Protest is not enough

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by Oizaz lahcen, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Oizaz lahcen Member

    States do not act in the interests of humanity, but in their own elitist material ones. Adverse long-term effects are minimized or completely denied. To really make a difference we must think and act globally. An influential minority with sufficient resources can do whatever they want. It is not possible to manipulate the whole world because of the diversity does not allow this. Therefore, we must debate political reforms necessary to raise up to this level. Therefore it is best to establish political parties that are working across borders. This idea I have 16 years without any progress.

    Therefore I would use this platform to find people who want to further develop these ideas to force a solution to the current impasse. We do not need a Tea Party but a World Party. The main driver of our human activity is a desire to be richer in material sense. This motive is not wrong but starts from a wrong and limited basis. Human capital is only a small part of an existential capital that our eco system is. We must find ways to value it and clearly identifiable in all our business activities in the broadest sense.
    A concrete proposal that I wants to launch in this community is the following:
    • Let's start initiatives that allow at 9/11/2011 exactly ten years after 9/11/2001 at the same time and same place (ground zero) the creation of "PartyWhitoutBorders".
    • If this by any reason not possible, it will be 11/11/ 2011 at 11:11 in another location.
    • Of course, much more active discussions and strategies must be developed to make this possible.

    I apologize for the translation from google. I live in Belgium. A country without government but not without hope.
  2. Anonymous Member

    pirate party imo
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Translation is not bad.

    Interesting Utopian vision, but unrealistic. Politicians must represent the interests of the people who elect them, and geographically separated groups of people have conflicting interests.
    Communism failed because you cannot force people to act altruistically.
    This idea fails for the same reason.

    I think that the UN, as weak and flawed as it is, is the best way of achieving your goal.
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  4. CarterUSP Member

  5. Seneca Member

    sign me up! Seems like an internet based overlay government could work.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Au contraire, I think protest is enough. Needs moar protestors, tho'.
  7. xenubarb Member

