Protest planned Feb. 7th, Longview, Texas...LPD,

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by in10cd4us, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. in10cd4us Member

    hope everyones' there
  2. in10cd4us Member

    Protest planned Feb. 7th, Longview, Texas... @LPD,
  3. failboat Member

    What are you protesting?

    If I am safe to assume it's the Longview PD that you intend to protest, then what, may I ask, has the LPD done to deserve public protest?
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  4. Will be their most definitely,
  5. RavenEyes Member

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    1. Try Google. I know it's new, but try it. Don't be scared. ;)

    2. 17-yr-old girl, Kristiana Coignard, walks into police department last Thursday (January 22), picks up phone, asks dispatcher behind plexiglass window barrier to speak to an officer. Three officers come into locked down lobby. Girl allegedly has knife. Within seconds, girl is shot multiple times and is dead. Has history of suicide attempts and mental illness. Family has no idea why she was seeking help at PD, or why three adult officers couldn't deescalate/unarm one little teen a scary dangerous huge person allegedly holding one knife in their own police department without shooting her multiple times .

    Notice the gang sign she is throwing down in the pic. Don't be fooled by it looking like a peace sign. She was obviously dangerous, and the fact that her mom died when she was a little girl and she tried to kill her self twice recently was not at all a cry for help. She wanted to be shot by even more than three cops. /sarcasm. Info on the protest at this link.

    Not to be outdone by some podunk Texas town, Denver PD shoots a 17-yr-old girl this Monday, cuffs her lifeless body while she bleeds out, and searches her pockets, etc. She dies from multiple gun shot wounds in front of four of her friends and a bunch of neighbors at 6:30 AM. Her name was Jessica (Jesse) Hernandez.

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  6. failboat Member

    Thanks for doing OP's job for him. I don't do people's homework for them - even if it's easy - unless I'm getting paid for it.
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  7. RavenEyes Member

    I know, but both of these girls have touched my heart. You're welcome, and I was teasing you about Google. :p
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  8. The Wrong Guy Member

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