Protip for outreach to other groups

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous55, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. Anonymous55 Member

    Protip for outreach to other groups

    In the past, I've seen threads like "lol lets get the Christans with us" or "lol lets get the muslims." This might be old, but just in case...

    We are Anonymous, and we are everyone. The only people who should reach out and contact these groups are members of those groups. Anon has them, lots of them. And they know best how to inform and influence their particular group.

    If, for example, you aren't a Christian, don't bother trying to inform the Christians. There are Christan Anon for that task.

    It's much like how the media misunderstands Anonymous. If you try and reach out to a group you don't understand, you'll probably wind up looking like a fool, if not possibly harming our cause.

    Always remember, Anon is incredibly diverse. We do not share your culture or beliefs, and the only thing uniting us is our dedication to exposing the lies of this cult.
  2. Re: Protip for outreach to other groups

    So are you saying like:

    Since I am Christian, I report to my church and spread the word to them.
    If someone else is lets say, is Jewish, then they spread the word to the Jews.

    Is that what your saying?
  3. saerat Member

    Re: Protip for outreach to other groups

    yes basically.
  4. I Member

    Re: Protip for outreach to other groups

    it does make sense.

    well, at least for members of certain groups to give ideas and provide insights for any attempts to get other members of those groups involved, even if non-members are the ones who end up sending the messages in some cases.

    I don't think it should be left up to anon from each group to sort out preaching to that group on their own, but they should certainly be involved, if not spearheading any such attempts.
  5. Anon727272 Member

    Re: Protip for outreach to other groups

    Exactly! Anonymous is not an Anti-Co$ group that needs to lobby other groups to get on board. We are here because we are part of something that is far larger than any label--Anonymous is part of every group.

    Special interest groups will be convinced from the inside. Do your part by talking to those you know and who trust your opinion. Contact the leaders and policy makers of groups to which you belong. They will get on board because our cause is just!
  6. Re: Protip for outreach to other groups

    It seems anon is mostly Athiests. I am alright with anyone that is alright with me. I have been told I am not liked cause I do not like anyone's religion, that preaches against mine, and I'll stand by that. I hope this place is a way for people to get along better that's religious beliefs are different, or just none at all.
  7. Re: Protip for outreach to other groups

    Dude, troll.

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