    Yarrr! The Pirate Party has me cutlass!
  8. Anonymous Member

    Fuck parties. Vote independent.
  9. Oizaz lahcen Member

    It struck me that politicians make promises all over the world,
    strictly speaking they cannot achieve. National Politics
    does not determine the success of their intentions. They are rather
    competitiveness and market shifts elsewhere that decisive
    are. Factors which a country or even associations to control
    are. In pursuit of a competitive edge, the
    struggle ever harder and a-social. Will not you hopelessly behind
    you have to continually take on more mortgages the future.
    There is no coherent approach. The big ones eat the little ones. From
    This impasse is the idea to a multinational party to
    focus. A party that multinationals and unjust regimes
    parole offers. This idea is developed naturally.
    You're probably wondering which all the hype surrounding the
    elections should. So I still think about. The causes of this
    stalemate are structural. There are so many interest groups
    each string to a draw. The result of all this showmanship
    is at best an apparent status quo. One has the
    talking about the economic crisis. As if money and market share
    us happier.
    Both victims and perpetrators are themselves victims of
    system that we all maintain. We do this by fatalism. We
    often say we can do anything, I have nothing
    to do so until we know what this can lead it. We are the
    victim of our own indifference! Yet we still
    same mistakes. What we do in our old days when we had arranged
    by young blood? Where is the
    solidarity going? Why must we always live as hunted
    whose eternal hunger can never be satisfied?
    The key to our happiness lies with the others that we so despise.
    To find him, we must demolish walls of hatred and misunderstanding. This
    takes courage! Together with you I want to work for a world that
    fairer and more room for human creativity.
    In all the conflicts and tensions in the world, whether or not
    result in wars, I see a common thread running. It is the lust for power
    some of their wants over the welfare of millions
    elevate. In other words they are manipulated and against each other
    played out! They manage this because their fellow men wisely
    mean that they should be wary of dangers from outside.
    Of another religion, nation, culture, etc. They blow their fear
    good in their bodies so that they will respond to their expectations.
    However, the heaviest toll is paid by those good citizens. Who
    otherwise come under arms? Who should be the strings together to see
    nodes? Who comes to hunger and deprivation? Who will be prosecuted
    gagged, humiliated and murdered?
    Injustice should not
    accepted or even be legitimate! Unbridled power and wealth
    is also a crime against humanity! Large concentrations of capital
    be phased out in favor of the poorest in
    the form of self-supporting economic structures that are neither their cultural
    affect their natural heritage. It is vital to
    to be economical with all that nature has to offer.
    The benefit those who do not care how much suffering they
    this harm others. The profits are not divided, the repair costs
    Traditionally religions have been misused for a legitimization of
    power. You do not have to be religious to charity
    to testify. I mean that religions no monopoly on humanity
    and justice may demand. Oppression and
    plundering of nature, in favor of a small minority
    use all means to dominate other cultures and even to
    rowing, celebrates high tide. All this with the discretion of church and state.
    This world has everything to us to deliver a piece of paradise.
    Rather we are to assist each other in a downward turning
    spiral ended up: fierce competition, corruption,
    genocides, extremism, an inadequate legal system, international impotence
    against aggressors, etc. Humanity is like a flock of sheep
    incited by fanatics heading for a cliff.
    In pursuit of prosperity is being sacrificed. It is a
    madness which you as an individual does not count unless you participate vigorously.
    We do not have to be relegated to a market.
    Technology should adapt not we! Life progress
    overgrown or even impossible in the long run is final
    decline. This madness must be a turning point.
    The public interest is put aside aside in favor of group interests.
    The greatest hope we have also caused misery. We are all
    guilty and victim simultaneously. Symptoms fight alone is not
    sufficient. We must face up the facts. Global
    problems require global solutions. A real party founded
    be dedicated to a decent life in harmony with
    nature for everyone, everywhere. Human rights and human welfare are
    No internal affairs. They affect us all. This requires
    commitment from a party that knows boundaries nor taboos. A party
    that the "LIFE" centered both in word and deed.
    She would herald a new cultural human ecological era
  10. Oizaz lahcen Member

