of the mod's make this Sticky
  4. Wow! This is awesome!
  5. AnonNow Member

    SOmetimes I cannot believe this is working!!!
    This thread should be stickied for GREAT JUSTICE and motivation.
    I fucking LOVE that Santa Cruz report, that there is some pure LULZ!
  6. Camille Member

  7. saerat Member

    I love the fact that they have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide and we have everywhere to run and everywhere to hide =D
  8. Daywatch Member

    Epic wins are EPIC!
  9. AnonNow Member

  10. An0nYm0use Member

    I wonder. Can anyone get hold of the PDF of the Press Release issued by Co$ that was shown on g4 attack of the Show

    it should be too hard to get a pdf of the Co$ response
  11. AnonKiwi Member

    Damn, I knew I forgot something - added to the top. Keep posting more awesomeness as you see it!
  12. AnonKiwi Member

  13. Go go Emerald Island!

    And yea, NYC/Jersey fags, I think we can get masks next time. We'll need to be better about getting this cleared with the police in advance.
  14. Bumblefuck Member

    stickied for a day or so because of the awesomeness in the OP.
  15. korgy Member

    This is awesome. Gives me so much more motivation when I see results!
  16. chimera Member

    EPIC WIN. I'm excited for more. This thread is a huge motivator.
  17. Epic win, Anon! Stay strong and focused.
  18. Magoo Member

    And remember Anonymous: :anon:

    Since you all have begun this fight---exposing the abuses of Scientology---

    MANY People have begun to come out, that I cannot
    mention, as they're *almost* out----but not quite yet.

    Some of these people have been out for many, many years---
    Silenced by Scientology Executives, threatening them with fear.

    Now? Many are gearing up to speak out.

    Tick Tock, DM: I've told you *many* times:
    Tick Tock, Tick Tock----Time is on OUR side!

    :anon: :eek:hyeah: :mrgreen: :anon: :guyfawkes: :anon: :mrgreen: :anon: :anon: <<<<Remember that Army I warned you of?



  19. An0nYm0use Member

    I Love Magoo's Abuse of the Emoticons
  20. I think it is cute that you call it "abuse"

    anyhow, you should see what she does over at the OCMB!
  21. I am completely surprised at the outcome of this war. Way to go anon.
  22. badwolf Member

  23. x-9er Member

    I wiped out a few hundred "Clear Mind, Clear Body" pamphlets from various spots on campus today. Not difficult to grab them as I walk by and dump them in the nearest trash can.

    Small acts like this, repeated by thousands, have major impacts. So keep your eyes open!
  24. mudkipstoat23 Member

    Your last comment about LRH seems to have gone entirely, as does the comment I posted in reply to it, in which I said that anyone who doubted your claims should Google YHRI to find out all about their backers.

    I've just commented on their video about the Right To Public Assembly saying that their backers (careful not to use the $ word) didn't seem so happy about Anonymous' right to public assembly last weekend. It doesn't appear to have shown up.
  25. rasputin Member

  26. AnonKiwi Member

    If you can clarify if the council has changed their position on Narcanon then I'm definitely adding some winsauce to the OP!
  27. an()n Member

    Re: Proof Anonymous is winning!

    Tory reports from an insider: We're driving the COS crazy[/url:eek:jyingui]

    Our protests lead to a radio show where an Irish scilon leaks new info[/url:eek:jyingui]
    Reports are coming in of Scientologists leaving the Church due to protests[/url:eek:jyingui]
    Narconon no longer allowed at at poster's school[/url:eek:jyingui]
    Dropping into the local COS to deliver Valentines cards freaks out Scilons[/url:eek:jyingui]
    Added 20% more win
    Added brassy Portland win[/quote:eek:jyingui]
  28. ronaldkrizp Member

    Chances are... the Scienos won't call the media to report this, because it will show defeat if they do. Which is what is happening.
  29. Green Member

    This thread delivers. This news needs to spread.
  30. TheLimelight Member


    Seriously, the Santa Cruz and Irish posts made my heart fill with glee.

    5's all around!

    You have no idea how happy this makes me.

    Now, if we can get them out of D.C., oh man, that would be great.
  32. Lorelei Member

    Pardon me while I savor my (true) glee.

    Anon delivers...FOR GREAT JUSTICE!

  33. CanadaAotS Member

    Please add to the list the reinstatement of the 2.3 mil view Message to Scientology video.

    Youtube chose free speech over the Scienos it seems.
  34. ormuzd Member

    It looks like Scientology is starting to be passively blamed for anything suspicious happening. The Torontoist has an article about an anti-medication campaign in which the Church of Scientology was the first group accused of creating it.

  35. Re: Proof Anonymous is winning!

    Anonymous is really opening the eyes of people, the proof is here.
    As long as we keep the focus up, we will dominate.
    The war on exploitation and criminals masked above the clergy continues
    Fight on!
  36. argh Member

    Re: Proof Anonymous is winning!

    Oh, you mean the protest that various people are calling a failure?

  37. CandyWaffles Member

    Re: Proof Anonymous is winning!

    Success and Failure is a subjective decision. There hasn't been any real public knowledge of damage done to the CoS, just inside reports or disruption and some that we are rattling cages. We know we are making progress, but others will call it a failure until unquestionable success is made. We have our critics, but it is to be expected of our past, even I was critical of Anon making any actual change when I first heard of the movement, and didn't quite see the damage until I got myself involved.
  38. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Proof Anonymous is winning!

    Hiya. I am going to try and keep away from media victories in the OP - but please feel free to link/mention them if you want! I want CRY MORE LRON LULZ :lrhcries: wins to be the main focus on the thread and the OP.

    And don't forget folks. It's only been a week and look at our momentum! Hell, look at rego numbers on the forum! Doubled from 3k to 6k in a week!
  39. mudkipstoat23 Member


    YouTube have turned Fail into Win. Get over there and thank them for it, guise!
  40. AnonMomAnon Member

    Re: Proof Anonymous is winning!

    yippeeeeeeeeeee! i love this thread!

    i can tell you that all of the people i have spoken to here in the belly of the beast are tickled pink that anonymous is bringing this cult into the light!


    torymagoo? i read your posts and i can tell that you're just grinning! :D love the tick tock stuff....teehee.

    onward to march 15th!

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