Proxies: 17-06-09, HTTP AND SOCKS

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by bostonanonymous, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. yes , It's True ... because we have very slow connections in iran ... i think FreeGate is best Choice for iranians ...
    i see this topic and i just can Say Thanks to All of You good peoples ! many many many many thanks guys
  2. his0 Member

    put this private, the iranians gvt knows through twitter that something is going on here, your link will be blocked there.
  3. Proxy = dnd

    Hi All My Iranian Friends... ( User = iran | Pass = iran )

    Works for most..


    I will handle it if I am blocked..

  4. I Ran Hubbard Member

    Should people trust IPs posted by anonymous people? They could be legit individuals, or even white knight small IT groups offering up some bandwidth. But they could also be stealing email passwds, or technically more tinfoily things. Should they stick to known existing webproxies?
  5. Im less likely to get blocked right away.. Shiz is run via Psiphon..
  6. Cloud9 Member

    Ok, I'm a little confused. What port should we use now that the usual ones have been banned???

    Second, when I report my IP address to a trusted person, how should I report it - i.e. (I know IP goes first, but what goes after the semi-colon?)?

    Then on my router, on one page in the router config, I can set a private port and a public port to forward, and on another page, I have TCP ports to open and UDP ports to open. What should go into these four entries???

    I'm sorry for the stupid questions. I have squid up and working on my Mac... I just need to figure out the fine print :p . Thank you in advance ^^ !
  7. starfish Member

    dearest gregg
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, you are great.
  8. echo-IRAN Member

    Yeah, I'm confused too. If Freegate work in Iran, open proxies are a waste of time, though Freegate need to download a small client (or email). There are other free software from the same GIFC consortium, of which Ultrasurf, GPass servers are responding nicely recently. Most have Farsi version already. Freegate is not free in Western countries. The other one is JonDo, developed by a Germany university and supported by some sort of privacy activism foundation. It's free, and there are spare capacity in the paid services that can be donated.

    Most can be used to watch youtube some of the time, but never TOR.

    If you need an army of home computers to act as open proxies, I need a Squid for dummy guide or some other alternatives, or a more customized bundle to download.

    Edit: I saw report that the default SSL port 443 is blocked. Psiphon and others use arbitrary ports so they have to be blocked by their IP. TOR isn't blocked yet, to block it you have to block all the nodes's IPs on a national scale, over a thousand nodes and changing. So TOR bridges aren't required yet. Since you cannot be a bridge and a useful relay at the same time, I think what we need are relays, particularly exit relay.
  9. Cloud9 Member

    Ok, someone please tell me if I have this right... private port on the router should be 3128 (since it's default for squid), public port should be 82 (since 80 and 81 are blocked)... and TCP & UDP open ports should be 82 also (for incoming access)... right? If so, then my IP address I would send would be am I right about this ??? Please help, someone :*( !!!
  10. I Ran Hubbard Member

    I think that looks right. Also this info about iptables:
  11. For the people of Iran

    Keep protesting my brothers, don't give in to the machine! The world is watching, and we support you.
  12. echo-IRAN Member

    Tinfoil - be careful if you are not downloading directly from TOR. There's a signature to check but I never do. The whole virtual machine is possibly too big for Iran connection speed. Even the bundle with browser is only 15 MB. If you don't want traces, you can use Truecrypt to transparently encrypt part of your disk, whole disks, or the whole OS.
  13. djfritz_1999 Member

    My contribution...

