Proxies: 16-06-09, HTTP AND SOCKS

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by bostonanonymous, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. There will be a new list posted daily

    Use these proxies to access the site if it gets filtered. Save and share these lists to everyone who needs them. Most of these will work for days. But some will stop working quickly. Copy many of them and try them until you get one that works. You will find hundreds that work in this list.

    HTTP L1 High Anonymous (234):
  2. HTTP L2 Anonymous (329):
  3. HTTP L3 Transparent (683):
  4. HTTP L3 Transparent Continued:
  5. Socks 4 (599):
  6. SOCKS 4 continued:
  7. Socks 5 (574):
  8. SOCKS 5 Continued:
  9. ARC Member

    The consensus on twitter now seems to be to not post proxies of twitter because it helps getting them blocked. Think they've found out about this site? If not they will.

    I suggest splitting up proxies so that some are posted publicly while new fresh proxies are discreetly communicated to the most important twitterers or bloggers in Iran.
  10. anonymous612 Member

    ProtesterHelp does this but has currently hit his cap on followers.

    I'm already following him and can pass along Direct Messages. Alternatively he set up a MSN messenger account at
  11. Saw this. If you want to distribute proxies, read it:

    I do know @StopAhmadi is reliable.
  12. Iran Protester Proxy BEST SOLUTION

    Forget using those free proxies, use the trusted highly anonymous proxies at They cater specifically to Iranian protesters who need proxies to report on Twitter under the toughest anonymity on the web.
  13. Are you fucking kidding? How dare you cash in on the Iranian people!

    You disgust me.

    [Dammit, why isn't there a report button here?]

    And yes please hide the free proxies. DM or email only to austinheap or protesterhelp. Thanks.
  14. grokitt2 Member

    Apparently, that company/person is attempting to cash in on Iran all over the web. No worries. I'm sure that /someone/ will get back to them when the dust settles.
  15. most of them has stopped working
  16. Albertos Member

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