    In a timeless rush to destroy everything they value most of what we have, the environment sustains all life on earth. We can no longer show inaction inaction. A right act to develop alternative means to reverse this. This assumes an expanded political position that takes into account the interaction of all actors. This requires new approaches and insights. Therefore, we must leave the familiar paths and taboos. One of the main obstacles to national sovereignty. Although this has long been eroded remains a sensitive issue. At the slightest controversy can be dangerous sentiment strong feelings that the truth is the first victim. Only a comprehensive understanding and impartial approach can help us out of this impasse. I do not mean an impartial with indifferent vision. I think an impartial understanding. Apart from all prejudices come to an equitable solution. This should be done openly before it is required that all the secrets of the past be made public. Only in this way we can find out how efficient we were misled them. It is unnecessary to demand severe penalties for those who have committed crimes with impunity. It is much more rewarding than the mechanisms to fight us fixated on potential offenders. We are all born innocent.
    Debt can only be passed if a favorable environment like poverty, deprivation, war, violence and the like. We must stop emphasizing mainly the differences and similarities to suppress. We all have the same aspirations. A strong NO echo through this divide and conquer politics. Therefore I see the creation of a transnational party as a necessary condition to achieve a fair redistribution of natural and human resources.
    Injustice must not pay. As long as it does appear to be all the effort wasted. The distribution of resources is another thorny issue. Ultimately it may have no interest in which someone is born. So we must use a formula that respects their wishes. The current regime or rather a lack of regulation favors the wealthy companies and dictatorial regimes. Entire ideologies can be forced upon us when it suits them. Think of the incredible expansion of the industrial unit armaments. How many resources are not wasted while this much needed elsewhere. And now we are in surplus and dangerous arsenals. Each scenario, private companies see the same gains on iron and the community will bear the repair costs if they even have to pay. Given the world grows closer together and they actually constitute an organic whole, we can only achieve results if our assumptions of a future political concept this into account. I distinguish three levels, global community than trans-regional and regional.
    One nation one community a distinctive common culture is the building block for a trans-regional entity, which may consist of a fifty of such regions. The global community in its turn may consist of a seven to ten such supra-regional structures. Natural resources are not exclusive to the highest bidder or to the region where they were found only for one third of the world community to the third supra-regional and continent for the third region. In this way escapes the control of the necessary resources to some unscrupulous individuals or companies. That this has not been plain sailing can take place given the enormous interests involved have been obvious but inevitable. Where a will there's a way and therefore we should not easily give up hope.
    You have Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, Greenpeace and numerous NGOs. But they are only a drop on a hot plate. They do not have any preventive and political power. This is just the heart of the problem. The goal would just be to make such organizations jobless.Men rightly criticizes politicians they have no long term vision at least when they are actively doing politics (stand for election). The logic of the existing power structures is afraid of losing face and is only out to its hold on society to maintain at all cost. The alternative structures that are transparent to properly perform their duties without hindrance to act. They would be reflective of what the community lives. This can all be accomplished with a consciousness that truthful and self-critical. Without this the overall picture and the implications of certain actions and thinking out of sight. Moral values or even worse reality itself may not be the victim of a shortsighted policy. What is utopia, what really? It is difficult to determine. The more we know how we feel smaller and insignificant. But this does not mean that we are ignorant or reckless people the power to give or to keep us on (emergency) fate decide. This is not fair to all other life forms that cannot make that choice! The responsibility we bear is reaching. Utopian is thinking and reality is action. Without action, these reflections are worth nothing. Party without borders is an initiative born of this utopian thinking. She can form a network of a better alternative. Better because it best approximates reality. This planet belongs to us all. Nobody has the right to abuse. The evolution of man has initiated a closer look is the greatest form of impotence, because of suicidal behavior in the long term. All these findings are well known. Only the conclusion and the levers seem naive. Most people will not take seriously. However I believe that maybe this one just can respond to globalization and all the problems that arise. You might find this interesting but not feasible considerations. Remember that we are all part of a universal spirit. I am convinced that more people have the same conclusion from this awareness. We cannot allow ourselves than we are willing to accept from others. We can only benefit if we can share. To determine a policy is necessary to participate in elections through a party that dominated this universal approach. what divides us is not real what binds us is commitment to the reality so we can joy live.

    global problems require global solutions

    borders and territorial boundaries and powers are a major obstacle to the proposed solutions but not for the consequences of failure.

    solutions can not be imposed but must be supported from within a new ideology that can formulate meaningful answers while developing these new tools can efficiently convert is very welcome. With current technology and knowledge must within our grasp. We can not continue to passively watch as the beautiful creations by pure greed and ignorance destroyed. We can not continue to pretend that we did not see coming. The best way to get people to commit for a good cause, the correct information. Goal is to develop tools and procedures as it were a natural and independent information against the reality without any form of manipulation. The results will be accessible to everyone with a label truth or probability criterion.

    I know i am a dreamer but if we are with many it becomes reality
  11. Anonymous Member

    Most Americans won't even make the trivial change of adopting the metric system so as to smooth commercial transactions with the rest of the world.
    If people don't even have enough altruism toward other nations to make such a trivial change, what hope is there for anything like what you are describing?
  12. Herro Member

    ITT: Manifestos
  13. Anonymous Member

    We now need to setup a committee.
  14. chooy Member

    I believe there can be hope... I understand that most americans arent the worldly thinkers we ought to be... but there is a large growing collection of freedom fighters that are quite frankly sick and tired of being lied to and demeaned by the very same government that we trust to handle a vast majority of the sad boring lifes that MOST of us live...

