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    There are simple, inexpensive ways to protect one's self against the weapons used by the enemies of freedom. I'll start by listing a few, cheap methods of dealing with CS gas, CN gas, and other common "crowd control" weapons.

    CS and CN gas (Tear Gas).
    A good writeup on dealing with gas can be found here: How to Deal with Tear

    • Carry air-tight goggles (swimming goggles are good) to keep gas from getting in your eyes.
    • Carry several vinegar or lemon juice soaked rags in a plastic bag. When CS or CN gas is used, breath through one of the rags. One rag will only work for a few minutes, and do not try to reuse them.

    Blunt weapons (rocks, sticks, batons, bean-bags or rubber bullets)

    • Carry a large, sturdy wooden sign with slogans or pictures on it. Use it as a shield to protect both yourself and fellow protesters. Several shields can be used to form a wall to protect retreating protesters, or slow an enemy attack. Make sure the handles are on the back, to keep your fingers from being smashed or hit.
    • Wear protective clothing (if it is not too hot -- evening or morning are good times) Padded clothing, several layers of clothing, or sports equipment (protective pads) are good.

    If anyone has anything to add or correct, please do so.

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