Proxies: 17-06-09, HTTP AND SOCKS

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by bostonanonymous, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Socks4 (534):
  2. Socks4 Continued:
  3. Socks5 (492):
  4. Socks 5 Continued:
  5. HTTP L1 High Anonymous (202):
  6. HTTP L2 Anonymous (312):
  7. HTTP L3 Transparent (657):
  8. HTTP L3 Transparent Continued:
  9. You shouldn't put proxies address here! If someone from the governement find it, they can shut them all in one move...
  10. Danger!

    Isn't there an issue of the Iranian's taking this list and banning all the IPs?
  11. There were a lot of trustable people (@austinheap, @protesterhelp) asking NOT to publicize proxies!

    You should instead remove this list and communicate it to one of them.
  12. code for anon CGI twitter proxy

    I had this set up for a while but dissidents don't trust it. Here's the source code. If any1 has access to web servers and is trusted, should be easy to set up:
  13. These are all public proxies. New lists will be provided every single day. They can have all of thse banned today, and 1000+ more will be posted tomorrow. Which is the only reason I dont see a problem with posting these.
  14. RT
    We can now provide free multi-gigabit VPNs to #Iran! E-mail for access PLS RT #iranelection
  15. cussbunny Member

    What up Anon Pirates

    Can anyone point me to a Setting Up Proxies For Dummies Using Macbooks guide? austinheap is a bit over my head, but I'd like to do this if I can.
  16. I'm guessing he found a ssh inside Iran and then connected out to some server, so anyone in Iran can connect to local IP and it is VPN to the rest of the world.
  17. Ermmmh, LOL?
  18. I set up a squid proxy open only to Iran IPs. Who should I tell the IP address?
  19. citizen-IRAN Member

    Secure Proxy

    I am in the USA and I have set up a Proxy server. For the security of the people that could use this I ask you to direct message me for the server info.

    I also am a IT, what can I do in the states to provide a means of keeping the free flow of information.

    My e-mail is maxkepler at Please pass this on to any bloger that needs proxy or any help I can provide over here.
  20. Question about Tor/proxies...

    Hi, was just wondering if someone could help me out here. So far I've joined in DDoS attacks and BWRaeping of Iranian government sites, and now I've got my computer set up as a Tor relay, but that's all I've been able to figure out how to do--yeah, I know almost nothing about this stuff. Does anybody think an extra Tor relay is doing the Iranians any good, or should I try to turn my computer into a proxy server? If so, can someone point me to some really simple instructions on how to do that? (I've already tried the ones on Austin Heap's site, and haven't been able to make it work so far...)
  21. ssh + proxy = encrypted web traffic

    There have been many useful posts on how to set up a squid server. If you want to add encryption on top of that, it's very easy. This way the user can have all traffic encrypted to and from their machine when they browse.

    After you set up your squid proxy and get it working, make sure sshd is running, preferably on a non-standard port. Make sure that port is open to the world. After sshd is running, do the following as root:

    # adduser iran
    # passwd iran (set it to something easy).

    Edit /etc/hosts and set the shell on the new iran account to /sbin/nologin. This protects you from people actually logging into a shell (assuming you just want them to tunnel).

    If the user who is in Iran is running linux or a machine which has ssh on it, they can issue the command below. In this case assume the server machine running squid/sshd is IP number and sshd is listening on port 5555 and squid is listening on port 3333:

    ssh -N -f -L 6666: -p 5555 iran@

    The user would be prompted for a password, the one you set above.

    Then, the user sets their proxy to be localhost (or, port 6666 and they can now surf encrypted.

    If the user is running windows, putty can be configured to do the tunneling.
  22. New pvt #Iran proxy server up *BULLET*PROOF* for 72-96 hours, need 50 people in #Iran who need accounts,
  23. tnx guys for ur support

    hi guys
    i m from tehran, the best idea is to send proxy sites directly to whoever wants it , dont mention them here, those fuc**ers will filter them , they ve filtered so many sites, n we hav to spend lots of time to find a new one
    somthin else , can anyone download this file n then upload it on any file sharing sites n put the link here, it s difficult to download it through proxy,
  24. I Ran Hubbard Member

    anyone from Iran, just create an acct, use a fake email, and we can private message you on this site with proxy lists.
  25. I Ran Hubbard Member

    Done. You can use any filesharing site listed, one of them has to work or spread the links around, they can't shut them all.

    individual links (more in the link above):

  26. Yes dumbass, but if those new proxies aren't needed that just makes it better doesn't it?
  27. no...

    proxies are not illegal, but using them incorrectly (for hacking, etc) is. good thing we'd never do that, right fellas?

    good, clean, FREE proxy server, with alright anonymity.

    don't abuse it though...
  28. tnx guys for ur support

    hi guys,i m from <removed> ,tnx alot for the upload links
    here s the email adrs
    n ive found some working proxies n i ll sent them to my friends bt plz tell me bout the other new ones , i apriate
    stay in touch guys n i ll upload some photos n videos n put the links for u
  29. I Ran Hubbard Member

    If u want, just create an acct here you don't need email. And you can get private messages. Also, anything you need, just create a new thread "request from iran" and well get it done.
  30. anonymous612 Member

    Either post unregistered or make an account and discuss things in PM, your email address on a public board is a bad idea.
  31. tnx guys for ur support

    hi guys
    tnx for ur clever comments, i ll do that
  32. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    hi guys ,it s me again wit an acount, so plz send some proxies, i hav some ,but they defintly gonna be filtered within hours , i apriate, i ll create that thread u said,keep in touch
  33. I Ran Hubbard Member

    Come on Anons.. I thought you deliver.
    Post a handful new proxy here or unique secret one in PM to /r/
  34. his0 Member

    Are we looking for any working proxy to send to the iranians or something more specific ?
  35. I Ran Hubbard Member

    YES, PM to the user above "from-iran" with pristine proxy IPs (& port)

    To answer your question, many people have setup proxys for this purpose, not the generic ones on the internet that are known and blocked.
  36. his0 Member

    Ok, just a little confused because some people said that some proxys working here in the west would not work for our iranians friends

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