Protest in new england

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by Highwind, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. Highwind Member

    I want to give us time to set up something big. Planning a protest in NH. Shooting for Apr. 20, 2015. Its not illegal. Lets discuss. I am willing to buy at least 100 guy fawkes mask for people planning to show up or people who wanna join at location. Lets group up in new england and open some eyes!
  2. Highwind Member
    Question is where do we begin...I can research the most active. Any spots that stick out for u? Id be willing to manage a few locations if needed...the protest doesnt need to be about just scientology. I dont think thats the whole anonymous focus.
  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi highwind. We don't know what you want to protest against. You posted in the anti Scientology section. I suggest you go to the forums and find the section you want.
    There is work to be done in every part of WWP. Welcome here.
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  4. Highwind Member

    A protest on scientology can be (from what i find) anonymous first appearance in new england. Still doing some research on the best location. Itll take some time to get good and organized. Obviously will have a youtube of it later. Hopefully the date rings a bell ;)
  5. no thanks.
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  6. LIB3RTY. Member

    Count me in, get that mask ready. PM me to get more details cleared up
  7. Highwind Member

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  8. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hello Highwind
    The link to Scientology is a hot link. We dont link directly to Scientology. Its an IP trap.
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  9. Highwind Member

    I apoligize. Im still figuring out exactly how this site operates. I agree with the hotlink delete. Ty
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  10. I hope the date you chose for the protest isn't an indication of the activities you intend to partake in during said protest.

    WWP discourages illegal activities of any kind, and does not endorse them.
  11. Highwind Member

    I am not here to find acceptance of wwp. I simply am using wwp as a tool to band more local anons together. without wwp the protest is still happening let me assure u. How our protest decides to get our point out will not be posted publicly. After reading up on local laws it is not illegal by any means to have a protest or wear a mask during said protest. I hope to see more anons help.

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