Protest at the 77 Peter St. $cientology mOrg plans?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TorontosRoot, May 8, 2013.

  1. TorontosRoot Member

    Still trying to figure out a date for this, has to be on a saturday and in case any old folk need a refresher, they've relocated temporarily to 77 Peter street, between King and Aidelaide. It's steps away from king street and on the same side as the SportsNet building.

    Usual times for the protest are 11-4. Can haz big presence? :D
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  2. Irishgal55 Member

    Count me in any Saturday except June 15th!!!!!
  3. How about 11-May at 77 peter st? Yep, that's tomorrow.
  4. TorontosRoot Member

    Sounds good enough to me. Hope traffic doesn't snare my progress of getting there.
  5. Irishgal55 Member

    Gonna try my damnest to make it tomorrow!
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  6. I'll get there as soon as I can. If anyone gets there first and doesn't feel comfortable being the only one on the scene, call me or text me and I'll let you know my ETA.
  7. TorontosRoot Member

    Meeting place if the weather isn't desirable: Starbucks. It's just across the street on the south side of king. Hope I don't end up missing the alarm again like I did today for something else not related.
  8. Irishgal55 Member

    Arrghh I canna make it, but this time we have signs and masks ready so I will keep watching posts for any protest upcoming in this region, and also planning an excursion up in Mono near Caledon although I'm not sure it this is still active!
  9. TorontosRoot Member

    No problem, hopefully there's going to be one next saturday or the following next saturday. I can't wait to protest out in mono, it'll be the first time for me. Cambridge one rocked. :D
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  10. Irishgal55 Member

    Should be more prepared next time, Cambridge was my first protest. Hope you are all doing okay there today!
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  11. TorontosRoot Member

    There are details to follow. OSA used fair game to get the officiers to "handle" us to move across the street. All recorded in audio. Toronto cult is getting desperate? :O
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  12. Irishgal55 Member

    Good for you guys, moar details please!
  13. TorontosRoot Member

    Video footage and audio recordings will be put together soon.
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  14. TorontosRoot Member

    The Video:
    Mobile devices without adobe flash support:
    The Recordings:

    For mobile devices that do not support adobe flash player, copy and paste the links:

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  15. The worst thing about Scientology - the absolute removal of humour.

    Do any exes remember laughing a lot whilst in??
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Not an ex but I've heard laughter from the supposed 'audience' listening to LRH lecture, and try his hand at making jokes.

    Maybe it's canned laughter added to the voice-of-the-master lecture recordings?

    Your question is interesting with regard to how the 'second' audience of 'students' respond to these LRH lecture recordings "study materials" with the 'primary' audience presented to be laughing and enjoying LRH's 'jokes.'

    The photos below don't represent much in the way of audience laughter; smiles perhaps:

    Dianetics Class.jpg

    Dianetics lecture - Los Angeles, 1950

    seminar los angeles2 1950.jpg

    Dianetics Seminar - Los Angeles, 1950s. Those folks look rather grim.

    seminar los angeles 1950.jpg

    This one shows maybe some smiles...

    But I agree with your point about a removal of humour. However, I'm inclined to use the word "exterminate."

    Scilons replace humour with 'theta' following the extermination.
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  17. TorontosRoot Member

    You've got to have humour. Can't live without it much.
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