Protesters in NY against Ahmadinejad

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by iraniam, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. iraniam Member

    Protesters in NY against Ahmadinejad

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  2. Jakomeyu Member

    not as big as i thought it would be
  3. It's because most people don't care unfortunately what happens in Iran over here. They see Iran in a newspaper and they think Ahmedinejad and nothing more. When people see Ahmedinejad, they think the same they think of Saddam, Qaddafi, Kim Jon Il, and Bashir (or whatever the sudanese president's name is). Just a trouble maker in a foreign country, without a thought further.

    They don't see that there is more to Iran than the fact that it has a fascist government. I tried getting the word out personally, though I couldn't attend, I live too far away.

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