    Have hope in humanity and try not to cloud ur views by letting what country (and the stereotypes behind it) you come from stray your eyes from the main goal here
  15. Seneca Member

    We need to stop thinking about ourselves as American or German, or another nationality.
    Nationalism is a part of what governments use to enslave us.

    We are just people.

    It wasn't a flaw in the German people durning ww2 that allowed the Nazi's to come to power, it was
    a flaw in humanity.

    "Man will never be free until the last king is strangled by the entrails of the last priest. "
  16. Ann O'Nymous Member

    IMHO, the main question here is whether such parties would be efficient.

    Besides what ha been said above, here are some elements that seem problematic:
    - Time will tell whether Pirate parties can work on the longer term.
    - Finding a common ground beyond freedom of information and speech seems dubious, as the political spectrum on this site looks like covering all possible opinions.
    - Online activism seems more efficient as a counter-power than a power itself.
  17. Anonymous Member

    I t has been said already but I shall repeat as collective heads in collective arses choose to ignore it.

    The pirate party
    An international party that has seats in many european countries and 2 seats in the european parliament.

    Pirate party was found by hacktivist, It is an open secret that Pirate Party is the political arm of Anonymous.
  18. Herro Member

    Tell that to the people all over the world who desperately want a nation to call their own. Nationalism is part of humanity. The number of nation states around the world has been increasing for some time now... "We are all just people" often times unwittingly means "we should all be Westerners and have Western values and adopt Western culture."
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Poetically slam the government in this WWP's edition in Dissentful Slam Poetry! Sign up, and you TOO can make a really long dramatic rant against the government that no one will read!
  20. Le Revisor Member

    As we say in french"l'enfer est pavé de bonnes intentions". Sorry, guy, but we have borders and i think we need it and most part of the time, we love it.Do you fight for something like a"world government"? I'm french and i defend my country first, just like tunisian people.If you have no more nations, you get no more internationalism.
  21. Le Revisor Member

    Ok, bud. So would it be possible to read something from the "pirate party", texts, law proposals etc... anonymes-France
  22. Anonymous Member

  23. Le Revisor Member

  24. Le Revisor Member

    Ok, but we are anonymous, acting since the beginning,in Paris and we never met nowhere our"political harm" and his founder Remy Ceresiani???
  25. Anonymous Member

    ok, I'll explain.

    It is called the political arm becomes many pirate party politicians participate in Anonymous projects.
    Officially there is no link, the link is only casual because we share worldview and many members.

    In the Netherlands pirate party and Anonymous often work together.
    To organise protests for example.
  26. ZORRO Member

    SO WE EXPECT THEM ON SATURDAY...............
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  27. Le Revisor Member

    You're right, ZORRO. We're so bored about those geeks, sons and daughters of the media system, who teach lessons on the net and that we've never seen on fire!
  28. Le Revisor Member

    Hello and brotherhood to netherlands anonymous, but here in Paris we've never met any pirate party member, read something from them, even heard about them! Maybe that's only business(or worst!)
  29. I think in any party, organization... there is always altruistic people, and people that looks for their own interest, maybe not in the start but later, power really corrupt people .
    I think that going into politics (by the other side, innocent idea)... we would become the same as we find now... then some other "anonymous" would have to fight us...
    I really think that the labour of anonymous would be much better, finding and distributing information, complaining about the things we think that don+t work, somehow, awakening more and more population so they see better, and then, they can move and what is more important, the can demand the parties and governments to be more clear, more transparent, more efective... etc.
    Be careful, some people with ideas of globalization of nations... did very very wrong things...
  30. Zak McKracken Member

    This post sucks
    Like your mom
    Doesn't give good head
  31. Havelah Member

    Totalmente de acuerdo Biog. Hay una tremenda campaña de información,publicidad mediática y captación supporters...¿por qué?:porque siempre la unión hace la fuerza y la causa tiene justicia poética,pero los que tienen ganas de ayudar no son los que administran la info,ni las iniciativas,ni las actuaciones.Y ahí está el poder y el peligro potencial.

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