Protest art - who to give it to?

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by DEFY TYRANTS, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. DEFY TYRANTS Member

    Hey all - I made a wallpaper called "Free Iran" that I want to share with the world. Any ideas on how best to spread it?

    I've been reading the news for weeks, and have worked on this wallpaper for many days... while listening to Rage Against The Machine. Calm like a bomb.

    Please advise on getting my image out - the small one I can post here doesn't do the protesters justice.

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  2. If you post it on sites like etc then the search engines should pick it up. Just include all the keywords and a good discription.
  3. chich terest

    Use the [IMG] tags to embedd the thing in ur msg.
    That way some peepoe he-uh kin hep u wif dat, foo.
  4. I can help!

    I would love to post your artwork on my website, which is going to have a section dedicated to displaying protest art. If you want to have your image displayed on my website please send me the image, and any others you want to share to my email address:

    Please note that you will be given full credit for your artwork, just supply either your real name, or the internet handle that you want to appear on the credit for your piece of work.

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