  14. well I tried many of them,
    none of them worked for me here in "Shatel ISP" in Tehran :(
  15. reliable twitter source :
    "any proxy addss twittered is blocked almost immediately "
    "any proxy addss shown on twitter is possible trap - freedom twitters in Iran DO NOT follow - YOUR LOCATION IS VISIBLE - "

    my opinion :
    DONT POST Proxys /-->send via PM
    maybe helps
    its a free VPN service /sorry dont have more info
  16. echo-IRAN Member

    Most of the open proxies are left open by computer owners or admins unintentionally. Once people use the proxies they will find out and close the loophole. This is the worst way to donate bandwidth. Also, people are constantly hunting for open proxies to do pranks and to get back at Wikipedia etc. Any tested list on the open will be "thank you very much".
  17. chuckn16 Member

  18. You could always make your own proxy, this is what I used while in Dubai. (AE uses Smartfilter too)

    Find any hosting provider that supports PHP or ASP, which is pretty much every provider. You can find hosting in the EU or Canada/Japan that costs nothing ($6/yr). Pay with a PPD visa, or find a server that let's you pay with calling card credits or wire the money.

    PHPProxy is good or anything else you can find. Drop that in your new web server.

    Obviously don't pick '' as a domain name or something. Something that won't get red flagged.

    Point your browser or TOR at your personal proxy, and voila: you just defeated SmartFilter, and there's no reasons why your proxy would get flagged if you're careful about usage. SmartFilter is typically used to provide reports on the most used websites, and the most active internet users. This is why you should combine your own proxy with multiple free ones in the previous posts to avoid being that guy who uploads 1G a day of cellphone video to reuters.
  19. echo-IRAN Member

    I think there are hosting restrictions, and to get around it, there are limitations in posting something. Hosting companies hate people not paying enough but host a high traffic public proxy to earn ad money. They could have done it themselves.
  20. most of them doesn't work,seems like port 1080 is blocked try posting with port 3128 maybe
  21. matchet Member

    tor keeps giving "Jun 22 19:10:45.710 [Notice] Tried for 120 seconds to get a connection to [scrubbed]:80. Giving up. (waiting for circuit)
    what can be done?
  22. dinozof Member

  23. FREEGATE work for me but very slow
  24. Stop

    Don't post these here. I can't use them if the government knows about them.
  25. open http proxy set up

    I need a confirmation on who is reliable to send an open proxy to for use by Iranians. It's set up in Canada and ready to receive requests from Iranian IP blocks as listed on austin heap. I want to avoid this information falling into government hands.

    Please let me know.
  26. port 1080 is blocked from Iran

    port 1080 is blocked from Iran
  27. pinchedc Member

    I have a proxy up. PM me for the address

    I have a proxy up. PM me for the address
  28. blocked ports


    Anyone konw if Iranian connections to port 8888 are blocked?

  29. bump.

    Please, need an answer to this question. Need to know what is the best incoming port to bind to for Iranian users.

    And need to know who can be trusted to send proxy addresses to them.

  30. fnord-IRAN Member

    Need to pass on my proxy info to someone as well.
    PM me
  31. JoeRodge Member

    Don't be so hasty to pass on your proxy information!!

    Send your proxy information to

    He is a legitimate source and is passing them out as fast as he can! You do NOT want to give your proxy to the enemy!
  32. proxy submission site up

    their is a proxy submission site up and running now. i'm hesitant to post the adrress as I am not the operator and i don't want the site to get overwhelmed or attacked. keep your eyes peeled - maybe the operator will post it here.
  33. JoeRodge Member

    You have me confused. If you are using squid on the default port(3128) all you need to do is:

    1. access router.
    2. Find the Port Forwarding section.
    3. Allow UDP/TCP on port 3128
    4. Click save and you are done.
  34. pinchedc Member

    Yes JoeRodge you are correct; you could just use 3128 as the public AND private port, in which case you only need to set up your router to simply forward 3128 connections to the correct local computer.

    The previous post is talking about using a different public port instead of 3128, so he needs to map the public port (82) to the private port(3128). This is in the advanced settings of your port forwarding setup, or some routers call it "Virtual Server" setup. This might be necessary if, for example, the govt is blocking all outgoing connection to port 3128 because they know squid uses it (I don't know if this is actually happening or not).
  35. use random proxy ports

    As per the best practices posted on Austin Heap you should use a bunch of random unassigned ports since the government is blocking more and more outgoing ports.

    See here: Austin Heap Blog Archive Best Proxy Practices (BPP!) and an update

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