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  1. "Not Gaza, Not Lebanon, We are ready to die for Iran!"
    "Confessions, Torture, Are not effective any longer!"
    "Don't be afraid, Don't be afraid, We are all in it together!"

  2. Visionary Member

    I'm seeing a lot of videos up now...I'll look through them and maybe post some in a minute or two, if they look new. :)

    Good job finding the ones posted so far.
    Love the chants.
    I notice they're still going with Marg Bar Russia sometimes too.
    Anyone else notice some unusual/new chants, please point them out!

  3. Visionary Member

    Stupid site stopped working for me for a few minutes a bit scared, lol.


    Are they saying "Karroubi"?
    (The video looks a bit weird though.)

    Wow! ha ha ha ha!

  4. Visionary Member

    And a few more:

    Chants for Karroubi and the crowd apparently encircling him.

    And some chants for Mousavi.

  5. Visionary Member

    Ahmadinejad rails against Israel, Holocaust – The CNN Wire - Blogs

    Protesters chant 'death to dictator' at annual Tehran rally -
  6. Visionary Member

    Nice Chanting for Montazeri and Saneiii

    Looking down on one huge crowd from a bridge
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    also other news:

    oxfordgirl (oxfordgirl) on Twitter

    Ok, I'm off to take a shower and maybe get some rest.
    Where is everybody? lol

    Feel free to add comments and context about any of the videos while I'm gone.
  7. Visionary Member

  8. thorsdaughter Member

    i have to add my 2 cents!!!! i lov´you, people of iran.
  9. maxoud Member

    I can't watch any of these movies as YouTube is filtered and also my speed is very low to watch anything online, but I'll put here some of the interesting new chants of today here.(in Persian) My translation will reduce their beauty. plz Someone more fluent translate them.

    Koshtan dige basse,… che Iran, che ghaze

    Ahmadie bichare…bazi edame dare

    Marg bar dictator,… che rahbar,che dotor

    Karrubi dastgir beshe…Iran ghiamat mishe

    Mahmoode khaeen,avare gardi,to in vatan ra,virane kardi,koshti javanane vatan,allahuakbar,kardi hezaran dar kafan,allahu akbar,marg bar to,marg barto,marg bar to,marg bar to

    People chant this one with bills in hand offering to guards:
    Cheghad behet pool dadan…batuno dastet dadan?

    It started raining at the time of clashes and people were chanting:
    ashke khoda dar ooamd ,Laanaat be in hookoomat
  10. Visionary Member

    Thanks, John and Maxoud!
    Very interesting, and wonderful chants, considering the situation.
    Although obviously, we all wish that there was no need for any of them.
  11. Visionary Member

    Heavy Police presence! And the crowd still yelling.

    More standing up to the police and shouting! :eek: Amazing!

    [ame=]YouTube - Keshavarz Blv - Iran Tehran 18 sep 2009 P64 - ایران تهران روز قدس[/ame]

    I'm so proud of everyone who was out there protesting. :)
  12. Visionary Member

    Clash between baton wielding Basijis and the people.

    Green slogans on the bus
  13. Visionary Member

    Just a warning, I'm not sure what is going on in each pic. lol


    some other news and pictures about the events from Qods.
  14. Thanks so much, Citizen Journalists!

    You really put the MSM to shame. I don't know what the "best" part is (I love the ones with Karroubi & Raffers smiling, esp- I think) I can't express how joyful & proud & GRATEFUL I feel. You are truly changing the world. The people of Iran deserve our deepest thanks! God Bless you, Keep you safe & hurry your freedom to you.
  15. Uh cancel this re Rafsanjani

    "(I love the ones with Karroubi & Raffers smiling, esp- I think)"

    :red face: I just learned that he was with the pro regimes
  16. Visionary Member

  17. Visionary Member

    Rafsanjani's probably smiling because he can hear all the protests elsewhere and knows how much it pisses Ahmadi off. :)
    And probably because he told everyone to come out and they did.
  18. FreedomAgent Member

    Best chant of the day

    پول نفت گم شده / خرج فلسطین شده

    "our oil money has "dissiperd" , it has been spend on Palestine"

  19. Visionary Member

  20. maxoud Member

    Tnx John for your nice translations, also tnx Visionary for your beautiful posts and vidios, you guys are really doing a lot for us.

    You may not know who the Doctor is here. He is Dr.Mahmood Ahmadinejad! Sometimes people call him Doctor to question and make fun of him being a Doctor.
    A funny slogan before the election was:
    Doctor boro doctor!
    Doctor, go and show yourself to a Doctor!
  21. maxoud Member

    Also we had this slogan on Friday:
    Rohaniye vagheii, Montazeri,Saneie
    The true Ayatollahs are Montazeri and Saneie.
    Some slogans I forgot to put last time:
    (I translated it myself this time, plz tell me if it's really poor:D)

    Toop,tank,tajavoz…digar asar nadarad!
    Gun, tank, or rape, is not effective on us anymore!

    Nange ma,nange ma, reiise joomhoore ma.

    The shame of us, the shame of us… is the president of us. (Our president is a shame for us)

    Ey mardoome felestin… kahrizako nadidid.
    You people of Palestine, at least you haven't seen something like Kahrizak!

    Rahbare ma ghatele… velayatesh batele.
    Our leader is a murderer, his leadership is invalid.
  22. Paleene Member

    Thanks for the explanation, maxoud! There are so many pitfalls to fall over as a stranger :(
  23. Visionary Member

    Not sure if this one's been posted yet, but I don't think it was.
    This was just put up on this (reliable) youtube channel a little while ago.

    [ame=]YouTube - Basij: "Death to Palestine!!!" - Ghods day - 18 Sep - وزیر شعار: مرگ بر فلستین[/ame]

    September 28, 2009

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